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Friday, February 19, 2010

Is Angle Being Set Up in Will Dispute?

They say you can judge a man's influence by the number of his enemies. If that's true, then Northampton County Bulldog Ron Angle is certainly a powerful man. He has nearly as many detractors as admirers.

It's no secret he's being pressured to run to succeed Rich Grucela in the state house. Some say he'd be unhappy as a very small fish in a very big pond. But others are convinced the Bulldog's grenade-style approach to government might be just what is needed in the land of midnight payraises. He'd likely win.

So Ron's enemies are doing what they always do - playing dirty. This past week, the attacks against Angle have come with an intensity I haven't seen since he was last re-elected. He's been accused of everything from shoplifting cigars to forging his father's will. In fact, the Northampton County Solicitor's office appears to be doing its best to bury Ron.

Let me fill you in.

On Monday, Angle was accused (anonymously) of shoplifting three cigars during a publicly televised news conference announcing the grand opening of Cigar International's Call Center. That goofy charge was laughed off by store managers, who noted that every cigar on display was there for public consumption.

At the very time these cigar allegations were going up in smoke, new and much more serious charges were being made. This time, instead of being called a mere cigar thief, Ron had forged his father's Will. This blast comes in an anonymous comment posted here, and by someone who obviously has a legal background. The same anonymous claim also appears on Villa's hate blog.

Ron's father, Fred, was an interesting man. A minor league ball player, railroad man, stock enthusiast and atheist, he was an iconoclast who liked to do things himself. Ron loved his dad, visited him every day and would tease him nonstop about his attraction to "nightcrawlers." When Fred died in May, I came up for the viewing, and Ron proudly showed me all the pictures of his dad in different cars and baseball uniforms.

After the funeral, Ron offered a Will, dated May 15th, for probate. Ron is sole heir.

This is when Joanie Place enters the picture. She's Ron's sister-in-law and Fred's daughter-in-law, having been married to Ron's now deceased brother. Joanie never got along with Fred or Ron. She refused to let Fred attend her wedding to his son and even barred him from attending his own son's funeral.

She drove up from Florida and offered another will for probate. This one was executed on May 7th, prior to the one submitted by Ron. In this Will, 1/4th of Fred's estate goes to Ron, and the remaining 3/4 is divided among his grandsons. One of these grandsons, Frederick, just happens to be her son. This disposition, incidentally, makes no sense. Fred had already set up trusts for his two grandsons through Ron.

Joanie Place was nowhere to be found when Fred died. She skipped the funeral, too. But she was quite the busy beaver earlier that month. When word trickled out that Fred was sick, she drove up from Florida, and carted Fred and one of his "nightcrawlers" to her lawyer in Stroudsburg, Daniel M Corveleyn. Two days later, when the Will was ready, she shipped him up there again. This time, Fred wouldn't even get out of the car, so Att'y Corveleyn came outside and leaned into the car through a window to get the necessary signature. He refused to give Fred the original, and incorrectly told him he had to see him if he needed to revoke it.

The very next day, during Fred's 89th birthday party at Ron Angle's home, Fred quietly approached Ron's wife, Sharon, and told her he had "messed up." He explained what had just happened, and wanted to redo the Will so that everything just went to Ron.

Fred was something of a scrivener. I'm not sure whether he distrusted lawyers or was simply too cheap, but he was used to preparing all the wills for the Angle family. Of the numerous wills he had drawn himself, one was for Amanda (Mandy) Angle. Fred asked Sharon to get "Mandy's will" and type it up for him, and he'd sign it.

About a week later, Sharon took this will to Fred and he signed it. Sharon saw him sign it. So did her son, Ron, Jr. I find that interesting, because Ron, Jr. knows that the other Will gives him 25% of Fred's estate while this later Will gives him nothing.

Northampton County Register of Wills Dorothy Cole had to decide between two wills. What's a Register of Wills to do? Hold hearings, of course. Joanie Place went through four lawyers until she finally found one willing to accept her case, and he was from far away Honesdale. Naturally, they were asking for continuances all the time, and hearings did not conclude until December. Sitting in on all these hearings was Northampton County Assistant Solicitor Chris Spadoni, who would advise the Register.

