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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dent: ISIL Has Sown Seeds Of Own Destruction

ISIL, the terrorists who beheaded one American journalist and who have threatened to repeat their brutality, spoeak for no God I know. Here's how LV Congressman Charlie Dent has reacted to this savagery.

“Our thoughts and prayers are for American reporter James Wright Foley and with his family and friends.

"We must continue providing arms and support as needed to the Kurds as they combat ISIS in Iraq. This savage group must be halted before gaining further traction in this fragile region.

"The cowards who make up terrorist groups, like ISIS, actually believe by committing these affronts against humanity they’ll spark fear and a lack of resolve in Americans.

"They’re wrong.

"They’ve sown the seeds of their own destruction with this horrific action and the atrocities they continue to commit.”


Anonymous said...

told you all first that Jon Hammer would be out as manager of South Whitehall, a new day for SWT

Anonymous said...

This gang is even worse than Hitler`s SS troops and they were evil evil folks.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Did you even bother to look at this post? Your comment is not just off topic, but an insult to every American whose life is lost at the bloody hands of terrorists. What a piece of shit you must be!

Bernie O'Hare said...

10:48, Amen! I'm totally disgusted by this barbarism.

Peter J.Cochran said...

American Journalist but a British citizen,probably killed at the hand of another Btit imbedded in ISIS. We are in for it .We must take this dangerous group seriously,and they are probably here or almost here on American soil.

Anonymous said...

ISIS is a game changer in the Middle East. It may be because of their brutality that the major powers will be compelled to get involved militarily again down the road.

Disgusting bastards that, as Obama noted, execute other Muslims because, "they aren't Muslim enough" or are a different sect from their own.

Hopefully they can be annihilated with surgical strikes and black ops, rather than thousands of boots on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Major powers must mean Saudi troops, Iranian troops, Jordanian troops, etc.

Unless we want to re-create the crusades.

Anonymous said...

Obama's Middle East foreign policy deserves nothing but praise.

Anonymous said...

Obama killed Osama. The War On Terror was ended. Mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

It really pisses you off that Barak Obama lives in the "WHITE" House. The sane majority love your frustrating cackling. Rush, Sean tell me what to do. How do you like Glenn Beck's revelations? Now he must be evil as well.

Suck it up cupcake, he will be there for another year.