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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Orloski v. Browne Redux?

Allentown attorney Rick Orloski, known for his eight unsuccessful attempts at elected office, is circulating a petition to run against State Senator Pat Browne.


Anonymous said...

Is there a world's record for losing campaigns that Rick is shooting for?

Anonymous said...

What in the world is Orlowski doing? He looks so foolish.
Work on the garden, make it look nicer.

Guiness Book said...

0-9. Give us a call.

Anonymous said...

Is his trial record any better?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't know his batting average, but Rick Orloski is a very good lawyer who deeply cares about his clients. He once said he considers them part of his family.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. If Democrats ever want to contest control of the State Senate they need to compete in seats like this one. See you on Cedar Crest.

Not So Casual Observer said...

He may lose elections but the name recognitions brings clients into his law office.

WhetherVain said...

Well, I do remember that watching any debate in which he was a participant was a pleasure; there was much greater civility amongst the candidates and the electorate actually could learn something about the issues without the usual distracting vitriol so prevalent in most all of today's televised debates.

Anonymous said...

Bernie -

I think Orloski's campaigns are actually a way for him to advertise himself and have contributors pay for it.

Given the changing tide against liberalism, I believe he probably missed his window of opportunity.

I won't mock him for running again though, since I think Abe Lincoln was 0-15 before winning the big one.

Anonymous said...

Who's contributing to Orloski's campaigns?

Bridge in Brooklyn for sale (must see to believe) said...

To all people contributing to Rick Orlowski's campaign: I have a bridge for sale that you might like to purchase.

Anonymous said...

Who's contributing?

I think that the unions and Democrat PAC's will be contributing even if Jack the Ripper was the candidate, as well as the usual Democrat lever-pullers.

Rational thought is not a hallmark of the Democrat Party machine.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Rick Orloski- the Sisan Lucci of local politics.


Anonymous said...

Can't this guy take a hint? How many times do the voters have to reject him? If you don't care about the will of the people, you have no business running for office. If Bernie is right, he should just stick to what he is good at. Mark me down as another Democrat supporting Pat Browne.

Demosin2008 said...

What is the source of this information? I consider myself a fairly active Democrat, and he was not at the IBEW, or anywhere else with petitions. At this point, the Dems would be better off not contesting the race than running Orloski. Plus, I heard that he just had a grandson. Isn't Orloski a big family man? This one just doesn't make sense from any angle.

Abe Lincoln admirer said...

Someone is very ignorant of the career of Abraham Lincoln. He was not a political loser, as has been suggested. It bothers me to see the great Lincoln's name dragged through the mud based on an old wives tale. How anyone could think that our greatest President never won an election, before winning a national election at a divisive time in our nation's history is nothing short of preposterous and ignorant.

Abraham Lincoln (born 1809)
1832 Illinois General Assembly, lost
1834 Illinois General Assembly, WON, served 4 terms
1846 US House of Representative, WON
1854 Illinois House of Rep., WON but declined
1854 US Senate, lost (not a popular vote election)
1856 Republican convention, came in second for Vice Presidential nomination
1858 US Senate, lost to Stephen Douglas (not a popular vote election)
1860 President, WON & reelected in 1864