While Joanie Place was going through lawyer after lawyer, Fred's funeral bill has gone unpaid. That really disturbs Sharon Angle, who feels some provision should have been made for payment by now.

When I visited the Register of Wills on Wednesday to obtain copies of these competing Wills, I was denied access. Register Dorothy Cole told me that, although she had decided which Will to probate, her decision would not be released to the public until some time next week. What she did not realize was that everything but her decision was already on the computer, and I had already gone through the file.

Later that day, I got a call from Angle. Against all odds, Cole had decided to allow the Will offered by Joanie Place. The decision had gone out to Angle's lawyer and the Honesdale attorney, but it was still considered a private matter. It had been prepared by Ass't County Solicitor Chris Spadoni.

Thursday night, while this decision was still supposedly private, it was anonymously plastered onto Villa's hate blog.

Now who could have done that? Angle's lawyer would have no reason to post it. The same goes for Joanie Place's Honesdale lawyer, who could hardly be expected to know a thing about the local blogosphere. That leaves the Northampton County Solicitor's Office. They obviously leaked it, and in an effort to damage Angle's state house bid. In fact, the decision itself, which will be quickly reversed, makes no sense. It basically accepts the word of a gold digger who couldn't be bothered to attend Fred's funeral, over the word of his own family.

This morning, I visited the Register to tell her I had seen this supposedly private decision on another blog. While I was there, a Morning Call reporter was already printing out documents, having been tipped off as well. This supposedly private decision was also leaked to WFMZ-TV69.
Are you beginning to get the idea someone is trying to burn Angle?

Sharon Angle told me she was having lunch with a girlfriend who his represented by Chris Spadoni. When he found out that she is close to Sharon Angle, Chris asked, "Why do want to hang with those people?" In addition to this personal animosity, Spadoni is a partisan Democrat.

It is clear to me that Angle is being set up as a Will forger, another John Karoly, solely to discourage him from running for the state house. This will hurt him, at least temporarily, until he gets the decision reversed in a de novo hearing before a judge. A decision that should still be private has been leaked to the press and the blogosphere. It's very obvious that the anonymous commenter who started this is a lawyer. He refers to the "Commonwealth" of Pennsylvania instead of the "state" and writes things like "notarized by a Notary authorized to witness signatures in the Commonwealth of Pa."

I thought the Northampton County Solicitor's office exists to give legal advice to the County, not the local Democratic party. Not only is the decision itself a trainwreck that should be obvious to everyone, but the manner in which it has been leaked reflects very badly on the County's supposed legal advisors.

This leak should be investigated.
Update: Here are links to accounts from The Morning Call, Express Times and WFMZ-TV69.


Anonymous said...

TrollVilla strikes again.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, there is a simple solution to this. Get the signature pages and post them. Let the people decide.

Anonymous said...

"he's being pressured to run to succeed Rich Grucela in the state house."

By whom? Republicans and conservatives are backing Joe Emrick.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Bernie, there is a simple solution to this. Get the signature pages and post them. Let the people decide."

I see you made this statement on the troll's blog, too. i tried to get the wills today and wednesday. no dice. Rudy Miller tried, too. and even if they are dissimilar, so what? do you have a handwriting expert? the burden is on the gold digger to prove, by clear and convincing evidence, that the signature is a forgery.

While I have your attention, please enlighten me about where you got the copy of the ruling that you pasted on Vlla's blog. did spadoni give it to you?

Anonymous said...

Boonie, you forged your client's name to a document didn't you. Why don't you belive Ron could forge a Will ?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"By whom? Republicans and conservatives are backing Joe Emrick."

I know some Republicans and conservatives who are not.

Anonymous said...

Jill Mancini is the solicitor assigned to the Register of Wills office, why do you implicate Spadoni?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Spadoni, not Jill, is the att'y who handled this for the county. I saw the file, remember? Somebody is the solicitor's office leaked this decision and it was even posted on a blog before it was to be made public.

