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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Becahi Boys Basketball Ekes Out Its First Win

Though I have many stories to tell,I spent most of last night watching Bethlehem Catholic basketball. Though the team started out 0-4, it never gave up on itself and scored its first victory last night against Freedom, 63-61. Bonita Crowe, who some of you know, has to be very proud of her grandson. He's Chance Neilley, and had a game-high 21 points. He has also been a consistent scorer in Beca's losing efforts.

Though Freedom got off to an early lead, it just could not put Becahi away. Then, in the 4th quarter, the Golden Hawks took the lead briefly, and then things went back and forth in a very exciting game. 

Fabulous Freddie Simmons seems to have made the transition from football into basketball. It was nice to see some of his senior team mates there to cheer him on. 

Antwon Keenan, who had been injured, should return to the roster soon,and that will help, too.

I've seen them lose and now I've seen them win. Their smiles should have stopped the rain. 


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