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Monday, February 22, 2010

Ron Angle v. Ghouls and Gold Diggers

On Friday, when I first told you about the Angle Will controversy, I predicted it would be used to try and bury him. A gold digger is trying to hold him up for a few bucks, but the ghouls who detest his no-bullshit approach to government, are trying to end his political career. Sure enough, he's been batted around all weekend. As recently as last night, one of my readers concludes "he may finally have gone to [sic] far and could end up in jail."

Really? How about that?

To review, Ron Angle's father, Fred, passed away in May. Ron presented one Will for probate. His sister-in-law, Joanie Place, presented another, earlier, Will. Register of Wills Dorothy Cole had to decide which one is valid.

Dorothy's decision, which went against Ron, was splattered all over a local hate blog before it was ever publicly released. The privacy afforded to John Karoly, an Allentown lawyer who actually did forge his brother's Will, was denied to Angle. Karoly's caveat proceedings remained confidential until the matter went to Court. To this day, I have no idea how the Register of Wills ruled on the matter, if at all. But in Ron's case, a decision made Monday was being shopped to the media as early as Wednesday night.

So who's responsible for this leak?

Certainly not the Register of Wills. She may have decided against Ron, but I suspect that had a lot to do with the advice she got. Dorothy herself is one of the County's finest Department heads and did everything in her power to keep this matter quiet. Those were her wishes, and they were based on her concerns for the family's privacy, as she told me herself last week. I'll add that Dorothy's very professional staff is both apolitical and very loyal to her.

So how about Angle's lawyer? Why would he release information that places his client in a poor light?

The other side? Angle's sister-in-law is in Florida, and the lawyer representing her is from Honesdale. It's unlikely he knows a thing about the local blogosphere, even if he were inclined to leak this decision.

That leaves the Northampton County Solicitor's office, which wrote this opinion. The attorney assigned to the matter - Chris Spadoni - recently told a Sharon Angle (Sharon is Ron's wife) friend to stay away from her. The Solicitor himself, Karl Longenbach, has a lengthy and unpleasant history with Ron. Both Spadoni and Longenbach are Reibman holdovers. While I have deep respect for them both, they must realize this sure looks bad for them. Unless they find the leak, they should resign. Their client is Northampton County, not the Northampton County Democratic party. Angle, who happens to preside over Northampton County Council, will never believe a word they say, and justifiably so.

I've already told you that Fred Angle had no use for Joanie Place. She refused to let him attend her wedding to his son, or the subsequent funeral when he mysteriously passed away. She never showed at Fred's funeral or viewing. Not exactly the loving daughter-in-law. In contrast, Ron was good to his father, visiting him nearly every day, if only to say hi. He's like that, you know. If he passes by Radiator Ralph Stampone's shop, he'll often stop in to say hi. He does that to me at the courthouse, too.

Joanie only came up here from Florida when she heard Fred was sick. Suddenly, she cared, at least enough to take him to her own lawyer and prepare a Will giving something to the one son who lives with her. Fred obviously was having second thoughts about that because he refused to get out of the car when she drove him to Stroudsburg to sign the Will. The lawyer actually had to come out to the car, and have Fred sign through the window. He also incorrectly told Fred that he had to see him if he wanted to revoke the Will.

The very next day, Fred acknowledged he had "messed up" and decided to do his own Will, much as he had done for other members of the Angle family in the past.

This weekend, I discovered a few additional details about the Angle Will controversy.

1) Fred Angle prepared a Will in 2007, naming Ron as his sole beneficiary. That Will was prepared by an attorney, witnessed and duly notarized. So the Will presented by Ron is actually consistent with the wishes that Fred Angle presented just two years earlier.

2) Ron Angle's sister-in-law, Joanie Place, never attended the hearings or testified in support of the Will prepared by her own attorney. Was she afraid what questions might be asked?

3) Ron's brother, Fred, Jr, mysteriously died in his sleep at age 41. To this day, nobody knows how that happened. Joanie not only barred Fred from the funeral, but refused to allow an autopsy. Fred, Sr., had pleaded for that, and always suspected something was amiss. When people talk about starting investigations, they might want to start by finding out how Fred, Jr., died. And why would the then Coroner refuse to do an autopsy?

