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Monday, August 25, 2014

Parsons to Kraft and McClure - "Let's Move On"

Scott Parsons
Ken Kraft was very indignant. In the wake of evidence that Executive John Brown and public relations consultant Kim Plyler had at least some email exchanges that certainly appear to be political, Kraft sought a more inclusive set of emails. But as of the Northampton County Council meeting on August 21, he still had no reply, except for one that irritated him even more. He got a letter telling him that his request was being considered under the Right-to-Know law, and invoked an automatic 30-day extension. Instead of making his concerns known to the District Attorney, Council Solicitor or perhaps even his own lawyer, he decided to grandstand at a Council meeting. He did so at a time when the County is staring down the barrel of a likely tax hike.  It's similar to what Controller Steve Barron did at the previous Council meeting. In the meantime, Council has yet to look at the unbridled power of the Exec to dole out millions in casino table tax revenue. 

Rather than actually govern, it's far easier  to join in a witch hunt. 

Lamont McClure had fun, too.  He actually argued that individual Council members are not subject to the Right-to-Know Law.  They apparently have some Divine Right to Executive information. He  accused the Brown administration of "stonewalling" and demanded an answer from Brown and solicitor Victor Scomillio right then and there.

They sat in their comfy chairs, refusing to answer. 

Council Solicitor Phil Lauer now has been tasked with researching whether an individual Council member has some special right to seek information that is above and beyond the rights of an ordinary citizen because they're so important they sit on a raised dais.

There is no such right.

Of course, it's beyond dispute that Council, as the governing body, has all kinds of rights to information, conferred by the Home Rule Charter. But the power of an individual Council member is limited to casting a vote on behalf of the people he represents. He's no Super Citizen, and I am somewhat disturbed that Council members like Ken Kraft and Lamont McClure seem to think they are.

"The silence doesn't bode very well," complained Kraft. McClure brays on about the power Council members admittedly have, without bothering to point out that it's a power that requires five votes.

"We need an explanation," demanded McClure. "They can't just sit here silently ... ."

Just as McClure tried to conduct witch hunts against Executive John Stoffa, he's now doing the same thing to Brown.

After Council had wasted about ten minutes, Scott Parsons called the whole thing a "debacle" that goes back to Brown's controversial decision to hire Sahl Communications as his PR firm.

"Let's move on and get to governing of this County and get the things done that have to be done," stated the Slate Belt Democrat. "If the Executive's done something illegal here, that's for the courts to decide. ... We have to move on."

I agree. 


Anonymous said...

2 questions and 1 statement:

1 Did he sit behind the wrong name-plate?
2 Whats up with his sleeves? Shirt too long or jacket too short? Looks like a bib.

3 Whoever takes these pictures does an awful job. photo 101

Bernie O'Hare said...

He did not sit at the wrong name plat. My angle is bad. I took the pic and admit I do an awful job. You should see the ones I can't use at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Whoever is being paid to take this photos should have his salary reduced. Journalism 101.

My understanding is the photographer may be upgrading to a later model vehicle - an import no less. He's obviously being overpaid.