Anonymous said...

angle is evil even to his own family

Anonymous said...

Angle took the cigars from the display case without the permission of management. This is a fact. He smoked 3 cigars at the event and laughed it off as he was untouchable because being the pres of norco council. they are being nice to ron because of his position, the worst part is the fact that this company would not be here but for the $111 million bond issue that reibman instituted and angle voted against vehemntly.Now he cuts ribbons as the rest of the republicans are doing that voted against the stimulus package. they are all taking credit for something they wer adamantly against. bernie will make angle look ike a saint on this as he spread bullshit about dianne elliot running for dally seat. bernie sucks.

Anonymous said...

You are psychotic Ohare and your buddy Angle is what he is.

Even after reading your entertaining account of this episode of white trash theater, it still would appear that the first will is in fact the right "legal" will. You were a dishonest and shitty attorney but you did study the law and you know that.

No one gives a shit about gold diggers, who is at who's birthday party of funeral, all of that is just dust in the wind.

If Angle is such a loving son, why hasn't he paid for the funeral out of pocket and reimburse after the Will is executed. Ron is a multi-millionaire who "loved" his father. Is Ron a cheap bastard?

As to the State House Race you are alleging that the Stoffa Administration is colluding with the Democratic party to destroy Angle. I hope Stoffa allows Spadoni to sue your fat ass.

No one needs to damage Angle he has spent a lifetime doing that. He is a walking toxic waste dump and Democrats want him to run. Once outside of his little comfort zone of Bangor he is dead. The State Committee could fill 50 mailers on his nefarious history. So you see, look beyond the Democrats, if anything local Dem's want him to run so some State money is spent to show more people what he is all about. That may hopefully end his political trail of destruction locally as well.

One good thing comes out of this post Ohare. More and more people know if you love a pol, be careful and if you hate a pol, vote for that person.
You guys deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

Ron seems to have an explanation about everything that is questionable in his past. He hasn't been involved in one or two questionable things... stories pile up. Will issues aside, Ron has a history of acting in a less than honorable fashion. At worst, he is a crook (which I doubt). At best, he is shady. I suppose we could step back and say there was a conspiracy or explanation for everything Ron got involved in, but at some point, when do all the shady dealings start to paint a dark picture of a man that just shouldn't be trusted.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Ron was bested at a game he's played well over the years. If he's being set up for sabotage by Ds, this R says thank you to those Ds. Ron's populist buffoonery is entertaining at a local level, but will ensure Ds keep Grucela's seat.

Anonymous said...

Whether cigars or chocolate chips,
if folks attend a bakery's grand opening, they would expect free samples!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Bernie, there is a simple solution to this. Get the signature pages and post them. Let the people decide.

10:21 PM

Excellent Suggestion!

Bernie O'Hare said...


Because this is his father's decision, not his.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 7:59, I tried. As of Friday, the wills were still unavailable.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"If he's being set up for sabotage by Ds, this R says thank you to those Ds. Ron's populist buffoonery is entertaining at a local level, but will ensure Ds keep Grucela's seat."

Pardon me, do you have any grey poupon?

Did it go something like this?? said...

This might be fiction...

A cold February night in a Nazareth area dive bar. The mostly vacant tap room dark, musty, cloudy with years of cigarette smoke soaked into the bare wood walls. Up on the small stage in the corner is a large karyoke machine with St. Bernard caressing the microphone for his first ballad of the evening. A half empty coors lite on top of the stool next to him, he takes a big swig as the music starts and stares across the room into the stern eyes of Ron Angle who sits alone at the last table in the back, slowly sipping his whiskey sour - a contraband cigar lit, resting deftly in the ashtray. All eyes are on Bernie. The first verse begins and Bernie's ever-present vulnerability brings the room (i.e. two nearly passed out drunks playing MegaTouch and a single cocktale waitress) to an uncomfortable silence. It was Ron's favorite song..."Stand By Your Man" by Tammy Wynette.

I just threw up alittle bit in my mouth...

