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Friday, June 08, 2018

Elder Abuse is Real

On Wednesday, DA John Morganelli and Colonial Regional Police Detective Gary Hammer announced the filing of sexual assault charges against a physical therapist who was supposedly treating a 97 year-old man in his Hanover Tp home.  They were focused on a sex offense, but elder abuse can take many forms. I saw what I think was an example yesterday.

I was sitting at a small dinette in Wilson Borough yesterday afternoon, grabbing a quick bite before a NorCo Council meeting. An elderly gentleman walked in and ordered soup.The owners know him, though not by name. After ordering his soup, he matter-of-factly announced that his niece had assaulted him.  He also told me that police had laughed at him when he complained about some problem. What exactly happened is unclear. He was difficult to understand because he is Greek.

He then asked the owners to call a cab for him because he was unable to walk home.  One of the owners drove him home, which is only about a block away.

They later told me he comes in now and then. His wife passed away about six months ago, and she suffered from Alzheimer's. Before his license was taken away, he used to stop for soup, but his wife would open the car door and wonder off. .

Unfortunately, the owners don't know this fellow's name, which is something I should have obtained.

Clearly, this gentleman needs help. I can't say whether he is really a victim of abuse, but he is a victim of neglect.

If you know or see an elderly person who you think is a victim of abuse, you can ask  NorCo or LehCo caseworkers for help. The state hotline is 1-800-490-8505. Reporters may remain anonymous and have legal protection from retaliation, discrimination and civil or criminal prosecution.

I will try to find out who this fellow is.

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Anonymous said...

Is the county aware of all the problems of the elderly. Are any of the elected officials even understanding of what goes on. Hopefully, they will do more for elderly services in the county.