4) Joanie Place and Fred (Jr.) had three children. But Fred (Sr.) always suspected their paternity and believed they were three children through three different guys. I do not like airing this dirty laundry about what should really be a family matter, but to those of you questioning why he would not provide for these grandchildren, this might be why.

5) The Will being urged by Joanie Place only makes provision for one of these three children. He just happens to be the only child living with her.

6) Fred, Sr, prepared several Wills for members of the Angle family, and often probated them himself before the Northampton County Register of Wills.

7) Several years ago, Fred, Sr., divested himself of most of his assets, funding trusts for his two grandchildren through Ron and Sharon. He would have no reason to bequeath anything to them because there's practically nothing left in his estate.

Fred Angle was no ordinary person. Ron's no ordinary person, so that should be no surprise. Here's what someone who obviously knew Fred, posted here on Saturday night.

"Just for the record, Fred W was not an atheist. I think he liked the wild discussions it provoked. I also believe Ron is probably in the right in this situation. Fred W was very ill in his final year and lonely. He liked when people would stop in and would love to be taken out for a ride. This Joan situation seems very odd. Almost as odd as Fred Jr's untimely death. Ron is right this time. I don't think it's about money, Ron has plenty. It's about how it all went down. I can totally see Fred W copying Rev Amanda's will. That would so totally be Fred. Wicked good. Fred W would love this! Go Ron!"

It's been a rough few days for Sharon and Ron, but they cracked up when I read this comment to them today. Ron agrees his father, who loved to torment him, is chuckling somewhere.

It's becoming more and more clear that, contrary to the fondest wishes of his detractors, Ron is on the right side of this Will controversy. Ghouls smeared not only Ron, but his wife and one of his sons, in favor of an obvious gold digger. They intruded into a private family matter and made sure the word got out, long before it was scheduled to hit the public domain. They suggest forgery and fraud, and want the DA to investigate.

I think DAs investigate mysterious deaths, too.


Anonymous said...

So you only print facts and detest personal attacks. Yet you really go after Angle's sister-in-law. You actually throw out the "murder" card. If there were any doubts the Florida authorities would have asked for an autopsy. On top of that you call her a whore, with "different" fathers of her children.

Since Angle bankrolls your bullshit she probably would not have the money to go after you in court.

I hope someone gets this blog to her. Maybe a good hearted attorney can defend her against this vile and spurious attack by Angle through you his mouthpiece.

No wonder you were a crappy attorney your line of logic has holes in the size of mountains. Longenbach and Spadoni are Reibman carryovers, what the Hell does that even mean? So is Lysek, so was Hawbecker, so is Buskirk; just how crazy are you Ohare? Why the Hell should Karl or Chris care one bit what that asshole Angle thinks anyway. He is even nuttier than you.

The only "Good government" Ron Angle has ever been for is "Government Good to Him". He is the ultimate personification of what is wrong in government and it has already been stated, he attracts bad news because he is the most shady individuals in the area.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a CBS 48 Hours Mystery.

Anonymous said...

When Fred, Jr. died, it was right here in NC. So there is no need to involve Fl. authorities.

Nobody claimed she murdered him or even that he was murdered. What I did claim is that it is awful strange for a 41 year old guy to die in his sleep. It is even stranger that Joanie, who apparently was out of town at the time, would not allow an autopsy.
Isn't it odd that his own wife would not want this? Finally, I'd like to know why the coroner did not do it anyway.

I never called her a whore. For all I know, she was a saint. I did point out how Fred, Sr, felt about her, rightly or wrongly. It explains why he would not want to give her or her sons a dime.

It's OK for her and ghouls like you to suggest that the will she produced is genuine and that Angle is guilty of forgery, but it's not OK to look at her motives or how Fred, Sr, really felt about her?

Bernie O'Hare said...

The above comment is mine. For some reason, I was not signed in. That's usually automatic.

Anonymous said...