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:01, stop using caps, dude. Ron was convicted of speeding only. You got that one wrong, although it's been anonymously played for years.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 8:55,

Let me ask you a question - if this is not a political set up, explain how a decision that is supposedly still private could appear splattered on Villa's hate blog. Why were hints thrown out about it earlier in the week? This was leaked by someone in the Solicitor's office before being released to the public with the specific injtention of damaging Angle. In fact, the decision itself makes no sense and I suspect the solicitor had a large hand in that. The ass't solicitor assigned to give advice to the Register had just warned someone to stay away from the Angles. Yeah, Ron got a real fair shake.

Did it go something like this?? said...

Let me answer your question with some of my own...

How much money do you spend on aluminum foil each month?? I mean, all those tin-foil helmets have to add up?? Do you make a new one every day or do you just recycle old ones??

Anonymous said...

Weren't you found guilty of forging signatures as an attorney, leading to your disbarment?
You have no credibility.
Your blog is pure entertainment.

NC citizen

Anonymous said...

The only thing that can be said about this fawning article is that the writer continues to show why he has no credibility whatsoever with the public.

Anonymous said...

I am sure people in the Register of Wills Office/Orphan's Court office also knew what was going on. Why blame the solicitor's office only?

Also, you make it sound like a Judge on the NC court will automatically overturn the decision. Why do you say that? Disinterested witnesses would be credible in saying the 2nd will was signed by Fred. But Angle Jr and Angle's wife are not disinterested.

Anonymous said...

Um, why are people attacking Bernie instead of discussing the issues?
I would like to know how Bill Villa got hold of PRIVILEGED info before it was public.

Since when is Mr. Villa a practicing member of the bar? Oh I forgot, in his UNIVERSE, he is everything.

You know Bill, as long as your handing out expert opinions, what are your thoughts on alcohol and the law? You have been through the system a time or two concerning DUI's, why don't you share how the judge rehabilitated you? I am sure we are all anxious to hear how that worked out. OR DIDN"T.

Blogger isn't letting me sign in

Chris Casey

Anonymous said...

This one is eerily similar to the pattern Ron demonstrate in the Snyder case. You'll recall Mr. Snyder is the gentleman that Ron locked in his apartment from the outside and fed tastykakes to. Although, Mr. Snyder was found living in his own filth and half-dead, Ron did pay enough attention to Mr. Snyder that he would helpfully drive him to the bank when Mr. Snyder's social security checks would come. Ron would then deposit those checks into to Ron's account. The Estate of Mr. Sndyer had to force Ron to pay back at least $10,000.00 of Mr. Snyder's money. Preying on the elderly is not new to Ron.

What comes around...... said...

Bernie, If the decision went the other way and you got your mitts on it you know damn well you would have posted it on here faster than time allows.

The question is what happens now? If Angle forged a will what will happen to him? I am sure it is not legal. I don't care whether or not you think he was "set up". Fact is what he did was wrong, that is not a set up. That is the bulldog being put in his place.

Again we all know had the decision been on Ron's side you would have been all over it.

Now it is time for you and your people to get your blankies and warm milk and stop crying....boo whoo whoo!!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I am sure people in the Register of Wills Office/Orphan's Court office also knew what was going on. Why blame the solicitor's office only?"

The people in the Register of Wills office were the ones trying to keep this matter private. I know the people who work there. All of them are apolitical. WEhen I told Dorothy Cole that part of the order had been plastered on a blog, she went beserk.

This decision was leaked by someone in the Solicitor's office, which does have members who have an interest in crucifying Angle.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:31,

How did a portion of the order ended up getting plastered on a blog if this was not leaked? And isn't it interesting that the solicitor assigned to this matter had warned a close friend to Sharon Angle to stay away from her?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Also, you make it sound like a Judge on the NC court will automatically overturn the decision. Why do you say that? Disinterested witnesses would be credible in saying the 2nd will was signed by Fred. But Angle Jr and Angle's wife are not disinterested."

