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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stoffa Mans the Fort

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to call the Northampton County Courthouse to see if anybody made it. A voice recording told me that, although the government center was officially open, the operators were MIA and I should call 610-559-XXXX if I needed further assistance. I did.

"Northampton County Courthouse, may I help you?" answered Northampton County Exec John Stoffa, in his best telephone voice.

This seventy-year old man, who just had his hip replaced last year, had defied the weather.

You see, unless the Governor declares a state of emergency, the courthouse must remain open. Yesterday may have been the last possible day for the filing of a Complaint in a civil matter. Someone may have needed to record an important deed or mortgage. An abused woman may have needed to file a PFA Complaint. So Stoffa did his best to serve as Prothonotary, Recorder of Deeds and telephone operator.

As the top dog explained, he hoped as many people as possible stayed home. But had he closed the building on his own, the County would be subjected to complaints from the union workers at the jail and Gracedale. Those may be 24-hour operations, but they'd still be demanding overtime. And they'd get it, too.

So to spare the taxpayers and row office workers, Stoffa did his best to muddle along yesterday, largely alone and unnoticed.

People ask why I admire him so much. This is why.


Anonymous said...

He was the only guy there? Don't buy it. This was set-up so calls would go to his office so he could play a public relations game.

Be honest!

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit in this story. It is a shame that Stoffa puts peoples lives in jeopardy by keeping the office open.

By the way people in the necessary positions were there.

This little show was a pure PR stunt. This guy has no shame!

Anonymous said...

If Callahan did this you call it a political stunt. Bernie you are just so transparent it is laughable.

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw Stoffa driving down 22 towards Easton on his tractor with Angle sitting behind him, his arms around Stoffa's waist.

Anonymous said...

MANCRUSH, if this were Callahan you would talk about how he failed to lead by not taking a position and closing up shop for the day. Can you follow up on this story and let me know how many deeds he recorded, how many court cases he filed, how many PFA's. We would all like to know what the chief of the county did during the eight hours, other then answer the phone.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:20 - Did Bernie say Stoffa was the only person there?

As a matter of fact he did not. AS usual you leap to conclusions - anything to justify the vileness spewing from your twisted mind.

Have a crappy day!!

Anonymous said...

Right 5:47 - Stoffa is already laying the groundwork for his third term.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This realy upset the 3 AM troll. Don't think he slept at all last night.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the few that stayed as long as I could and I barely made it out of easton. I left around 12:30 when I was TOLD it was in my best interest to leave by my supervisor for safety reasons. I barely even made it out of the parking lot. There were roads in Easton where my car acted like a snow plow because it was so deep.

Risking everyone's lives that don't have accrued vacation time is wrong and very sad.

I tried to shuttle stranded personnel but they still had to walk blocks in the snow because I couldn't get close.

Bernie O'Hare said...

As I understand, people who did not have to be there were strongly advised to go or stay home. But absent a dtate of emergency, it must remain open, even w/ a skeleton crew.

Anonymous said...

Some balance is needed.

While it is impressive that this 70 year old did come in to work in this weather and while I believe he did do things other than answer the phone, it should still be made clear that most employees came in to work as well.

What is impressive is that Stoffa had the ability to play "executive" and not show up, but didn't use that perogative.
A Fan

Anonymous said...

Lehigh County did not shut down. Neither could NorCo. The unions would have been filing grievances left and right if some workers were dismissed without using their own leave and others had to work. That debacle has happened in the past. Give Stoffa credit for coming in and setting an example for his employees. This was no "publicity stunt". Just a principled executive who "walks the walk".

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Stoffa NOT!

Wow this is the worst cover up of a huge mistake I have ever seen.

First of all I would like to ask what time did Stoffa report to work yesterday? I have been told by court employees he strolled in around 11:00 am that is two and half hours late. Who was watching the clock for those two hours.

Second if he was so concerned about the safety and well being of the public why did he not bother to have them not come to the court house yesterday.

It is amazing John Stoffa the almighty executive acted as Prothonotary and Recorder of Deeds is that not acting as an elected official that he is not! Wow last time I checked that is illegal.