Angle - elected official
Karoly - not n elected official

Civics lesson for today.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Angle - Republican.

Karoly - Major controbutor to Democratic campaigns.

The real civics lesson for today.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting this woman either murdered her husband or had someone murder him? Perhaps that coroner was her secret lover? Why not flesh out the fantasy? I understand this woman was also promiscuous and not to be trusted. After all, she is a gold digger. Such hate.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I suggest nothing. As already indicated, she may be a saint. But I am pointing out how Fred felt about her because it's relevant to his testamentary intentions.

Anonymous said...

The sins of the parent should not be held against a mentally handicapped child. Even Fred Jr. wanted his child to be taken care of, but I guess the grandfather and uncle were/are selfish. Such a tragedy. But Fred Jr. can't speak for his own child, can he?

Anonymous said...

Isn't the disposition open records?

Bernie O'Hare said...

At some point, it is.

Anonymous said...

I have been through this. When My parents died siblings fought over an estate that had debts greater than its' worth. It is always relevant and central to the case to understand the motives, however idiotic they might be, for why people do what they do.
Ron is a public figure, and open to fair amounts of criticism.
But the question is still hanging: What was the motivation of the person(s)who released the info that just happened to pop up on the whack job blog? That wasn't just a shot at Angle, that was a shot at his friend Bernie O'Hare.
So how about I dig around and see what connection that "SHarp" attorney has with Angle's political rivals? Could be nothing, could be something. Who knows. But now some bonehead has gave me a cause to unleash my hounds and follow the trail, wherever it might lead. OOPSIE!

Anonymous said...

"While I have deep respect for them both, they must realize this sure looks bad for them."

So a forged will does not look bad for the vaunted NorCo Bulldog?

This is what we in the biz call spin control. Bernie you are quite the spinster. The best thing about this case is the truth will come out eventually. I am saving these post to bring back when the bulldog is put to sleep.

Spin, Spin, Spin

Bernie O'Hare said...

If by spin, you mean that I have actually looked into this case in detail instead of just convicting Angle, then you got me.

ASnd yes, the truth will come out.

Anonymous said...

This has all the makings of the "White Trash Movie of the Week" on Redneck TV.

Anonymous said...


Tad racist today, are we?

Anonymous said...

I love the photo O'Hare, I really do.

Would not some consider it sexist, however?


Anonymous said...

Even Fred didn't like his own son Ron as per the MCall. Yet you spin the crap that Ron was lovingly devoted to Fred. What a bunch of bullshit on your part O'Hare. You are the ultimate spin doctor, because you are the master of lying, forging and misrepresenting your former clients.

Anonymous said...

the Angle Family/ That's no White Trash Movie of the week.
Now the Villa family, there's a case for Nancy Grace.Bill and Angie Villa could star in a version of "Villa family Values" that would make Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston look almost normal.
Maybe Bill and Angie could inspire a LIFETIME Movie of the Week. I'm sure Oprah would love to have them on, right after she interviews the stars of "TInfoil Hats."

Gremlin said...

The forged will?

Would it not be reasonable and prudent to say there is only one nut job in the blogosphere making that particular accusation?

(Little Willie)

The same nut job whom claims he will prosecute all whom communicate electronically on the blogosphere if your "not with him"?


Cash reward for the name and address of the Gremlin!

Oppsie that was me!

Anonymous said...

My late father taught me to expect nothing. That way, one is not disappointment when nothing is received. It's a lesson in life, Ron. That, and coffins aren't made with pockets. May the senior Mr. Angle rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Even Fred didn't like his own son Ron as per the MCall. Yet you spin the crap that Ron was lovingly devoted to Fred. What a bunch of bullshit on your part O'Hare. You are the ultimate spin doctor, because you are the master of lying, forging and misrepresenting your former clients.

The Express Times noted last week that the father's house is in disarray and the utilities have been turned off. Doesn't Angle have enough money to keep his father's house in order. What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I have been told that Ron's mother and father both were very disappointed in Ron.

You would think a loving Son would not let his father live in such a manner. It seemed the only time anyone cared was when it was time to make sure the Will gave everything to Ron.

