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Friday, December 19, 2014

PPL Giving $5,000 For New Bethany Food Bank

On Monday, PPL Electric Utilities will present New Bethany Ministries with a $5,000 donation for its emergency food pantry as part of a $250,000 commitment this winter to help people in need.

“We are grateful to PPL for their demonstrated commitment to helping people in need,” said New Bethany’s Executive Director, Diane Elliott. “Many families are struggling, and this gift will help us continue providing critical services to the community."

In 2013, New Bethany Ministries distributed 4,292 food baskets from its emergency food pantry, representing 70,389 meals. The agency reported a 149% increase in the number of children receiving food from the pantry and a 336% increase in the number of elderly utilizing the pantry from the previous year.

Celebrating its 29th year, New Bethany Ministries provides assistance to families affected by poverty, hunger and homelessness; and individuals with mental illness. For more information about New Bethany’s programs, call 610-691-5602 or visit www.newbethanyministries.org.


Anonymous said...

Gee, with all the people going to the new PPL Center to watch hockey, one would think that PPL could afford to kick in a little more than five grand.

Bill Coker said...

Screw PPL, let's give credit to New Bethany Ministries for the work they do with needy families. Many of these families are hard workers that have fallen onto bad times or single mothers trying to survive and raise their children. Contributions from any source would be welcome, I'm sure.Bill

Anonymous said...

@11:54 Yes, the story is really about New Bethany. I don't judge what any company or individual over how much or if they donate.

This organization works tirelessly, and deserves recognition. I doubt they will be declining PPL's donation, or any for that matter.

Anonymous said...

@5:24 PPL does NOT own or operate the PPL Center. The $5000 donation is nothing to sneeze about! I'll bet PPL employees also donate their time and money to NBM.

Anonymous said...

PPL obviously had enough money to buy the naming rights, which cost far more than $ 5,000.

PPL is clearly NOT paying their fair share.

MegaBakerdude said...

PPL gave away $250,000, including $50,000 spread across 10 different good causes at $5000 each.

I think they are doing "their fare share".

The Central Scrutinizer said...

Screw PPL

Contributions from any source would be welcome, I'm sure.

Which is it, Bill? Bah humbug!

Tom Young said...

If anyone is considering a worthy cause for their Christmas time charitable giving, please consider New Bethany Ministries. They do wonderful work.