Ron Jr is a witness to the will. In the other will, he gets 25%. In this one, he gets nothing. Yet he testified he saw Fred sign it. So Ron Jr actually testified against his own interest.

As far as the handwriting goes, nobody offered an expert. The same person can produce dissimilar signatures, depending on what is going on in his life.

This incident is being used to trash Angle. Now, all kinds of irrelevant stories are being plastered here as though accusations are the same thing as proof. In a few months, when it is determined that Fred Angle indeed did sign that will, no one will care anymore. But these hacks are not really interested in the truth. They just want to keep Angle away from the state house race. They have probably succeeded, too.

Anonymous said...

The fact is he forged a signature. End of story. I am sure charges are pending. And if they aren't they should be.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I am sure it is not legal. I don't care whether or not you think he was "set up". Fact is what he did was wrong,"

I see. I do care that he was set up, and believe he did nothing wrong.

This decision was made by a clerk, not a judge. She listened to a lawyer who hates Ron's guts.

But you don't care. No surprise.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The fact is he forged a signature. End of story."

I realize you have no interest in the truth, but the only conclusion reached is that the signatures were dissimilar. When the dust settles on this story, it will be determined that Fred signed his own will, and that the first effort ws the product of a gold digger.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how you try to spin this one when it is determined it was forged. I will be looking on with great anticipation for that glorious day.

Did it go something like this?? said...

Stand By Your Maaaaan...

Whats this guy do for you bern?? Kick backs?? Perks?? What is it??

Why do you find it so easy to sully a dead woman's name but so hard to see that this poofty is corrupt as the day is long?

And when you err on the wrong side of the fence, will you eat your words??

Aquinas kind of said...

Only if you eat your words when you are proven wrong.

For a person to claim various conspiracies by so many venues, especially the newspaper, I am saddened to see that others champion the latest cause, especially by a newspaper.

Anyone that claims they love, obey, and cherish God but hates their neighbor, is a hypocrite. Do you love your neighbor? Liberos a malos. In Syriac it is Beesho. But everywhere else it is just the subtle way that sin, unnoticingly introduces its tail into the fold. So we ask God to forgive our sins, as we forgive others. And we ask for unending gifts of His Grace to protect us and keep us from evil.

It is Lent, I am the worst of sinners. I am trying to perfect myself, as my heavenly Father is Perfect.

Peace, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

"In fact, the decision itself makes no sense and I suspect the solicitor had a large hand in that. The ass't solicitor assigned to give advice to the Register had just warned someone to stay away from the Angles."

BO, are you now implicating Karl Longenbach as well as Chris Spadoni?

Anonymous said...

Why would the Grandfather not leave 1/4 of his estate to a mentally handicapped grandson (even if he is estranged to the daughter-in-law) and give everything to a surviving son that is wealthy? It doesn't make sense at all, even if you believe Ron Angle. Something smells on both sides of this one, BO.

Did it go something like this?? said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Aquinas kind of said...

For an agnostic, you have quite the morals. Especially, for one that doesn't believe; you are trying to teach me the lessons of Christ. I think the story was stoning an accused adultress. By don't let those facts stand in your way. They haven't until this point. Yet the hypocrite am I. Those without sin, shall cast the first stone.

A true agnostic would have ignored me. But in your sarcasm, I detect a sense of bitterness. Are you truly as you portray yourself. I highly doubt it.

I pray for you and for your faith. I pray for your courage to truly identify yourself as a follower of Christ. I pray that you receive the Grace that you need to get your life back in order. I pray that you be released from the clutches of Satan and all of his evil minions.

But, again, I am listening, plead your case. Demonstrate to me, where he soiled the name of an innocent woman.

May peace be onto you, ~~Alex

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Why would the Grandfather not leave 1/4 of his estate to a mentally handicapped grandson (even if he is estranged to the daughter-in-law) and give everything to a surviving son that is wealthy"

Perhaps bc he is estranged while the other family members treated him with love. I do know this. The Will offered by Angle is exactly what was provided in fred Angle's 2007 Will. That one was not signed inside a car and was fuly notarized and witnessed by disinterested parties.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"BO, are you now implicating Karl Longenbach as well as Chris Spadoni?"