Good God, when is enough enough. Now you have Ohare attacking respected County Solicitors in order to defend his benefactor Ron Angle.

It is time both Ohare an Angle are relegated to the trash heap of local politics. Neither has any credibility.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be posting the signatures, so this issue will go away ?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"You would think a loving Son would not let his father live in such a manner."

What manner is that? Let's see. he was visited by his son nearly every day and grandsons once a week. He had a 24-hour caretaker. He lived at his home instead of in a nursing home.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Are you going to be posting the signatures, so this issue will go away ?"

I'll tell you what. Why don't you tell us wherre you got the decision that you slapped on Villa's blog.

I believe the Will was released late this afternoon, but the Will offered by Angle is not available.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Would not some consider it sexist, however?"

If it is, I apologize.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that Mr. Angle has put his wife and son in this situation. Does his greed know any moral limits?

Bernie O'Hare said...

The anti-Angle engine is chugging along.

Anonymous said...

Bernie he has brought this on himself.

Bernie O'Hare said...

How exactly has he done that? By not insisting on taking Fred to one of Ron's own attorneys, so he coud exert undue influence?

Anonymous said...

Cut and pasted from your "confidential" link:
Already the Peter Karoly Estate proceedings have confirmed what every high-profile will contest reinforces: Document your estate planning well with a qualified attorney to avoid unpredictability, expense, & publicity.

Good advice

Or just type it yourself if you think you are above the law

Bernie O'Hare said...

I agree that people should use an attorney to prepare a will. But people who prepare their own wills do not think they are above the law. They have different reasons for doing what they do. Some distrust lawyers. Others are too cheap.

Anonymous said...

My comments are always deleted and I'm not a troll or anything. I'm just a county citizen.

This is just clearly a propaganda website.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I welcome your thoughts and love to argue. Feel free to disagree. But remember, commenting is a privilege, not a right. I will delete personal attacks or off-topic remarks.

If you do not like this comment policy, or feel it is unevenly applied, start your own blog.

Anonymous said...

Too cheap to use a lawyer for a will?
How about a witness? They don't get paid.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You're not getting it. Fred Angle decides how to dispose of his estate. He even decides how he prepares his own Will. Last time I checked, there was no state law mandating a lawyer to prepare a will, or even mandating that the will be witnessed.

Had Ron insisted that Fred go to a lawyer and use witnesses and dot his i's, then you'd all be saying he was using undue influence.

The reality is that what we have here is a concerted effort to slam Angle and paint him, falsely, as some ogre.

Anonymous said...

"Fred Angle decides how to dispose of his estate. He even decides how he prepares his own Will."

Have you spoken to him? How do you know these things? Are you relying on the word of the individual who stands to benefit?

An attorney, witnesses and a notary for one will-Ron gets 25%

No witnesses, attorney or notary for another will-Ron gets everything


Anonymous said...

Angle is a bully and more importantly a coward. He will not file an appeal. He will not allow a Judge to confirm what the Register of Wills has already found. He's going to pay his sister-in-law and pray to Sweet Jesus that his goes away. You heard it hear first.



Bernie O'Hare said...

That's wishful thinking on your part. Angle will fight this all the way. And in this case, his wife is more upset than him. She's not involved or interested in politics, and is outraged that her integrity has been challenged.

And let me clue you in. The more that we dig into this, the more apparent it is that this was a set up. Whether the motive is to just deter Angle from ruining for the state house or ruin him completely is not known, but it is increasingly obvious that a concerted effort is being made to take him out. But it's going to fail.

Anonymous said...

Take him out. Nobody wants to take him out of the State Rep. race. He is the Democrats only chance of holding onto the Grucela district. Angle is a coward. He will not file an appeal. He is going to pay his handicapped Nephew and you will still be a slob and a shill.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I welcome your thoughts and love to argue. Feel free to disagree. But remember, commenting is a privilege, not a right. I will delete personal attacks or off-topic remarks.

Anonymous said...

