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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bethlehem Tp Monthly Reports - November

Once every month, department heads provide a monthly report to Bethlehem Township Commissioners. I love these because they provide a perspective from the people who actually do the work. Here are some November highlights:


- A comprehensive Parks Plan has been approved by the recreation Board and is on its way to the Planning Comm'n.
- St. Luke's is proposing a 3-story medical office building at its Anderson campus.
- Intermittent blasting has stopped at Madison Farms, and building permits have been issued for retail pads.
- People FCU is coming to Easton Avenue.
- Northampton Community College dorm expansion is under way.

Public Works

- New fitness stations at the municipal park are now installed.
- Four big leaf vacuums were working ten hours per day for two weeks to help with leaf collection.
- Yard waste recycling center had 738 visits.


- Patrick Brehm continues his training at the Montgomery County Police Academy.
- Officers received training on defense tactics and handcuffing techniques.
- Chief Dan Pancoast visited and read to the 5th grade class at Our lady of Perpetual Help.
- Police investigated 69 accidents involving 122 vehicles and 7 injuries.
- Police issued 143 traffic citations, 125 warnings and 30 parking tickets.
- Police made 27 felony/misdemeanor arrests, filed 6 DUI summons and issued 16 citations for summary offenses.


- The township has received 249% of the building construction fees budgeted for the year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Humm, no mention of the Community Center and it's operation / spending:

Hooded Sweatshirts BTCC Staff: $130.50

Light weight hoodie BTCC Staff:

Burnout hoodie BTCC Staff:

Soft Thermal hoodie BTCC Staff:

Fusion Jacket BTCC Staff:

The above were just of few of the expenses from the Nov bill agenda.

Where does the private sector provide clothing for their staff? I'll have to keep my eye out for the dry cleaning expenses of above uniforms as well...

When will government staffers treat taxpayer monies like it's their own?