By the way who signed all the PFA's yesterday not Stoffa he is not a judge. The Court of Common Pleas was shut down yesterday.So now Stoffa can sign court orders.

The only effective thing Stoffa did yesterday was risk the lives of his employees and the public by keeping the courthouse open.

If you think it has anything to do with the govenor it does not the only reason STATE OF EMERGENCIES are declared is to release Federal funding.

Don't be fooled citzens this man put lives at risk yesterday. and will continue to do so if re-elected next time.

Bernie O'Hare said...

What a bitter hater you are.

Stoffa, who will not be running a third time, was doing his job. He walked into row offices, thanking those who could make it in. He tried to send as many as he could home while still keeping the courthouse open for business. He fielded a call from a lady who called to complain about her tax bill.

The truth is that Stoffa averages about 12 hours a day on the job. If he can faulted, uit is for doing too much, not too little.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"it should still be made clear that most employees came in to work as well."

The people who made it in yesterday deserve a lot of credit. You are certainly right. Although some offices were completely closed, offices like the Prothy were at almost 100% yeasterday. Most of them were sent home early bc it was just too dangerous yesterday.

I'll be honest. I don't know how you did it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:02- it is obvious that you have no idea what you are talking about. Stoffa usually starts later in the morning and works well into the evening. With other evening meetings and obligations plus weekends it is ludicrous to try to score nasty points by mentioning what time he came in yesterday.He is not an 8:30 to 4:30 employee.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I would add that Stoffa is not the prothy or a judge. But as county exec, his job is to help people, and that's why he was there yesterday. I give him credit, as well as the courthouse workers who braved the elements for what is often a thankless job.

Anonymous said...

How can the courthouse be considered open if I can go there to conduct business? This is just a way for Stoffa to avoid paying the people who do not choose to be put in harms way. Also I must say there was a mass exodus from there at about 130.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter remains Stoffa risked the lives of employees. But your right Stoffa works hard after hours! What was going on yesterday after hours that he was here ???

Wait I found a picture of him working after hours here is the link:


Anonymous said...

It is well known Stoffa shows up late and bullshits most of the day or just wanders around. Yesterday he had it arranged so some call came to his office. Not all calls did and not all day. He leaves early thats why he hired his buddy Harp. Whrere was he yesterday? Or any other day?

This stunt with Ohare may finally shed some light on how it is impossible to read anything about Northampton County on this blog and believe it has any credibility.

Stoffa was checking to make sure people who left were monitored to ensure they used a vacation day even if they only left two hours early. He wants to have all supervisors check to make sure people without vacation are docked a days pay.

Oh and Bernie forgot to tell you that instead of eating lunch this kindly 70 year old shoveled the parking lot by himself after he plowed Washington St.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Every newspaper, TV, and radio outlet broadcast street and highway officials' pleas to stay off the roads. Those who failed to listen caused dozens of accidents, closed interstates and put other lives at risk by taxing already busy emergency workers who risk lives to save idiots and non-idiots alike. I recommend that any doubters listen to a police scanner during the next storm.

The more responsible thing would have been for Stoffa to stay home and act responsibly as a leader by admonishing others to heed the pleas of emergency authorities and do the same for public safety.

It seems like a guy trying to prove a point about how he used to walk five miles to school - uphill both ways - back in the day. I'm unimpressed. He put people on the roads when emergency responders were begging people to stay off them.

Anonymous said...

Remember this guy is a media darling and in love with himself. Always has been. ask the women he has has told.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The "I hate Stoffa" troll is at it again. That's not what really bothers me; but the outright lies do.

Anonymous said...

Lies? I got to read and hear about closing as the snow fell outside the courthouse. Management telling the workers they cant leave unless thay have vacation time to use and this was direct from Stoffa's office. Randell closing interstates and urging people to stay off the road yet Stoffa waits for an entire state of emergency.

Those who didnt have vacation time would have surely been writen up for leaving. I see no glory in what he did. He risked my life and the life of my friends that work in the courthouse and surrounding buildings. It makes me sad the general public keeps him held in such high reguard. I almost hit 3 people and was almost hit numerous times on my way home. Luckily I have a decent car but that barely kept me on the road. Had I stayed till 4:30 I would have had to find a hotel and who would have paid for that? Certainly not Stoffa. My car insurance deductable? Not Stoffa! My thousands in medical bills if I was hurt? ALL of us tax payers!!! Way to gamble with money and people's lives.

