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Thursday, February 18, 2010

LC Comm'rs Appoint Absent Bill Hansell to Replace Bill Leiner

Last night, Lehigh County's Board of Commissioners had the unenviable task of picking just one person among five remaining applicants for the seat recently vacated by Bill Leiner. After a grueling interview, the survivors of the first cut were Marc Basist, Geoff Brace, Robert George, William Hansell and John Hofmann, a formidable bunch. Although Hansell is the only candidate who was absent last night, he's the person they selected. His absence made their hearts grow fonder.

It took two ballots before the white smoke appeared. In the first round, Hansell got four votes (Jones, Dougherty, Eckhart & McCarthy) while the other four went to Geoff Brace (Hamm & Browing) and Robert George (Creighton & Roman). In the second round, Browning switched his vote to Hansell. He explained to The Morning Call that, although Brace was his first choice, he did not think Geoff could get the five votes needed.

Although it's hard to argue with Hansell's appointment, Comm'r David Jones was totally unqualified to vote at all. He was MIA on the night that twelve candidates subjected themselves to a lengthy interview. I have spoken to four applicants who reached out to Jones, but he never returned a single call or email. While ignoring those people, he nevertheless voted for Hansell twice. Hansell is Don Cunningham's preferred candidate, and it's apparent that Jones is playing politics instead of doing his job.

"He's forgotten where he comes from," is what one person who grew up with Jones tells me. "That's alright. We'll see him again, when he's back on the way down."

Hansell, incidentally, was in Florida.


Anonymous said...


Tough one - I'm so disappointed to see it happen.

Your day will come.

-Ms Stoneknocker

Mitch Cumstein said...


Any chance you can do a post on the Mcall article today on the housing market? I apologize for the off-topic comment.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mitch, I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

Why would Jones show up. Don wanted Hansell and Jones knew that the guy to vote for. At least he didn't pretend at making a real choice.

Hansell has been getting checks from Lehigh County for his consultations. I guess now he will get more checks.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Stoneknocker,

Thank you for the encouragement. I was proud of the process. Glenn was fantastic in his leadership of the Appointment process. Every commissioner that took my phone call was respectful and asked great questions. They were honest with me when I asked for their support and told me they were not sure how the results would pan out. I think that came through last night. I have no regrets and am proud that I could convince one of the most conservative Republicans and one of the most liberal Democrats that I was right for the job.

I am hopeful that Bill will serve Lehigh County with the highest degree of skill. Lehigh County deserves nothing less.

Bernie, thank you for your coverage of the process.


Anonymous said...

The checks that Hansell will be getting through December 2011 wull be payments for his service as County Commissioner ... As County Commissioner he will not be eligible to receive consulting fees from the Lehigh County for his advice ... As a County Commissioner his advice whether at a Board Meeting, Committee Meeting or head to head visits with other Commissioners or the Administration goes with the territory ... And by County law up to one year after he leaves the Office of Commissioners he can't receive compensation from another company or the County for any consulting activity with the County.

Dennis Pearson
Lehigh County District Three resident ... Mr. Jones --- You are our representative ... Represent Us .... There are times when you must reach out to us by visiting us .... Your district is more then your Congregation