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Friday, December 19, 2014

Rosado Settles Dispute With Allentown Schools ... For Now

Jose Rosado, erstwhile principal of the Allentown School District's Alternative School program,resigned last night in  deal that guaranteed him back pay and other benefits. It also leaves the door open for him to pursue a federal lawsuit.  He released a statement claiming total vindication.

"This settlement vindicates me and allows the option to pursue our claims in Federal Court where the process will be fair. My Federal Complaint will be filed soon and the whole story will be told in Federal Court.

"As an educator, I have always believed that our community is only as vibrant and viable as the quality of education our students receive in our schools."


Anonymous said...

él es un gran perdedor de grasa

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Very interesting legal strategy.Will the Allentown Taxpayers ever get to know How much it cost to settle this matter with Mr.Rosado