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Monday, August 14, 2017

Ron Angle's Cows -1, Suki - 0

This dog can jump out of a Ranger, and fortunately,
can jump back in. 
From time to time, my grandson and his mother go away for a weekend at the beach or for some basketball camp. When that happens, I usually watch their dog Suki. She's what is called a Jack-a-Poo, half Jack Russell Terrier and half Toy Poodle. As someone once explained to me, they are the Captain Danger of Designer Dogs. Sweet, but highly energetic and mischievous. Last night, she finally met her match - a herd of angry cows.

Ron Angle invited me to his farm for a delicious Sunday night dinner of prime rib, baked potatoes and sweet corn. When I told him I was dog sitting, he told me to bring her, too. So that is how Suki paid her first visit ever to a farm.

Dat's mother treats Suki as though she is a foo foo dog. She ties bows in her fur and dresses her in sweaters. But she is all dog. She likes being with me, not just because I spoil her and feed her the same crap I eat, but because I take her on lots of walks and, in wooded areas, will let her chase rabbits, squirrels and groundhogs.

Suki thought she could chase these calves. 
Dat's mother always instructs me not to let her off the leash, especially after an incident with a skunk a few years ago. I always promise. I always break my promise.

A night on the farm was a real treat for her. She was in hunting mode the entire time, chasing down cats, squirrels and rabbits. But the real excitement started when Ron went to water his cows. Suki wanted to come, and jumped into the Ranger with us.

Ron's herd includes four calves. As we got closer to them, Suki got excited and jumped out to chase the calves.

Big mistake.

The cows decided to chase her, but they weren't playing. They are a lot faster than they look. And they were pissed. Suki was pretty much fenced in, so she was running the way Dat used to run when he played football - for her life. She was faster than them, and has so many juke moves she could return kicks for the Eagles. But the cows were faster than Ron's Ranger, which was bogged down by the mud. When she'd get close, they'd tear after her. Eventually, Suki spotted a gap between the cows and the Ranger and jumped. She missed the first time because I dropped her, and the cows continued to give chase. Ron was able to pull her when she tried a second time. Angry cows bounced against the Ranger as they continued to look for her. They actually were smelling the ground for signs of her for some time after we had already left.

Suki will start driving Ranger next time. 
After witnessing this, I think it's safe to say that a herd of cows can handle a coyote.

After this close call, Ron's Ranger passed by a creek. Suki jumped right in.

She needed to cool off.

Eventually, she was full of mud, the bow in her fur was gone and she chased all of Ron's cats into a barn. Then she went after a rabbit.

She was having a blast.

She usually likes women better than men, but after Ron scooped her up, she periodically would walk up and start licking him. Well, he is the Northampton County Bulldog.

As the evening ended, Suki did not want to get in my car. But she fell asleep the moment she got in

Oh, and she had prime rib.


Anonymous said...

Is this the start of months of campaigning for your bud Angle?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Ron is my friend and this is a story about a dog. I've written them before, when there have been no campaigns. So No, this is not about his race.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy stories like this Bernie, thanks.

And football season is upon us! Who's your HS pick this year?

The Banker

Bernie O'Hare said...

Banker, Emmaus should be the team to beat this year.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE MY DOG! Now I love your grand-dog! How cute!

Anonymous said...

I agree (of course!) but I think we're in for another great season. There's alot of talent in the Valley.

The Banker

X said...

Bernie, is suki were your grandson Dat got his moves on the court?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Could be.