Listen, somebody in that office obviously leaked a portion of the actual decision, and to a person who plastered it on Villa's blog. I am naming no specific individual, but the circumstances demand an independent investigation. Longenbach has a nasty history with Angle. There's no love lost between those two. I discovered the same thing about Spadoni. I know both of these guys and respect them both, but these circumstances cry out for an answer. The Register of Wills wanted this information kept confidential for now. Leaking the order was a violation of a client's instructions.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am enabling Saurday night comment moderation. Please feel free to continue commenting, and I will approve any comment that is on topic and that does not engage in personal attacks, especially personal attacks directed at other readers.

Anonymous said...

A couple points Bernie. Neither you nor I can be 100% certain as to who is telling the truth. However, the fact that Ron Jr. claimed he witnessed a will depriving him of money is meaningless, since it is balanced by the fact that if his fathers will is accepted he may not get 25% now but he will get at least 50% of of a combined father/grandfather will at some point in his life. He is a millionaire's son and he knows and lives it.

Also you have made posts in the past and put up inside information that made people wonder how did you get that. People know well that Stoffa and Angle leak inside information to you all the time. Dent will leak info to you if he sees an advantage in doing so. You don't seem to mind it when you "scoop" another blog. This sounds a bit like jealousy on your part. If you had this info first you would have spun it for Angle just as you are attempting to do now.

Finally any sane person following your logic has to believe that in fact the Register of Wills, the Solicitors office, the Democratic Party leadership and possibly others in the Stoffa Administration are trying to frame Angle. You want us to believe that this trap was set waiting for a will to come along to challenge.

Sorry I agree with the other posters. Angle was not fired from four or five radio stations and involved in numerous other scandals by coincidence, this guy is a shady character and even his "friends" will admit to that.

You have in fact strained what little credibility you have on this one.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Let''s go over your points, shall we?

1) Ron, Jr.. He testified that he witnessed a Will that divested him of a 25% share in Fred Angle's estate. He spoke against his own interest. You argue that he will just get the money later, but you don't know that. Nothing automatically entitkles him to a 50% share in his father's estate, and nothing entitles him to any money now, as Fred Angle's will did. So I maintain my argument that Ron,Jr. spoke aginst his own interest in acknowledging he signed that will.

Inside Information - You completely miss my point. I don't give a rat's ass about the blogger who allowed some anon to post a portion of that decision on his blog. If I received it, I'd post it myself. What I do care about is where this information comes from. The information had to have come from the Solicitor's office. It did not come from Angle's att'y for obvious reasons. It did not come from a Honesdale lawyer, who would know nothing about our local blogs. It did not come from the Register of Wills office, who are very professional and apolitical. That leaves the Solicitor's office.

Framing Angle You are creating members to thsi conspiracy that I never named. I believe Dorothy Cole followed the advice of the county's att'y, and wanted this information kept private. I never blamed the Democratic party leadership.

Let's go over my scenario. Some people in the Solicitor's office could think they are advancing themselves by hurting Angle. They are almost all partisan Dems, and know they would earn a lot of gratitude by burying him. Most of these guys are working on a pension, and slamming Abn\ngle could help that.

So someone leaks the information from the Solicitor's office, and it is very obvious that it is leaked to another att'y. How do I know that? He uses legal language when he posts comments anonymously on my blog and Villa's blog, and then two days later posts the decision.

Now, gee, what lawyer could possibly have an interest in doing that? I really don't know, but you know what? NC Council member Lamont McClure is a lawyer. He follows these blogs, and even comments here from time to time. He likes to use the leagla lingo. I could hear him sayin he didn't think Angle stole cigars while burying him with this estate nonsense.

Did I mention he hates Angle? On Thursday night, he hinted to Angle about his possible state house candidacy. And Lordie, Lordie, Lamont supports Charles Dertinger, one of the Dem candidates. Do I think it's possible someone in the solicitor's office fed this information to Lamont? Absolutely.

