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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Musikfest To Offer New Adventure - Treasure Hunting!

Musikfest cometh. It's an Octoberfest in August with all kinds of food, beer and good music. Some of you love it. Others hate it. As an alcoholic with a dairy allergy, I'm pretty much sidelined by events like these. But I saw something that just might draw me out of hiding. A treasure hunt.

UBMe is a social networking app devised by a startup tech company based in Bethlehem, PA. It allows users to connect at a specific place whether that be a business, bar, college campus, concert or sporting event.

For Musikfest, visitors to fully explore the city of Bethlehem, meet new people, and find local business deals. But what's really neat is the treasure hunt series that will start August 5th and continue throughout the 10-day music festival.

Once checked-in, treasure hunters will be able to see clues that UBMe has posted in the live chat that will lead them to the next place on the Bethlehem treasure map. The app is location based, so users cannot participate in the live chat unless they are physically there allowing them to explore Bethlehem.

I downloaded the app for iPhone but it is also available on the App Store and Google Play.

I love the treasure hunt feature, but fail to see why anyone would need an smartphone app to connect with people in the same place as me.

We already have other apps that do this, like our mouth and our voice.


Anonymous said...

Ding, ding, ding. School is in session again over at Molovinsky's this morning. Pay close attention, O'Hare, maybe you can learn something about the one of a kind, tax-friendly NIZ.

Anonymous said...

I am feeling for you Bernie. I have every allergy under the sun and don't do these festivals either. If immediate family wishes to go then I go to keep them company.
Point well noted~
Back in high school, I remember going to the local fair, the excitement would be to see, who would show up, what everyone was wearing, who got to try what food before they ran out of it and just the overall EXPERIENCE.
No social media can give us the "experience", there is no comparison between sitting at a dinner table for a good meal under a fluorescent light bulb to burning a set of real candles.