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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Easton NAACP Officers Sworn in by Lamont McClure

Easton's NAACP officers visited Northampton County Council during their first meeting of the year on Jan 7. Executive Lamont McClure administered the oath to the officers. They include the following: Lance Wheeler, President; Suzanne Fredericks, Treasurer; David Rose, Secretary; John Robinson, Labor and Industry; Lillian Robinson, Press and Publicity; Charles Dickerson, Finance; Marvin Boyer, Political Action; Kendra Durrah, Youth Advisor; and Teresa Wright-Johnson, Health Chair.

The NAACP branches in the Lehigh Valley's three cities are attempting to attract younger members. Ironically, much of the work done by President Lance Wheeler has been to address instances of overt discrimination at area high schools. In addition, Kendra Durrah has been active with a youth chapter.

Easton's NAACP has also been successful in registering new voters, and is actively courting employers to hire more young persons of color.

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Peter J.Cocran said...

Lance ,I neglected to renew my membership.How do I renew immediately?