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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Online Petition To Save Allentown State Hospital.

An online petition opposing the demolition of Allentown State Hospital has garnered 3,100 signatures thus far. When the state decided to close the hospital, it was insane. Now it is going to spend $15 million to demolish the buildings so it can sell the property to a tax cheat for $2.57 million. It has brushed aside the biggest and most "serious" developer in Allentown, next to JB Reilly. 

By the by, I'll have more about Jenn Mann soon.   


Anonymous said...

It’s a done deal.
The back room is closed until further notice.

Anonymous said...

Let’s be honest, online petitions or petitions of any kind are worthless.

Rep. Michael Schlossbergier said...

Online petitions can be misleading. Similar to the way I vote several times for unsuspecting absentee lawmakers, I've also signed the same petition numerous times, as is customary for me. This deal is as sound and transparent as Jenn Mann and I are. These investigations are not helpful, Bernie. I've got this. Trust me.

Yours in community partnership,


Anonymous said...

Do they move the dial on outcomes? Maybe. Maybe not. But they are definitely useful to demonstrate how often the career political class is totally and completely out of touch with communities they represent.

Anonymous said...

The career political hacks only interests are in lobbing for there campaign contributors behind closed doors keeping the public in the dark.

The moronic gag and it's writers could have tweeted the facts or even ran adds on the electronic billboards?

Anonymous said...

Last time I was at the State Hospital there was a massive tract of vacant land South of the hospital buildings extending to River Road

Concerned Allentown Resident said...
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Anonymous said...

If you were so against Jenn Mann, why did you support Browne over Pinsley? She supported Browne in a fucking mailer.

The two party urban-growth regime is centered on those two.

You can't seriously attack Mann without also attacking Browne.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don’t decide who to support based on their supporters. I told Mark Pinsley to his face that I thought he was being a tad too opportunistic in announcing his candidacy before even being sworn in to the office to which he was elected. Browne is the only true legislator in the LV.

Anonymous said...

What will happen to the colony of albino cannibals that live on the campus?