This could just be two people, not the overblown conspiracy you've created.

Why is this wrong? What's wrong about this is not the blogger who allows it to be posted, but the att'y who leaks privileged information before his client wants it released.

We have evidence that Chris Spadoni, the solicitor who was actually handling this case, was telling a friend of Sharon Angle to stay away from them. He did lots of work under the previous administration.

I know and respect Chris, and do not think he is capable of this kind of behavior, but someone in that office very clearly leaked this story before the client wanted it told. I believe they have an obligation to explain what the hell happened.

Anonymous said...

I will wait for the friend to testify under Oath what Sapadoni said and then wait to hear Spadoni's testimony.

You seem to be stretching this conspiracy theory very thin this time.

Who knows maybe you are right but we will have to wait to find out if in fact we ever do.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That's fair, but I think circumstances warrant an explanation.

Larry Kisslinger said...


I know Spadoni and also know he has zero clue about computers or blogs. Perhaps he or others spoke to others about goings on with Fred Angle's will (maybe so called public servant McClure)? I don't know and probably none of us ever will. The big thing here that bothers me most is attacks against Ron's family members. Ron is fair game as political figure as you, I and Ron know but his family is not, in my opinion. Also, Sheena Villa, Saint teacher that she was, must be rolling over in her grave as her Father continues trying to bash others having nothing to do with her tragic death. I'm begging
& I pray Mr. Villa gives up his hate for others and realizes his wonderful Daughter is now resting in Peace! Please allow Sheena to do so and stop the nonsense here and elsewhere in blog world.

ThalliumKing said...

Just for the record, Fred W was not an atheist. I think he liked the wild discussions it provoked. I also believe Ron is probably in the right in this situation. Fred W was very ill in his final year and lonely. He liked when people would stop in and would love to be taken out for a ride. This Joan situation seems very odd. Almost as odd as Fred Jr's untimely death. Ron is right this time. I don't think it's about money, Ron has plenty. It's about how it all went down. I can totally see Fred W copying Rev Amanda's will. That would so totally be Fred. Wicked good. Fred W would love this! Go Ron!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks very much for that insight into Fred. He was quite an interesting guy.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Larry, I agree that this hurts people like Sharon Angle. People who are calling Ron a crook are actually slamming her, too. That's not necessary. I'm checking into this, but don't think the Karoly estate was even publicized at this stage.

Anonymous said...

So Phil Lauer is Angles attorney. You said he wasn't.
The honorable thing would be for County Council to pick another Solicitor. Having the President of Councils personal attorney as their guide is wrong.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Ron uses several attorneys and he does use Phil from time to time. Phil is not Angle's personal attorney. That's Dennis D'Esch.

I believe you may think that Phil will just tell Angle what he wants to hear, but in my experience, Angle prefers lawyers who will tell him what the law is on a point.

Lamont McClure had problems w/ Zito for precisely that reason, and wanted to replace him with a pay to play lawyer (C Perrucci) who would just tell him what he wants to hear.

In this instance, I don't think it's a problem, but you have a valid point.

dmc said...

im blocked again

Bernie O'Hare said...

Comments are now unmoderated. Your comments are welcome but I will delete OT reamrks and personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

When will the charges be filed?

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Angle has brought this on himself. Common sense would tell a reasonable person to get a lawyer to write and file a will that is to change a will filed just one week earlier. And, if Ron's father refused to do this, and insists on having your daughter-in-law write the new one, you should at least go in and file it for yourself. (yes I know he was old and frail, but if you can get the man into the car and drive down there with him, you can certainly get him inside or have some way of proving he was there, maybe take some pictures of teh man signing, videotaping the man signing ... you get the point).

as per The Morning Call (http://www.mcall.com/news/local/all-a1_3will.7183754feb20,0,7992992.story)

"Under the May 7 will, a quarter of Frederick Angle's estate would go to a trust headed by Joanie Angle, the wife of his late brother. The trust was for their son. The other beneficiaries were Ron Angle; his son, Ronald Angle Jr.; and a trust headed by Ron Angle for Max Angle, also his son.