Anonymous said...

Third Term! Third Term? Are you kidding me? In one term this guy has given away half the Casino revenue to Lehigh County and Allentown, spent down the surplus and wanted to raise taxes 10%.

In his second term he will sell Gracedale, create a new bureaucracy we can't afford and build a private prison in Bethlehem Twp. Northampton County won't be around for a third term. He will probably sell us to Lehigh County. Before this term is over he and this Council will raise taxes at least 30%.

Third Term, Please!!

Anonymous said...

In the did you know category. Mayor Callahan didn't just sit in his office for a couple hours for a photo op. He was out with the road crews and personally making sure the roads were cleared. That is leadership!

Seek the Truth!

Anonymous said...

Emergency officials pleaded for the public to stay off the roads. Stoffa personally ignored them and compelled others to ignore them as well, under threat of losing wages or being cited. Have I misstated something here? I think John made a mistake and acted irresponsibly. What part of "stay off the roads" was not made clear to anyone with access to media?

Anonymous said...

first of all Mr. Stoffa does not need the governer to declare a state of emergency to close the courthouse, he simply chose not to close the courthouse, as the executive, he makes the decision, the lack of a declaration of a state of emergency allows Mr. Stoffa not to have to make a decision...(essentially he blames his lack of ability to make a decision by saying "there was not state of emergency issued") nowhere does it state that the courthouse must remain open during inclement weather...

second...Mr. O'hare clearly states John Stoffa's reason for not closing the courthouse... Mr. Stoffa was worried about being subjected to complaints from unions... Bottom line is Mr. Stoffa was willing to sacrifice the live & safety of employees to "save a buck", so he wouldn't have to pay overtime to jail & gracedale workers...

Anonymous said...

All of these whiners about yesterday's snow storm are unbearable!! What other county in the area shut down? Berks County was in the eye of the storm with over two feet of snow and didn't shut down. State offices were open. Employees were given liberal leave opportunities. Most took advantage and left early. And Callahan riding snow plows- give me a break! He's 30 years younger than Stoffa and didn't have a hip replacement in the past year. Time to change your diapers, Stoffa haters.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 5:40, it sounds like you are the one changing Stoffa's diapers.

If this poor old man with the artificial hip wants us to kiss his ass for being Executive, ain't gonna happen. No one other than Stoffa and Ohare twisted his arm to run. Stop whining about his age and hip.

The County would be fine, in fact better if he hadn't run.

As to liberal leave you obviously are just an arse sucker cause you don't have a clue.

Conklin stop typing on Bernies blog and figure out how to run the Country.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Forget it. You can't be rational w/ the Stoffa Hater.

I'd ask Stoffa for comment, but he and Sal Panto are out shoveling.

Anonymous said...

Tou are right Bernie. John was clearing the parking lot.

anon 126 said...

He should have closed the courthouse. He acted irresponsibly. I'm a "non-essential" employee, but my supervisor would not allow me to call off because the county wasn't closed. I risked my life to be there just because he didn't want to pay a few prison and gracedale employees extra. This is just representative of the disregard he has for county employees.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 1:26, Answer these questions. How many people showed in the Recorders? Prothy? Assessment? Tax claim? What time did you leave? How about everyone else.

Nobody help this person. I want Anon 1:26 to answer this him or herself.

Anonymous said...

What time did Stoffa arrive? When did Stoffa leave? How long did he have the phones routed to him? Was there an arrangement made before you called at a specific time?

Stop hounding employees Ohare. Anon 126, you owe this guy nothing!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I ask these quesrions to make sure I am talking to a county worker and not you, the I hate Stoffa troll. Your comments will be deleted from this point. I am interested in what the people who work her have to say, not some bitter asshole.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many people showed up in those departments, because I work at DRS. I do know that about 15 employees showed up at my section. I left at 2:00 and used vacation time from 2:00-4:30. Getting home at 2 was very hazardous. White out conditions on 22 and I couldn't even see my exit ramp. I was in tears by the time I got home. I'll admit that I'm not well versed in the politics of the whole situation, but I do know that I risked my life to get in to work yesterday. All because Stoffa refused to shut down.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Sorry about the moderation. I've had eough of the "I hate Stoffa" troll for the night, and I had to be certain I was talking to an actual courthouse worker andnot some bitter hack who's upset that Stoffa won the exec race.

