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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Allentown Rumor Mill: Pawlowski Headed to Wolf's Lair

Michael Molovinsky yesterday mentioned that Allentown's former Police Chief, Roger MacLean, has switched from Republican to Democrat, and is seeking an appointment to Peter Schweyer's seat on Allentown City Council. He's joined by Stephen Walker, Jeff Glazier, Anthony Toth, Daniel Benitez and Dennis Pearson.

What I find interesting about Molovinsky's report is his contention that MacLean is a likely mayoral candidate. It makes sense because this gets his name out there, even if he is passed over in favor of Jeff Glazier.

My sources tell me that Glazier already has the appointment to Council. He's a Pawlowski puppet and can be counted on to do as he's told.

But if MacLean runs for Mayor, it is likely he will defeat Julio Guridy, who has made no secret of his mayoral ambitions.

The other rumor I'm hearing is that Pawlowski, who initially thought he'd be the next governor and then threw his feeble support to Rob McCord, is going to the Wolf's lair. He'll be leaving Allentown for the land of midnight payraises. Guridy will get himself appointed mayor, but he will never win the race against MacLean.


Anonymous said...

I think it's unlikely that Ed P will end up in Hburg.

Anonymous said...

Ed's work is finished in Allentown. Time for him to move on. He will do well in the Wolf Administration. More NIZ's for everyone, except for the lilly white suburbs.

Anonymous said...

Hope Chief runs.

Anonymous said...

Ed would be nutz to go to Harrisburg. He has things too cushy here in A-town.

Anonymous said...

Tis an interesting place King Edwin finds himself.

The longer he stays in Allentown, the more unelectable he is on a state-wide basis. But he's already unelectable on a state-wide basis because he has the personality of a slug and is one of the most unlikeable people I've ever met.

So what does he do? Chase pensions.

A smart move on his part.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Go Maclean Go

Bernie O'Hare said...

Banker, It does make sense. If he spends just 5 years in H-burg as Sec'y of DCED or General Services, he gets a second pension. He does not really have to move, either.

Anonymous said...

Next Mayor? think Mary Ellen Koval.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

Mary Ellen Koval is having a fundraiser in a few weeks.

49 Cent Hamburger Stand said...

Talk about rumors ... Hear Burger King is bringing sexy back. The Yumbo is back!

Anonymous said...

"More NIZ's for everyone, except for the lily white suburbs"

Been to a hockey game at the $ 177.1 million dollar rink?

Don't see too many "people of color" at those games, does one?

What is this again about "lily white suburbs"?

Please elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Isn't J.B. Reilly the one making all the money as a result of the Free Money Train known as the NIZ?

Doesn't JBR live in one of those "lily white suburbs"?

Why would "NIZ's for everyone, except for the lily white suburbs" be such a great idea?

Please elaborate.