"The more that we dig into this, the more apparent it is that this was a set up. Whether the motive is to just deter Angle from ruining for the state house or ruin him completely is not known, but it is increasingly obvious that a concerted effort is being made to take him out."
Very amusing that the only thing you can offer as a defense for what R Angle did is a "Vast leftwing conspiracy"... Is it possible that the backroom politicians on the left forced R Angle to file a phony will to try to take money from a handicapped relative.
Tell the truth the deeper you dig the more you doubt that your friend is telling the truth, so now you have to attack the likes of someone like Longenbach whose "run in" with Angle was representing the Tastykake guy from Bangor.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am alleging no left or right wing conspiracy. But it is clear that, for whatever reason, a concerted effort is being made to get Angle. You can read about it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"a concerted effort is being made to get Angle"
So this "setup" started last spring when Fred Angle went to Stroudsburg and signed a will before witnesses, a lawyer and a notary because "they" knew Ron Angle would submit a will without witnesses or a notary which would embarrass him just as he was contemplating a run for Grucela's seat? Wow, what an imagination!

When you say you have looked into this does that mean you have spoken to all of the parties? The lawyers?
no matter what your belief about the two wills it is certainly not hard to see how the register could decide to accept the notarized witnessed multi page will prepared by an attorney over the one page un-witnessed will giving everything to Ron. Reasonable minds can differ as even Lauer said. So either way it was decided is reasonable.
To imply that the decision was political is to insult the ethics of Karl Longenbach. I must assume that you know that your readers are unfamiliar with Karl as anyone who knows him would find your assertions utterly incredible.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read your next installment of,"Adventures in Hallucinogenic Land". Be honest Ohare, you are back on the sauce right. The sources at the Courthouse say that Big Little Man Ron is going down on this one.

BO, I know you love the guy but he overreached on this one and he is going to get his hand slapped. Hopefully, he will be man enough to accept responsibility and not burn his wife and son over this tragic affair.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The concerted effort did not beging when the gold digger carted Fred Angle off to sign a Will from inside a car. It occurred in recent days, when Dot Cole's decision was made. lat week, starting on Monday, all kinds of ridiculous allegations were made about Angle stealing cigars. The next day, when Dot Cole signed her decision, there were several comments about the Will dispute. By Wednesday, there were copies of the decision everywhere. On Thursday, it was posted on screwy Villa's blog by someone who knew I'd use my statcounter to try and trace him. On Tuesday, Alan Jennings began screaming to the press about the matter, demanding that Angle be prosecuted. I think it's safe to say that a concerted effort is being made to lynch Angle.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jennings is a valuable member of the Community. He is highly respected for his years of tireless effort on behalf of those who fall by the wayside in the bustle of life. Leave him out of this sordid affair of Angle.

Some have said he provides a guiding moral compass for the Lehigh Valley. You could think of him as the opposite of Ron Angle.

How dare you tarnish a man of great achievements and high respect. Angle is a known scoundrel and bigot. My God Ohare, he has been thrown off of every radio station he was on. The only place where he can play his silly game of Glenn Beck crazy is local government.

Do not make baseless attacks on Allan Jennings because your crooked friend has again embarrassed his family and Northampton County. It is a shame people like you, Angle and Stoffa have fooled people for so long.

Shame Ohare, shame!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Well, what I've written about Jennings is accurate.

Anonymous said...

Even if Angle is on the right side of this, he needs to put it behind him quickly, especially if it is not about the money. Staunchly defend his position, but let her have her way. The money will take care of the disabled kid, Ron's kid will get his, and he can get on with his life and the business of public service. And, spare his wife any more being dragged through the mud.

Sometimes, you take one for the team, and live to fight another day.

Anonymous said...

BVO:"The concerted effort did not begin when the gold digger carted Fred Angle off to sign a Will from inside a car. It occurred in recent days, when Dot Cole's decision was made"

So now you agree he was not "set up"?

This "concerted effort" (your lawyer's way of avoiding the conspiracy word)then is post decision when Ron's critics begin to call for action upon learning of highly questionable behavior from a county council president? You have done this over and over on your blog when you have learned, many times through leaks, of lapses in ethics or judgment.
You are wasting your skills with your over the top partisanship as you could be redeeming yourself in this forum by being a true watchdog over all the animals in our human zoo.

