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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Joshua Siegel Running For Allentown City Council

Josh Siegel impressed many people when he ran for Allentown Mayor last year. I am pleased to learn he's seeking one of three City Council seats up for election this year. He will formally announce his candidacy on Saturday, January 26, at the East Side Youth Center.

According to his announcement, "The City of Allentown is at a crossroads, it faces both enormous challenges and significant opportunities. Joshua Siegel’s candidacy is about restoring a government that fights for the working people of the city and addresses issues critical to them such as crippling tax burdens, affordable housing, safe and prosperous communities, and family-sustaining jobs. Joshua Siegel will bring a bold and new strategic vision: the All-American City Vision, that makes Allentown a leader in progressive policy."


Anonymous said...

if he's a dem stay away

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is he the party hack who had a new county patronage position created for him?

If so, he should resign from that position immediately.

It is wholly inappropriate for someone running for City Council to be in such a high-level position in the county.

If he refuses to resign, the LC Executive should fire him.

Anonymous said...

The only thing any of these candidates should be running on is their ideas on how to roll back the 27% tax hike that O'Connell and the current Council just gave us.

Otherwise, they're just going to be the next rubber-stamp that will screw the taxpayers.

And yes, I'm giving the current Council part of the blame for the tax hike.

Yes, they supposedly were going to introduce some minor cuts to shave a sliver off of O'Connell's tax hike. But it was too little, and (as it turned out) too late.

In addition to ideas on rolling back the tax hike, any new candidate has to understand the City Charter, comprehend basic math, and know how to count days on a calendar. All three seem to escape those currently on council.

Anonymous said...

Suggested Campaign Slogan: "Yes the Democratic Party has ruined Allentown, but I'm a moderate Democrat, not a left wing radical tax and spend Democrat".

Anonymous said...

Allentown must get rid of all the so called current leaders O'Connell and his gang of council who put him in office is responsible for the big tax hike and the current state of Allentown the democratic party will never turn Allentown around with their left wing tax and spend program