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Monday, September 11, 2017

Who Is Paying Fed Ed's Legal Bill?

Jack Rosen with two of his donees
Allentown Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski has a January 16 date, in either Allentown or Philadelphia, for a trial on 54 counts of political corruption. Pretrial motions are due on November 9. If Presiding Judge Juan Sanchez determines that a hearing is needed, that will take place on November 28. A final pretrial conference is scheduled for January 4.

That's when most court observers think Fed Ed will plead. On his own, he lacks the resources for an extended trial.  But what if someone is footing his legal bill?

Fed Ed's lawyer, Jack McMahon, has entered his appearance, and that's a big deal. Courts are generally reluctant to allow a lawyer to withdraw his appearance in a criminal case simply because he is getting no money. That's his problem. So lawyers generally decline to enter an appearance unless financial arrangements have been made. McMahon's appearance indicates he expects to be paid or has been paid already.

Since Fed Ed has no resources on his own, someone is footing the bill for him. Who could it be?

New York City developer Jack Rosen is a major Democratic campaign donor. He definitely was under the federal microscope and is referred to in the federal indictment as "J. Ro."

He's one of the fellows who went to an Eagles game and fancy steak house with Fed Ed.

He has an obvious incentive to pay Fed Ed's legal bills. I don't know that he is, but someone is paying McMahon.


Anonymous said...

You are really obsessed.

Anonymous said...

We don't know and really, why does it matter ?

Robert Trotner said...

Your point is well taken given that the cost of trial would far exceed his known resources. Are you suggesting that Rosen's motivation to pay his legal fees is that a Fed Ed plea might result in charges being filed against Rosen? Or just that a plea would reflect badly on Rosen?

I've also heard that Fed Ed or his wife has considerable land holdings end other assets in Chicago. How likely do your rate that possibility?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, he is getting help. McMahon is very expensive and to go through a two week trial will be immense. Additionally, McMahon would not take anything on without assurances of payment. Just ask some of the South Philly mobsters he represented. We know most of his campaign funds went to the Washington D.C. attorneys; not McMahon. Therefore, somebody is footing the bill. J. Ro and family are good candidates for this, however, the unions that supported him or still support him can be considered as targets of opportunity. Once this slime bucket goes to jail o found guilty, [at the behest of the Syrian and Hispanic communities], we'll be able to tell who is his prime benefactors are through trial.

Anonymous said...

J Ro is John Rogers from northeast revenue.

Allentown Taxpayer said...

One way or another, I'll be the one paying it.