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Thursday, August 17, 2017

NorCo Sheriffs Have A Rich History

In Pennsylvania, where elected sheriffs are the rule, the guy who wins the election is usually one of the biggest tavern owners. Northampton County is one of the very few counties in which the Sheriff is appointed. Having seen them both, my view is that appointed Sheriffs tend to be far more professional, if only because the courts are given a voice in the selection process.But I'd prefer to see the appointments run for a staggered term of five or ten years to minimize the politics.

Northampton County has quite an interesting history when it comes to the Sheriff's office. As I've told you before, Deputy Sheriff Nathan Ogden was the first American law enforcement officer to be killed in the line of duty, back in 1771.

Sheriff Dave Dalrymple has managed to put together a complete list of the 71 individuals who have been Northampton County Sheriff since 1752.

Marmaduke McMichael was a Lieutenant during the War of 1812. We even have a Samuel Adams. But instead of brewing beer, he made steel and then became a gentleman farmer.


Anonymous said...

Bernie, very interesting. I see names from way, way back like Hartzell, Heckman,etc., that are still around today.

Anonymous said...

The Sheriff can't be too busy if he can promulgate a list.

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

"Bernie, very interesting. I see names from way, way back like Hartzell, Heckman,etc., that are still around today."

I know.It's fascinating. I see three Craigs. They must have been related. I wonder if Newberry Fulmer is a Josh Fulmer ancestor.

Anonymous said...

Word has it that Marmaduke McMichael worked like a dog his time in office!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bernie, I told my Buddy Ron Heckman about this. I joked that he should use it in his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Ogden was killed in the Pennamite-Yankee Wars. Seldom mentioned in school and often forgot. This was a dark time of civil war in PA. Fortunately there are a few good books on the period if you look for them.
I grew up in the area and know families that share names with the Yankees and the Pennamites. Some were neighbors who's ancestors walked from Connecticut to settle the area. I guess since its a forgotten war these families have no idea they were killing each other 250 years ago. Interesting eh? Maybe because there are no statues of Ogden, Stewart or Franklin (John). Not trying to troll but just making an observation.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how many are actually related.

Anonymous said...

I like the nepotism line. Maybe we can get a statue controversy around these guys.

Anonymous said...

- 8:23
"Maybe we can get a statue controversy around these guys"

None of these guys had a high enough body count to get a statue.