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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Nazareth's Mini MusikFest

Hundreds promenade up and down Main Street and Nazareth circle
It lasts one day, ends at 7 pm, and.only takes up one block on Main Street. but for those who enjoy the soft strumming of guitars, the annual celebration of music hosted by Martin Guitar on Nazareth's Main Street serves as a mini-Musikfest. This year was the seventh in a row that traffic along Main Street was replaced by strolling guitarists and other musicians who might set up in the circle or even at a bench by the Y. Naturally, there was plenty of food, including Moravian sugar cake, shoo-fly pie and pasties from the pie shop. It is a chance for Martin Guitar employees, among the largest work forces in Northampton County, to enjoy their handiwork with their families. The main event is the raffling of a Martin Guitar.
Sausage, sirloin and chicken, wrapped in bacon, offered by Rios Brazilian steakhouse

One of the numerous performing musicians

Two guitarists outside the Nazareth Y

The famous Nazareth Pie Shop

The Allentown Brew Works definitely most popular stand for some reason.

Alfonso Todd promotes upcoming NazJazz Festival on September 13
The Circle fills with music


Anonymous said...

Very cool event. Great photos.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It is one of Nazareth's nicest events.

Anonymous said...

Any: FT - FIRE TRACHTA propaganda posted anywhere?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes. One of the stands had FT magnets displayed, but not for sale. Too bad. They would have sold a few.

And it's not propaganda. it's called free speech. We fought a revolutionary war for that right, remember?