This is one of those "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situations. If Stoffa had closed the courthouse w/o an official state of emergency, he would be depriving the people of access to the courts. Yesterday may have been the last day for someone to file a wrongful death lawsuit. A bank could have insisted that a mortgage be recordeed that day or the interest rate goes up. The reality is that the row offices perform viital services, and those include the services in your office.

In addition to that concern, Stoffa has an obligation to the taxpayer. Had he closed, the county would be forced to pay OT at the jail and prison. The last time something like this happened, it ended up costing quite a bit. Even though those are 24 hour operations and cannot be compared to the row offices, they are.

In a time when every penny counts, this would be a poor decision.

Now, you ended up using vacation time you did not want to use. If this was so risky and dangerous, you could have used an entire day or taken the day off w/o pay. But believe me, Stoffa would not want to see a single person harmed. he encouraged people to stay home if possible. He was even manning phones so operators could go.

I know he wandered into the Prothy's office and thanked everyone who came in, but wanted them to go home as soon as possible.

Most people were gone by noon, and somebody (I won't name) was the last to leave (other than Stoffa) at 3:30 PM.

It was a tremedous sacrifice, but you should know that your exec endured it, too. he did not ask you to go thru anything he was not going thru himself.

And why? Because both of you have an obligation to the taxpayer.

Had Stoffa just said forget about it and closed, there would be grievances up the wazoo from Gracedale and the jail, and the county would lose. Down the road, decisions like that lead to tax hikes or layoffs. I am sure that neither you nor Stoffa would like either of those.

I am sorry for your trouble, and maybe the county can do something about paying the people who had to leave early.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, you need to read the policy. The policy states that it is at the Executives discretion regardless of whether or not the Gov called a state of emergency. The words Executives discretion are the key. It does not matter what the Gov says it is up to Stoffa.

Also the policy says it is not this county's policy to shut down due to inclement weather. Again Executives discretion.

It also states that due to the fact the courthouse will never close for inclement weather all non essential employees who can not show up for work will have to use vacation time. I ask you what if you just started and have not earned any time? Or if you are on FMLA and have been forced to use your vacation time (due to another county policy). Just because I don't have the time I have to get into a vehicle, 4x4 or not and go to work. Seems like a lot of liability to me.

The policy goes on to say that essential employees who use a sick day must bring a sick slip. So the Executive wants his employees to abuse sick time, and go to a Dr when they are not actually sick. Makes no sense to me, but it is policy.

Then the policy says essential employees that say they can't make it in will be offered a ride in and if they refuse they will be given an unexcused absence and face disciplinary action.

It is very clear the policy is in place to avoid paying employees who obey the reports and stay home.

With that said.....The only question here is had Stoffa not answered the phone, would you have posted that fact? Doubtful. Thanks.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Had Stoffa not answered the phone, I probably would have posted nothing. What you are really arguing is that when weather gets bad, you want to be able to stay home and have the county pay for it. You also want the county to pay OT to corrections officers and Gracedale employees who make it in.

Stoffa is reluctrant to do that. It must have dawned on you by now that he does not like spending the county's money. It's not his money. It's not your money. And he wants to get expenses as low as possible to avoid tax increases and layoffs.

He's no Glenn Reibman.

Now I do not have the policy, but from your summary, it sounds reasonable. In this case, Stoffa will not call a day off unless the Guv' declars a state of emergency. That's his discretion, and it's wise, too, because the government center has an obligation to remain open for the reasons I stated in previou comments.

Since this is policy, nonessential employees are already on prior notice they must use vacation if they want to take off in bad weather. The policy making essential employees provide a doctor's slip is also sound bc it prevents them from defrauding the taxpayers.

