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Monday, June 11, 2018

Census Estimate Shows Population Explosion in 6 Lehigh Valley Communities

The latest U.S. Census estimate reveals that Lehigh Valley's population is exploding, and in the strangest places. The Patriot News has a listing of the top 41 communities statewide that are surging.

East Bangor comes in at #4 with an estimated population of 1,630. While that's still a small population, it's an increase of 39% since 2010. Other communities in the top 40 are as follows
  • Upper Macungie, 21% population increase since 2010, population estimated at 24,356, ranked #11.
  • Allen Tp, 16% population increase since 2010, population estimated at 4,938, ranked #21 (tie).
  • Upper Sacuon Tp, 14% population increase since 2010, population estimated at 16,818, ranked #28 (tie).
  • Alburtis, 11% population increase since 2010, population estimated at 2,622, ranked #41 (tie)
  • Lower Nazareth Tp, 11% population increase since 2010, population estimated at 6,276 ranked #41 (tie).
Lehigh County's population is now estimated at 366,494, a 4.8% increase from the 2010 census. Northampton County is smaller, with an estimated population of 303,405 that has only increased 1.9% since 2010.

How about the urban core? Allentown's population of 121,283 is a 2.7% increase from 2010. Bethlehem, at 75,707, has seen a growth of just one percent over 2010. Easton, at 27,109, is 1.3% larger than in 2010. Whitehall Township, at 27,564, has seen a growth of 3% since 2010.


Peter j.Cochran said...

Bernie, is it not true that the Census straits with known factors ? Well we could come up with more than 1% here in Easton ,School District does not report to City Any feedback on address declaration. The city doesn’t cross reference regularl parking viiolations against tax or residency declarations. And so forth .Easton most likely has 4 ,ooo people here that hide in the cracks for various reasons.

Anonymous said...

And yet Pennsylvania's population is stagnant.

These "increases" reflect the internal movement within the Keystone state.

Anonymous said...

Allentown's population growth has been negligible for the past 60 years. There is really no where to grow within it's boundaries. Growth has always occurred in the townships and outlying towns.

Anonymous said...

Allentown will have 1 less person to count when FedEd Pawlowski goes to jail. Saw him walking the streets on Saturday during the blues, brews and BBQ event. Standing in a food line, looking depressed and all alone.

Anonymous said...

Many of the people are not in census. The overpopulated apartment conversions with illegal people living in apartments. One person rents and then 20 others move in. Also we know who has moved in the NJ and NY, many are under the radar,

Anonymous said...

Tragic...what can you do? Cement plants poisoning the air, quarries and fracking poison ground water, drugs, opiates, bad food, runoff pesticides, fluoride, bad transportation systems, no jobs, no recreation, free army rides out of town, we try everything, but they just keep coming.

Now that Monsanto merged with Bayer,(the makers of zyklon-b) maybe they'll come up with something that will help.

Anonymous said...

5:34 Can always move. WaWa sells gas 24 hours a day and there are roads in all four directions. Hit the road to a better life.