Jim said...

Alan Jennings now? First Chris Spadoni then Karl Longenbach and now Alan. A man who has given his life for those less fortunate?

Bernie O'Hare said...


Like I said, Alan Jennings called the media to complain they weren't being tough enough on Angle and suggested they need to be asking the DA about prosecuting him and started spouting off about Fred Angle's estate. There's a lot of hatred there. I know he reads this blog. I would not post this if it were untrue.

Clearly, Ron was set up. I have run the facts by numerous attoprneys and, to a man, they all agreed with Angle. So you have a nonsensical decision (urged by the Solicitor). You have all the bullshit that preceded that on this and Villa's blog. You have the actual decision being posted on a blog before it is made public. You have a solicitor who told Angle friends to stay away from him. You have a solicitor who is not the person ordinarily assigned.

This was a sset up and a concerted effort to end Angle's carewer. Futrther evidence of that comes from the comments that are being made here two days after my original post.

You tell me to forget about this, but I think it's worth noting that some people want to get rid of Ron. Could it be they are worried? He now presides over county council, and even if he does not run for the state house, he might seek the exec's job.

I'm not sure about motive, but am sure that an innocent man and his wife are being set up by a bunch of ghouls who don't give a shit about anything other than hurting Angle.

Anonymous said...

Still spinning, Bernie you certainly are dedicated to the spin cause I give you that much.

Anonymous said...

Within the next seven days the legal shat will hit the fan for Mr. Angle. The word out of the Court is he is in a deep hole.

Trying To Catch Up said...

1) Does anybody know where the Ron Angle Will is?
2) Is it still in the possession of the judge?
3) Will the signature comparison ever be posted on a blog?
4) Does Ron Angle have a blog?

Bernie O'Hare said...

1) The Fred Angle Will submitted buy Ron has been sent back to him, I think.

2) It never was in any judge's possession. No judge has ruled on this matter.

3) Why do you keep pressing for a signature comparison? Are you a handwriting expert? No question the signatures are dissimilar, and the one signed by Fred and witnessed by Sharon and Ron Jr is a much better signature bc Fred had responded well to oxygen in the hospital. He also signed some checks at that time.

4) Why don't you start one?

Anonymous said...

You bet the signature is better. Because Fred didn't sign it. The beauty of all of this is that Angle ain't filing no appeal and the mentally challenged grandson of Fred Angle is going to be paid the 250K coming for his personal care needs - as his Grandfather intended.

Bernie O'Hare said...

First, Fred was never even certain he was that boy's grandfather, and that's why he got nothing.

Second, the signature on the second will is clearer and sharper than the one on the first bc Fred was in better health as a result of the oxygen he was receiving. he signed a few checks then, too.

Third, you obviously don't know Angle. There will be another hearing before Judge Franciosa.

Anonymous said...

Yea! It was the oxygen Ohare. I was afraid you were going to claim the atmosphere was in on the conspiracy against Ron Angle.

You guys are a pair. A pair of what no one knows, but indeed a pair!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, the oxygen and rest was a dramatic improvement, and Fred Angle's physicians will confirm that.

The fact that you are still posting comments on this post, days after it published, confirms exactly what I've been saying about the concerted effort to destroy Angle. Lies, half truths and inuendo are your stock in trade.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, there will be a doctor, Dr. Shane. He'll come in and testify that the Fred was in great shape just in time to stiff his mentally challenged Grandson.

Anonymous said...

"Trying to Catch Up, the answer to your number four question, "Does Ron Angle have a blog?"

The answer is yes, yes he does have a blog, it is called, "Lehigh Valley Ramblings".

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:39 a.m.

In the beginning Lehigh Valley ramblings was not RA's blog but since then, it was bought and paid for by Ron himself, even the laptop it is concieved on daily was finanaced by Ron; but B.O. will try to claim his independant viewpoint, he is not swayed by his financial sponsorship; no bias on his part(sarcasm was whole heartedly intended) bye for now!