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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Judge Sanchez Schedules Fed Ed's Trial For January

United States District Judge Juan R. Sánchez has granted a government motion for a January 16 trial in the federal political corruption prosecution of Allentown Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski. The trial will take place in Allentown.

In a scheduling order on Monday, Judge Sánchez ordered the government to provide all discovery to which Fed Ed and his fellow Defendants are entitled, on or before September 15. Pretrial motions are due on or before November 9, and if a hearing is needed, that will occur on November 28. The judge has also scheduled a final pretrial conference on January 4. That is typically when plea agreements are reached.

In his final paragraph, Judge Sánchez warns, "No requests for a continuance shall be granted."


Anonymous said...

The campaign will proceed without interruption.

The only question is, will the Republicans manage to pull defeat out of the jaws of victory?

Anonymous said...

There aren't nearly enough Republicans to assume victory. Party line voters rule Allentown and Pawlowski will win easily. Voters get the government they deserve and Allentown richly deserves Pawlowski.

Anonymous said...

Judge Sanchez is a no-nonsense judge. He will not let Attorney Jack McMahon play his game of hide and seek, which he has done with numerous Common Pleas judges, [including Lehigh County Judge Banach], and his courtroom antics will be met with stern measures. If "Fed Ed" survives the election, common wisdom believes he will plea during the pre-trial stage because the collective time he is looking at will be too great for him to survive in. The great deceiver is delusional, not stupid. He will see the handwriting on the wall, still deny everything, and plea no contest for a modest jail term.

Anonymous said...

The way I see the election in Allentown playing out: Fed Ed will get his downtown, urban minority votes same as the primary. I think Republicans will vote for mostly for Hyman. The election will turn on how the middle class Super voting Democrats vote. I figure some will write-in McConnell, but I think Hyman might be able to get a bunch of these votes and possibly win. In fact, I figure Hyman may target these voters, of which even the most staunch loyal party voters may reject Fed Ed at this point. At the end of the day, I predict Hyman will target these Democrat voters with a message of honesty, integrity and management experience and win the election.

Jamie Kelton said...

7:58 Mr Hyman seems to have a lack of honesty and integrity.

Jamie Kelton said...

I see Mayor Pawlowski winning, but not by much. Hyman and O'Connell will split the anti Pawlowski vote. The Mayor knows where his supporters are and is campaigning hard already. Hyman will win the west end and possibly the south side. Ed takes East Allentown. O'Connell will take the Democrats who wouldn't vote for Mayor Pawlowski anyway which takes votes away from Hyman.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Jamie Kelton, When you use a false name to post your comments, you are in no position to comment on the honesty and integrity of others.

Anonymous said...

Ed is neither stupid or delusional.
Ed and Lisa are pandering liars.

Anonymous said...

Jamie: BO is right, not only a false name also a false picture out of a magazine. This posting is anonymous like most people, they just wish to stay anonymous. Using false names and false pictures is one of the highest levels of being dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love it when a disbarred attorney lectures on integrity.

X said...

We must watch campaign contributions going to paid activist proclaiming his innocence on these dates. This will be like and similar too Allentown's paying for abortion protestors too.

Anonymous said...

I just watched City Council tonight.
O'Connell is off his rocker and the City Solicitor says nothing.
I think he just single handedly destroyed any chance of the City pursuing litigation for Cedar Beach Pool. He has a very short memory and does not know all of the facts of the project.
He should take mr. hunsikers advice!
Rubber stamping these change orders will come back to bite the city.

FYI - As of last year the city had SF attorney's draft up a mutual release to terminate their contract out of fear SF would pursue litigation against them over so many violations of the law. In fact, emails show City officials "searching for cause" to terminate them. They also show a 20 page document of where the city refused to enforce the contractors contract.

Spillman Farmer would not rubber stamp change orders so now it is all their fault.

Now, the second team they brought up screwed things up and now they want to pin it back on SF.

According to the City Solicitor, The City has now hired yet another expert engineer to help them through litigation to recoupe this money. FYI - given Mr. O'connells statements tonight SF will never receive a fair trial and the Judge will toss it. Especially considering they released them from their responsibilities and duties last year. What a moron for taking this approach.

Good luck with that Ray.

Anonymous said...

10:08 doesn't know what he's talking about. No mutual release was ever signed. The city wasn't looking for that, SF was. Didn't happen. There was no release of anyone involved with the pool

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm a she not a he.
The mutual release was agreed upon by your solicitor. Actually, she stated that she convinced the "powers to be" that it was the direction to take. This occurred after the city botched redactions in a right to know request which will have major consequences.
I know more than you think. You politically grand stand and point the finger in one direction because it makes the current Mayor look bad and don't care much about the expense taxed upon others.
Cedar Beach price tag goes up every time the contractor misses his dead line. Mr. Clark was a conflicted professional who was hired to give the city an unbiased opinion. BOH exposed him. Caught him in a lie and double dipping fees.
There is no doubt going to be litigation in this matter. The city will pay heavily. Why don't you check your facts. The existing pool had major expansive structures underneath which gave it structural stability. You allowed and PAID a contractor to remove it only to have to reinforce the new pool. SF would not agree to allow this without it being substantiated and so the city fired them. That is the comical part. The city didn't hire Davinci until after so the city fired SFA for no reason. Can't wait for the experts to get ahold of this one. Even your guy is telling you the city miss stepped.
Oh and you can't fire an architect and hold them accountable for using their instruments of services. Check your law library. Looking forward to seeing this one through. But Ed has to agree and being that he has been indicted for putting the squeeze on SF doesn't mean SF is guilty of anything. In fact the indictment reads just that way. Maybe you should learn to keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

It is rumored that a major lawsuit is Brewed and ready against the city.
Apparently your forensic expert can't keep his mouth shut either, Mr. O'Connell.
Your special council isn't going to like this.

Deformation of Character on multiple accounts. Wrongful termination...etc.
O'Connell this will drop before the election and your name is all over it.
The Cities top officials squeezing the firm behind the sceens, which they didn't fall for, and now you have made them out to be guilty. The City is screwed.
The city hired a new engineer to do a design of the pool shell and that engineer did not give the city the revised volume calculations for verification of the filtration system and the city plugged ahead and installed it. You fell for the contractors game. The city gave two engineering firms and a contractor an unlimited check book and held them accountable to zero time frames and they still can't get the project done.
Oh and BTW, you shouldn't scrub the plaster quartz after install because you take away about 3 years of its life. AND that plaster must remain in water all year or it will crack. Go ask your neighboring municipality who made those same mistakes.