The policy is not in place to penalize the workforce, but to make it clear how vital it is that the government center remain open. It also exists to give everyone advance notice From the way you describe it, policy was followed. If Stoffa wants to close, that's his call, not yours, and the policy protects the county taxpayers from employees who are trying to find some loophole to avoid working.

It's a difficult situation. He is being condemned for not shutting down, but had he done so he'd be condemned for that, too, and the grievances would be flying faster than I run after a doughnut.

I undertand your point, but I think your interpretation of the policy is jaded.

The reality is that Stoffa did not ask the workforce to do anything he himself did not do. I know it bothered him, but he had to make a call, and he made it. I heard some workers say today that they respected him for it because he shared in the misery. Yeah, some are pissed, too.

When I was in boot camp, I had a drill sergeant who liked to say, whenver we'd complain, "Life's a bitch and then you die."

This is one of those situations.I don't mean to demean any of you who are complaining bc I understand how difficult it must have been. Perhaps something can be done for the employees who suffered.

Anonymous said...

You're right, he's no Glenn Reibman because he would have closed on Wednesday. You know what irks me about Stoffa is the blatant lies. His "campaign promise" to his employees is that he was going to personally introduce himself to every worker in every office. Not once has he set foot in our building. The only reason I know what he looks like is the media. Now that's pathetic.

Bottom line, he risked the lives of all the employees that he professes to care about. The Courthouse did not have to remain open. What qualifications does Stoffa have to take a PFA application, to assist someone with a wrongful death suit, to advise them on probation rules, to explain the child support system? None. All he could tell them was to call back Thursday, when qualified staff would be at work. Pathetic.

I have never been more disgusted with an employer than I have been Wednesday and Thursday. Now keep in mind, I didn't risk my life on Wednesday, I used vacation time as I fully expected. My complaints are for the ones who were unable to take off due to being on "probationary" status, the ones who were afraid of disciplinary action from their supervisors, and the ones who are that dedicated to a thankless job that they show up no matter what.

Anonymous said...

ithink there are exceptions to any rule ..... the weather was horrendous !!! even if i had four wheel drive i wouldn't have attempted venturing out risking my life or someone else's. the news media asked everyone to stay off the roads exit ramps weren't visable and it was just plain hazardous to be out there. it seems to me common sense and decency should of prevailed here. the taxpayers who are all of us certainly would of understood they have famlies along with brains ....i can't believe anyone would of been screaming most all buisness's closed. thankfully no one got hurt.

The Dedicated! said...

While I see good points about the need to keep the courthouse and surrounding buildings open I fail to see how it would help. ALL the supervisors in DRS bailed by 12/13:30. There was NO ONE of a supervisor status to make decisions. It was the most senior person of the building.

Other departments were the same way. The walkways weren't plowed to the public entrances. Had the public fell and hurt themselves the tax payers would have been out a LOT of money in settlements. Everything is settled to prevent bad press.

Stoffa was not qualified to answer questions on every question that came in to the courthouse. Even though ive been with several departments I will not even answer a question of a different section within the SAME department. I just don't know the answers and am not about to give bad information. The only thing Stoffa could have done was timestamp documents "Pending review".

My point is if you waited until the very last day to decide to start a law suit even when we all knew the storm was coming that is your own fault. The governor urged you to stay off the road anyway so you wouldn't even have been able to make it to the courthouse. If you made it out and got into an accident you are wasting car insurance money and tax payer money with emergency responders. If you fell you can sue the county.

There was NO reason to stay open. The section I was in had NO ONE come in all damn day.

One thing I cant stand about this line of conversation is the bashing of people that are complaining about driving in the snow. Looking at one of O'hare's later posts shows that even he didn't want to go out the day AFTER the event in question and wanted the opinions of fellow motorists. It is easy to scoff at the dedicated when you aren't in harms way.

And the person that commented about diaper changes.... I see this as the County Execs having a pissing match standing on the guard rail on a tall bridge. No one wants to step down first and take the safer option but they very well have the chance of a disastrous outcome. Only a matter of time before one falls. Just because more than one person is stupid doesn't make it right.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I ask again what good does it do anyone to keep the Govt. Center open if I can't go there and conduct my business??

