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Monday, August 18, 2014

BT Comm'rs To Review Green Pond Sketch Plans Tonight

Last month, before a packed house, Bethlehem Township's Planning Commission reviewed Tradition of America's (TOA) sketch plans for a senior housing development along Green Pond Road, next to a golf course. TOA was only seeking feedback, not approval. Planners and over 100 people obliged. They expressed concerns about traffic along back roads, stormwaters, emergency vehicle access along narrow roads in the community itself, and the ponding that occurs frequently along along the roadways separating the pond from a marshy area of wetlands that serves as a stopping point for numerous species of migratory birds. "We owe it to our kids to protect areas like that," noted prominent ornithologist Rick Wiltraut. Tonight, TOA will present its sketch plans again to the Board of Commissioners. But it appears that instead of talking, battle lines are being drawn.

No Trespassing Signs. - Green Pond owners have now posted their property with "no trespassing" signs, which will make it harder for bird photographers who sometimes don waders and go right into the wetlands. Owners are apparently angry about an engineering study performed some months ago under the direction of Jack Glagola. His property straddles both the pond and marsh, and he likes the birds more than TOA. According to Glagola, that analysis concludes that the wetlands area is acres larger than the 27,000 sq. ft. actually designated. Though TOA has proposed conserving 18 acres, Glagola argues that the wetlands extend into the lands planned for a senior living community. Instead of responding to these concerns, the place is plastered with signs.

Meeting Denied. - Glagola had sought a meeting with Township staff to discuss his study. Township staffers initially agreed, but that meeting was abruptly canceled. In fairness this could be because TOA and Green Pond should be included. I learned this information over the weekend, and had no chance to determine exactly why the meeting was canceled. Glagola has been told to make his concerns known during the public speaking portion of the meeting.

Public's Right to Be Heard. - Everyone, even nonresidents, have a right to be heard on any plan that could, if done wrong, result in an eco-disaster. But at the first meeting this month, President Marty Zawarski warned the public about addressing matters outside of courtesy of the floor, and even hinted that time limits might be imposed. Commissioner Michael Hudak, whose disdain for non-residents was made clear during the debates about Housenick Park, actually stated, "Open debate, commenting on other commenters, is counterproductive."

Open debate is kinda' the whole point in any democratic form of government.


Anonymous said...

Why not a story on the scandal in West Easton as pointed out by the Express Times? Is it because Groosout like Deelight are part of your posse?

Do you pick and choose where you call for democracy base don your enemies list?

save green pond.org said...

To date over 800 individuals from all walks of life have signed a petition against the TOA project. In addition another 150 have voiced their feelings against this project as well, this does not include 2 or 3 other groups representing a range of interest also aligned against this project. To date we have not had one individual or group in support of this project. If this is a representative democracy why don't our representatives listen?

Anonymous said...

Grow up. Deegan has covered the story. So did the West Easton PA blog before ET wrote about it.

Anonymous said...

Replant the Weeping Willows that Moravian Academy removed from Green Pond back in the 70's and the water runoff issue and wetlands become a mute issue.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Somehow I don't think that is the cause of BT's stormwater problem.

Bernie O'Hare said...

4:52, Hey asshole, this story was covered amply by Deegan and Matt Dees (twice). I realize you think the sun rises and sets on you, but there are people in BT who have other concerns. Also, a person against whom I have a $67,140 judgment is in no position to tell me what to discuss.

Anonymous said...

Not the cause of BT's stormwater problem but the lack of Weeping Willow's is a cause of the water run off into the so called wetland's.

Bernie O'Hare said...

When you say "so-called," you give yourself away. According to the Army Corps of Engineers, 27,000 sq ft is wetlands. There is argument it is much, much more. You would rather insult people who have legitimate concerns, or blame Moravian Academy, than place the blame where it belongs, and that's on runaway development in the entire Lehigh Valley over the past quarter century.

