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Thursday, August 07, 2014

29 Cool Things About the Lehigh Valley

Larry Wen of Moveto sent me an essay listing 29 cool things about the Lehigh Valley. It's a puff piece, and I usually detest them. But I liked this one for some reason. Whoever wrote it, even though he or she was almost certainly paid to do so, is one of those true believers.

Anyway, this got me thinking about what you, who are not being paid, think is cool about the Lehigh Valley.

I'll start with three things I like. To me, its best feature is the diversity of trails throughout the Lehigh Valley. Next is Bethlehem's Main Street. Finally, I'd list the numerous colleges.


Anonymous said...

Tough to narrow it down to just three I feel the Valley has lots to offer you just have to get out there and explore it. 1) LOCATION The Valley is great but so ideally located just an hour or so north of Philly whatever the valley doesn't have you can find there. The Pocono mountains is utterly fantastic so many trails, waterfalls etc. Not too far from the ocean, NYC, Lancaster, right in the hub of the great NE 2) MUSIKFEST an obvious choice the best thing to happen to the valley ever in my opinion. 3)The PEOPLE we are a little uptight but are sincere and willing help each other at a drop of a hat.

Of course there are a lot of great festivals, entertainment, and historic sights, PA dutch, ethnicity's, and many other individual sights and events that make the valley a great place to be -Valley Native

Anonymous said...

Our family values our community parks and trail system. Thumbs up to open space iniatives.

Anonymous said...

I would echo the thumbs up to open space initiatives. The outdoors is easy to enjoy here. You have to try not to. There is a lot to offer.

Rich said...

NY Transplant here.
Best: Trails, location and low cost of living.

Worst: Provincial attitudes, traffic, corrupt government.

Bonus worst: No Megabus/Boltbus service to NYC and elsewhere.

Bernie, maybe you can investigate that? Who are the local companies paying off to keep the cheap buses out?