The will was signed by Frederick Angle after Joanie Angle drove him to a Stroudsburg law office, where it was brought to him as he remained in the car, Cole found. The signature is consistent with a May 21 ''Do Not Resuscitate'' order and various checks Frederick Angle signed, she said.

SO ... FA was willing to go to a law office to get a will done/signed but just one week later he was unwilling to do the same. Really?

Anonymous said...

I believe the DA has the option of filing charges against Ron Angle for forging a Will if in fact the earlier Will stands up.

This may finally be the straw that breaks the camels back as far as Ron's history of wheeling and dealing.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Wills are not filed at the courthouse until the author is deceased. So there goes that suggestion.

As far as bringing this on himself, Ron had little to do with it. Now if Ron were really a horrible and conniving crook, he would take his father to a lawyer and have it notarized and all that jazz. But Fred Angle, and not Ron, was in control of his own estate, and he had his Will written the way he wanted it written, not Ron.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 1:04,

Morganelli refused to open up a criminal investigation when Peter Karoly's will was, in fact, forged by major Democratic campaign contributor John Karoly. "You can't just start a criminal investigation because someone believes a will is improper."

Are you suggesting the rules should be different in a will contest when one of the parties is a well-known Republican?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:48!

Not at all. In fact, I think the DA probably made the right decision. Let me explain why.

There's a will contest. It can be resolved in court by taking testimony from witnesses in a civil proceeding. A criminal investigation would be premature.

If, after the will contest is completed, there is evidence of criminality, much of Morganelli's work would already be done.

It's actually a smart and fair way to approach this.

But now that the feds have entered the picture, people will be reluctant to testify in the will contest.

I don't think either office is biased. But if I were to pick one, I'd actually point my finger at the US Att'y. After all, Gonzales appears to have politicized the office. Karoly is a big time Dem donor.

Having said that, I don't think either office is biased. And the US Att'y may be looking at different things.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The above comment looks like something I posted before, and it reflects my understanding why the DA is reluctant to insert himself. This matter hasn't even made it to a judge yet

Anonymous said...

With stunts like this it is only a matter of time until Angle gets what is coming to him.

Anonymous said...

I believe this will end up as a case of fraud by Ron Angle. I don't see this as a Democrat - Republican thing since most Republicans don't have any use for Angle. They wish he would have stayed a Democrat. As far as the Democrats, they really don't lose any sleep over Angle.

He is his own worst enemy and this time he may finally have gone to far and could end up in jail. That would not surprise many people Republican or Democrat.

Politically this hurts the new Republicans on County Council who made him President and hired his Attorney Phil Lauer as Solicitor. Their judgement is already in question less than two months into their term.

Bernie O'Hare said...

But this is not political?


I hate to burst your bubble, but I expect Ron will be vindicated.

Anonymous said...

I think this time only Ronnie got a $1 to greedy for his own good. Shoplifting cigars is one thing but this could bring some criminal charges.

Do you really think Morganelli is going to let him walk if he believes he faked a will?

Anonymous said...

Morganeeli is a loser. He cant get Ron to resign from 1 of 2 offices. And he wont get Ron on this fake will thing.

In fact Johnny M is aafraid of his own re election. Waterloo is getting closer

Anonymous said...

Agreed John Morganelli should stick to fighting real crimes. Not the RonAngle crime sree. Fake wills, holding 2 offices, while running for a 3rd.

John, watch election time

Anonymous said...

Angle caught forging signatures like O'Hare?

Anonymous said...

Angle caught forging signatures like O'Hare?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill Villa, why don't you run for District Attorney next year?

You can get all your friends who post comments to sign your nominating petitions. What party are you guys, the "Bat Shit Crazy" Party?

Anonymous said...

Mr. and Mrs. Villa, let's not lose sight of what is really at stake here. There is a mentally challenged middle aged man who needs support. His grandfather wanted him to have that support, and his Uncle is seeking to deprive him of that money. The rest may not be all that important.