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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Julio Guridy Plays Race Card, Apologizes in Two Languages

Ever hear of Luis Ramos?

Unfortunately, he's no longer with us. His life was tragically cut short by a car accident in 2008. But what a life it was, full of volunteerism dedicated to our most precious asset - our children. Among his many accomplishments, he was part of the Empowerment Team formed to help Allentown's troubled school district make an academic recovery.

Last night, City Council member Jeanette Eichenwald introduced a last-minute resolution to name some building after him. Sounds pretty noncontroversial, right?

Well, last night, while I was watching LC Comm'rs appoint William Hansell to their august body, the real show was going on just a few blocks down the street, at Allentown City Hall. Fortunately, Queen City Watchdog Lou Hershman and one other person filled me in.

Council members wanted to table the resolution until they learn a little more about Ramos. That's when Julio "I speak two languages" Guridy played the race card, suggesting that that he knew what they were really thinking.

They all started blowing oil and yelling at Guridy. Ray O'Connell erupted. Michael Donovan tried counting to ten, but it was no use. Their Irish was up. (Did I just place the Irish card?)

Essentially, Julio had his head handed to him by council members who were justifiably upset by what really amounts to Guridy's own bigotry.

Then Julio began apologizing in two languages.

I speak several languages myself, including a smattering of Gaelic. Hey Julio, Póg mo Thóin!


Anonymous said...

Bernie please stop the racial hatred. I t is a sad commentary!

Anonymous said...

known this so called person for years. one of the most racist people i've ever met

Anonymous said...

Wow! Progressives making anonymous and baseless posts accusing someone of racism.

Who would have seen that coming?

Come on guys, the tactics getting old and we're all on to it.

Anonymous said...

But did they go ahead and name a building after Ramos?
What building is it and
who brought the topic up?

We can tell you a little about
Lou Ramos. He worked for PPL. Handsome as a Hollywood movie star and charming as well.
Many envisioned his run for Allentown mayor or state-wide office, but his tragic death cut that short.
He truly cared about the community and worked tirelessly to help anyone who asked him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

known this so called person for years. one of the most racist people i've ever met

5:35 AM

Sure hope you are not talking about
Lou Ramos!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I think the reference is to Julio.

Anonymous said...

I knew Luis Ramos, I support Ms. Eichenwald's resolution.

I know Guridy as well. he is a stone cold idiot, can't hold a candle to Ramos.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

The Progressive love affair with Racism as a political tool continues, as always.

Progressives, who ought to be ashamed beyond all description at their behavior, are prouder than peacocks when playing the race card.

This act is so old and tiring it is beyond words.

Chris Casey said...

"Me and julio down by the schoolyard."

looks like Julio needs a refressher course in common sense!

Looking To Escape said...

The Progressive love affair with Racism as a political tool continues, as always.

I really resent it when people like Guirdy step on Republican/Conservative/Tea Bagger turf and start race baiting. Is nothing sacred anymore? is there no skill set that can be "left" to the right wingers?
Guirdy should step down and removed himself from Allentown public service. Let's see how sincere OTHER groups are about removing racism from daily discourse.

Anonymous said...

ASD has been seeking candidates to name new building wings after at Jackson Elementary School and William Allen HS. Luis Ramos is an excellent candidate for this honor based on his distinguished academic and career achievements and community service. Mr. Ramos was an excellent role model and leader, the kind of person who united people. Julio Guridy is an ignorant political opportunist who divides people with his knee jerk racismm accusations.

Anonymous said...

Hispanic is not a race. Hispanics are of all races. When Columbus came to the Americas, there were Indians here. Indians survived in places like Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, etc.. and are still there. Teh Spanish (white people from Europe) settled and brought slaves, especially to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. Julio is known in Spanish as a "mulato" and unfortunately would be discriminated against by many white Latins because he is mulato. In Allentown, most of hte Latins are mulato or mestizo (mixed white and Indian or mixed white, Indian, and black). If you're going to be racist, know what you're racist about. THere are only five races in the world and "Hispanic" is not one of them. Brazil is full of Germans and Jews. Cuba has many Chinese immigrants. Peru has Japanese immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Was Ramos a Rican or a different breed?

Anonymous said...

I have known Julio for years and his son is one of my close friends. He is not a racist nor an idiot and whoever thinks so doesn't know him for him.