All the farmland is gone as BT turns into the Whitehall of Northampton County. There might be two farms left.

People have been coming to meetings and saying for months that they are tired of the gridlock. They are tired of the stormwater runoff.

And yes, there are people who do care about those "so-called" wetlands, even though it is obvious you are not one of them.

Instead of listening to the people who actually live and work in the Tp, you are carrying water, so to speak, for TOA.

Perhaps TOA can come up with a good plan. I like may aspects of their sketch plan, although they will be defeated in the end by traffic. I like that they recognize the concerns of the bird lovers, and it's possible that TOA will reach out to Glagola and other environmentalists to come up with something all can tolerate. But you don't get anywhere by minimizing concerns of the residents, posting "no trespassing" signs, and mocking those who care about the environment.

Anonymous said...

Gee Bernie, let me hijack your thread to make my own statement, because nobody reads MY blog.
What a self-centered fool.

Back on topic from immature stupid bitch-land, thanks for reporting on this Bernie. Several have tried to develop this area, and have discovered the big dollar signs they were blinded come with very real environmental concerns. I worked in that area years ago, and commuted through there. There was always an issue with water, and that could be increased substantially by adding impervious cover. I hope to have the time to attend this meeting.

Back to tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb.

Anonymous said...

But Bernie, I want to throw stones at Moravian Academy, because that's where all the privileged kids go and I've got a chip on my shoulder and it does nothing to solve the problem. Look, I found a good round one - {toss} Ah, I feel so much better. Now where's my waders, I want to walk home.

Anonymous said...

@4:52 AM Bernie, unlike you, does original research to write stories. Why would he "report" on something that has been on the internet since last month?

You chose to post a Bog entry on this "story", because it furthers your agenda, clearly based on your conviction of harassment of the West Easton clerk and your feud with those who kicked you ass in an election.

The reason you're posting here is that nobody reads your Bog, and more importantly, nobody comments in your Bog. Look at all the activity in the last two weeks - "No comments". Well, also the fact that you're obsessed with your enemy O'Hare. How can one person have so many enemies?

Who are YOU to speak of democracy and enemies, you bitter twisted wench?

Anonymous said...

I just drove by the so called wetland's area and guess what: no a drop of water to be had for any migrating birds!

It's not a natural wetland area, simply a water runoff for the natural Green Pond.

I say put 500 to 750 homes in the space.

savegreenpond.org said...

To 1:05, clearly you are not understanding what constitutes a wetland. There are volumes of data and laws at both the Commonwealth and Federal level that describe a wetland and what you can and cannot do when you encounter this particular natural feature. A developer can attempt to build in a wetland but there are consequences for doing so. See Chapter 275 of the Beth Twp Zoning Code Article XVI Environmental Protection 275-125 Wetlands. particularly B. and C.

savegreenpond.org said...

The engineering study that is described in Bernie's original post was initiated by savegreenpond.org a broad based coalition of concerned citizens.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I saw no water pooled in the marshy area, but after sitting there a few minutes, saw numerous birds along with what appeared to be a hungry hawk. A wetland is land that is saturated with water, either permaqnently or seasonally. Also, there is something unique about those wetlands, which draw birds seen nowhere else in this area.


Bernie O'Hare said...

BT's Zoniung Ordinance is at http://www.bethlehemtwp.com/btweb/zoning/zoneord.pdf

Anonymous said...

Why not destroy the entire fucking
place,ponds,birds the whole shebang?
Fuck the democratic process too!

Anonymous said...

@1:05 "I just drove by the so called wetland's area and guess what: no a drop of water to be had for any migrating birds!"

You are ignorant. You know nothing at all about wetlands, so who the hell should listen to your advice? Thanks for your useless contribution.

Your comment is like saying "an early cooling off in 2014 demonstrated global warming is a farce". Ignorance is not bliss.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:15
Your stupidity is quite extravagant.
Don't reproduce.