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Monday, December 08, 2014

Basketball Fever

I spent most of this weekend goofing off, watching basketball instead of writing.

I first met Cole when he was a little kid, not much bigger than the basketball he was carrying. He made sure he always had one when his big brother Grant was practicing. During breaks, he would run out onto the court and try to sink a few. This weekend, I got to see him in action as the starting point guard for Notre Dame's B Team of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. As a 6th grader, he can dribble with both hands, is working on a crossover and had some amazing shots.

I'm speaking of Cole Hershman, one of Lou Hershman's grandsons. he calls them Colonel Cole and General Grant. Grant, who is in high school with my grandson, has been playing varsity baseball as a 9th grader. Cole is good at baseball, too, I'm told, but he's a baller.

Notre Dame went down to St. Jane's, but never let up. In two years, Colonel Cole is going to be scary on a basketball court.

That wasn't enough basketball for me.

After the Notre Dame, I went to the Yasso-Rothrock Christmas City Classic invitational. Scranton Prep, a nationally ranked team, only defeated Becahi's girls team 34-30 under new coach Jose Medina.

Liberty took the sting out of the Emmaus Green Hornets, who even wear green shoes. Emmaus was playing without David and Matt Kachelries, twin brothers who are out with injuries, and lost the game 63-57. Liberty is going to have a good season. Over 50 kids went out for the freshman team alone, and 30 had to be cut.

Freedom rallied from a 6-point first half deficit to school Riverside, 64-55. They looked very good on the court.

Parkland dominated smaller Bethlehem Catholic 74-46, in an exhibition game. Some players are ineligible for play because they need more practice under PIAA rules. What makes Parkland so dominant is not its size, but the ability of its players to sink 3-pointers at will. Despite the score, I loved the game. It was my first opportunity to see my grandson Dat, a Freshman, playing varsity.He only played a few minutes and scored no points, but I was very proud to see him hold his own.

Beca's regular season starts on Tuesday night against Dieruff.

Here's my question. Why do basketball coaches always wear ties, and often jackets, to basketball games?


Anonymous said...

Why not? Maybe kids will respect them more.

Anonymous said...

Most teams will have the kids dress up for away games as well. It's how you represent yourself, your school, your team. It's a good thing, you will see. Good luck to your grandson.