Fact is the next time this happens I will make it a point to go there and have business to conduct and every dept. and when they tell me I can't conduct business the papers and media will be notified.

Then we will all know the how things really are.

You said it yourself, had Stoffa not been there you would have not mentioned a word.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17

What a cry baby you are! Boo hoo hoo!

Should we change your diaper, get your "blanky" and get you some warm milk?

Grow up!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1257pm

I am just stating the facts, if you can't take it then don't read the blog. I am entitled to my opinion just as you are yours. If you have a problem we can meet and discuss, while you talk shit.

Anonymous said...

To recap:

1.) After 4 years of Stoffa's mismanagement, Northampton County is so destitute that it cannot survive a single day of impassable roads without enacting tax hikes and layoffs.

2.) Despite knowing what a mess he had created for the county, Stoffa had no contingency plan for inclement weather.

3.) Instead, he gambled with the lives and safety of county workers, making the county liable in the process.

4.) Stoffa is the bravest and greatest leader ever ('cept for Charlie Dent, natch), and to even question his recklessness is an act of cowardice.

No wonder O'Hare was such a lousy lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is losing sight of the big picture from staring at the details. The weather was horrendous and driving conditions were very dangerous. A National Weather Service Statement warned of "life-threatening conditions" and admonished motorists to stay home. Emergency workers pleaded for the public to stay off roads so as not to impede them. John Stoffa by commission and omission put people on the roads who should not have been. He could have shown leadership and kept them off. Triangulating on money issues rings hollow when lives are at stake. John Stoffa made a mistake. Luckily, nobody died from it. Let's consider ourselves lucky and learn from our experience. May he do the right thing next time.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, how do you put up with these cry babies?!!

Get them some warm milk! Maybe a new "blankie"! Who puts their "booties" on before they go out in the snow?

Oh that's right, they don't want to go out in the snow!!

Boo hoo hoo!! Poor babies!!

Anonymous said...

I would love some warm milk please. For the record I went to work both Weds and Thurs. Get your facts before you talk shit.

Anonymous said...

You went to work? Oh thank you!!

You are such a big boy (girl?)!!

And did you put your own boots on?

Oh I am so proud of you!

You get cookies with your warm milk!

Do you think that you might grow up some day and stop whining? I don't.

Anonymous said...

Oreo cookies please. I am sure you are one of the ones that didn't go to work, if you even work. Or are you one of those that mooches off our government?

Anonymous said...

See, I was right. You can't stop whining!

And I had such high hopes for you!

Oh well. Go get your blankie, such your thumb and drink your warm milk. Maybe that will make you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Stoffa showboated, but nobody died. Move on. He's a politician. It's what they do.

Anonymous said...

When you are willing to engage in intelligent conversation above and beyond blakies and warm milk, let me know.

If that is all you have to offer I will take a pass. Thanks

Still dedicated!! said...

Is that what this has resorted to? People with legitimate grips being attacked by others that have nothing better than attack people directly with nothing worthwhile to add to the conversation/debate. I don't recall reading too many (if any) posts calling Stoffa names.

I personally LOVE driving in the snow! I LOVE snow. I think this snow storm was the best thing since sliced bread! So don't call me a cry baby. It was a mess on the roads and other idiots driving like maniacs are what was terrifying.

Maybe Stoffa wears diapers. I don't know. Sometimes it's necessary for some people. Still it's easy to change a diaper. It has been proven above that it is nearly impossible to grow a brain.

Now lets wait for the "I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?" comments. That's all he has left.

Anonymous said...

This is great.

What is the over/under on the cookies?

Anonymous said...

Here is the point.

John Stoffa made a decision. It is not easy being a CEO of a large organization like the county. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

Some on this blog will attack John no matter what he does. And, they don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Others just seem to be spoiled brats, quite frankly, and love to whine. I don’t have time for them.

Yes, one can honestly disagree with his decision. But if you are going to state that it was a “political” decision, you don’t know John Stoffa. He made the best decision he could under the circumstances. You may disagree.

But if you are going to “whine” or just attack him, I am not going to take you seriously because you don’t deserve to be treated seriously.

Anonymous said...

I personally never once "attacked" him, I simply stated the policy as it is written and point out what I thought were the flaw......In most circles that is considered an opinion.

Just because someone does not agree with something and voices their opinion does not make the whiners. It makes them not afraid to state their opinion.

You IN MY OPINION seem over protective of Stoffa. But that is your right, and you are entitled to protect him as you see fit. I respect that and do not have to resort to blankie and milk references to try to prove a point.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:57

Which of the above posts were yours?

Anonymous said...


See what happens when everyone just comments anonymously?

Who said this? No, he / she said that.

PLAY OF THE DAY = Blame Bush.

(an air-tight lock --- everything is Bush's fault)

Anonymous said...

That is the problem on this blog when it comes to Mr. Stoffa. I know two other employees who posted and had their posts deleted. And no, they were not some "I hate Stoffa troll" I always read about. The problem with you Bernie is you post a piece and see a great devotion while some others see something else. Yet when people complain they get deleted. Apparently with this blog and Mr. Stoffa it is a one way converstaion.

So if you are going to delete me I request that you also delete the individual that only posts insults to employees. By the way we are pretty sure it is Conklin, since he has said he scans your blog at work and posts.

The fact is Lehigh County closed at noon. The Courthouse itself was closed for two days. The Governor and the State Police are begging people to stay off the road and Mr. Stoffa wants to say I am smarter and tougher than everyone; well good for you.

He breezed in late took a few calls and we wonder how convenient it was that you called and got right through to him but a couple other people didn't get him when they called, Hmm.

This was a showboat decision and a poor one at that. it has nothing to do with essential services because the County has experienced this before and it has survived.

Next time you want to praise Mr. Stoffa for some wonderful thing maybe you should find something actually wonderful and praiseworthy to go on about.

By the way most bosses and supervisors bolted early and the people left couldn't do some of the tasks, if there had been any to do. Also if you don't have time coming you will be docked according to our supervisors, so much for compassion.

So go on Bernie if you must delete me too. The problem is you are covering for a bad decision and deleting people with the excuse someone is the "I hate Stoffa" troll. I don't know if that person exists but after this experience I wouldn't be surprised.

Good Day!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 5:47pm,why delete someone who has a negative opinion of Stoffa? How does that create good conversation?

Meanwhile you have a person doing personal attacks on everyone that does not agree with you. As always it is a one sided blog which censors peoples opinions in order to paint someone in a positive light.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Bill,

You so turn me on.

-Ms Stoneknocker

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:47

You are one of the cry babies I am talking about. Poor you.

Today, most of your neighbors (who pay your salary) would be please to have a job. They would trade places with you in a minute.

But all you can do is whine about a decision that do not like. You could stay home and take a vacation day or you could come to work. If you do not have a vacation day available because you used them all, well, too bad. It was your choice to use all of your time.

Grow up and learn to be grateful for the job that you have. Your entitlement attitude makes me ill.

Anonymous said...

1) Lots of anti-Stoffa posts appear above, including some convincing points about risking safety.

2) Get to work, or take a vacation day. But stop whining about the people who made it in. Winter comes every year at this time. In PA, it normally snows.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty clear the so-called "populist push for John Stoffa and this whole "truthey transparency" thing was a great PR job by a few consimite insiders.

It is disgusting to read the hateful remarks by a couple Stoffa insiders about employees who give their all everyday even when the "real" authorities are begging people to stay off the roads.

Well i guess we all have to pay a price for a "publicity stunt".

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:25

Oh what a price you have to pay! Poor baby!

You were NOT required to drive in the snow!

You could stay home and use a vacation day, or you could go to work and get paid! Your choice. That mean Mr. Stoffa! He wants you to get paid only if you work. What a nerve he has!!

What you wanted was to stay home AND not use a vacation day, right? Your time has passed. It is time for the adults. Wake up!

Grow up!

Anytime, Anywhere!! said...

Anon 8:51am,

How about you stop hiding behind your computer and lets meet up so you can tell me to stop whining in person. I am sure you will not talk a brave game like you are now. If you would like we can arrange something off the board here so we can talk about our feelings.

Anonymous said...

Gee, how can I contact you?

Anytime, Anywhere said...

we can swap email somehow I suppose.