Monday, November 30, 2009

Tonight! Angle & O'Hare v. Donovan & Denis on Business Matters (or BMs)

Sooner or later, it had to happen. Tonight's the night. Northampton County Bulldog Ron Angle and I team up on Business Matters (Channel 69, WFMZ-TV, 8 PM) for a cage match against Michael Donovan and former Obama campaign worker Jude-Laure Denis.

The subject? Is all criticism of President Barack Obama racially motivated? Michael and Jude staunchly defend all things Obama while Ron and I play the role of barbarian Visigoths. Rather effectively, I might add. Donovan and Jude did survive the encounter, but only because Allentown Mayor Edwin Pawlowski fired Denis. She must have done something right.

I stopped counting after Angle had interrupted Donovan for the 32d time. Poor Michael eventually ran out of the studio, crying "How about some civility?"

Host Tony Iannellii, who I'm convinced is a cocaine addict, was taping about forty shows at once. While the make-up lady was getting a few extra barrels of whatever she needs to make The Morning Call's Paul Carpenter look like a human being, Angle and I let the air out of his tires. He can ride his frickin' bicycle.

All in all, it was a good day to be a racist.

All kidding aside, Donovan and Denis were terrific. But they were up against the varsity.


Anonymous said...

Why the Hell does Iannellii keep giving any credidence to you and Angle. He has been told by members and even some Board members that Angle, the anti-semite, should not be given a platform. He has also been told why the Hell have you on since you are an expert on nothing other than how to screw up a great life handed to you on a silver plater.

I guess he thinks its sweeps week and wants the freak show on but his members are not very happy about it.

Anonymous said...

Because it makes for good TV. Same reason that Pat Buchanan and Chris Matthews get air time on MSNBC despite the fact that if you looked into Pat's head there would be a rabid badger juggling daggers and if you looked into Chris's head it would be a bunch of circus clowns riding a clown car around the DC beltway.

LVCI said...

Why the Hell does Iannellii keep giving any credidence to you and Angle

Why the Hell does anyone give Tony Iannelli credence?

I mean really is he an exceptional businessman... another Berman, Hess, Zollinger? Not exactly!

He's MC and CEO of a dues collecting Public Relations organization.

I not attacking the guy himself. Nothing personal, but on a professional level.. that's about all there is to his story.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I think Iannelli does a terrific job as host on Business Matters. I was unaware that there was any need for special qualifications to host a talk show, or that you had to go to talk show college or something. I tease him about drugs because he is always on fire during his shows.

I like the guy. I certainly don't agree with his Pawlowski fundraisers or some of the positions taken by the Chamber, but he's fairly active and the Chamber sure is a very active and spirited group. That's due in no small part to his professional abilities.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 3:18, I have no idea why Iannelli does not listen to the advice of an anonymous troll. Go figure.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"if you looked into Pat's head there would be a rabid badger juggling daggers and if you looked into Chris's head it would be a bunch of circus clowns riding a clown car around the DC beltway."


Anonymous said...

I've been on the show twice and Tony Ianelli does seem to be a bit high strung, but it makes for interesting television. I definitely will watch this tag team match on the internet. (smile)

Alfonso Todd

LVCI said...

Bernie said, "I was unaware that there was any need for special qualifications to host a talk show

True enuff.. however given the businesses join the Chamber for the reasons of creating opportunities for their "businesses to grow and training programs one must ask if their business will directly benefit. Each one of those "training programs" cost $'s for them. I know of several small business owners who've question just how much they would actually benefit by joining so decided not to join.

Since Tony's TV program can be a vehicle for them that's fine. But Tony's main function, the one he is paid to do, is to recruit new members and promote them on his show. While I very much look forward to watching tonight's program it does beg the question how does this discussion benefit the dues paying members?

I'm simply stating that Tony is a fine spokesperson and perhaps even a good marketing agent for them. BUT.. Tony's expertise is not based on an actual successfully run business that he came from. So therefore Tony's positions come from Tony and not the "credence" of the Chamber's own experienced successful business members.

The TV show does lend "credence" when experienced successful guests speak. However I would not place ("credence") the same weight in what Tony's words/opinions are.

When he ask questions and the guests answer he excels. Which is not always the case. His prime purpose on the show needs to remain asking the questions since that is his area of expertise.

LVCI said...

I might add there are 24 on the chamber's paid staff. Lots of due$'s that go just to pay them.

Good work if you can get it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Why? What are they paid? Do you know? I know Tony is paid well, but what about the others? Why are you complaining about them?

This is NOT your typical government bureaucracy. This is a nonprofit supported by LV businesses, who ultimately have the final say.

When a businessman parts with his hard-earned money, I think he has an interest in seeing that it is spent properly. If the Chamber of Commerce were top heavy, as you seem to suggest, then the businesses who support it would make the necessary changes, don't you think? I think they would pull the plug in a heartbeat if the staff is full of dolts.

I certainly do not agree with many of the things done, like charging $ to watch a debate. I think the group is too political. But I know several of the people who work there, and they are all outstanding, intelligent and hard-working.

I just don't get your criticism. Are you a dues paying member?

LVCI said...

Why are you complaining about them?

I am not complaining. I am explaining. Just pointing out my views on the matter.

The business folk can do whatever they wish. It's their prerogative to join or not. If they think it's worthwhile fine.

I find no reason to go at length to try and get others to conform to my opinions. After all they are just my opinions.

Isn't that what blogs are suppose to do communicate and opinionate? This was mine.

Bernie O'Hare said...


You certainly were complaining, even to the point of suggesting that the staff is too large. My question is why are you complaining? Are you a dues paying member? Do you have some special insight, not generally known, to substantiate your complaint/opinion?

Blogs certainly do exist so you can state your opinion. What I have asked you to do is tell us why you have that opinion. Blogs exist for that, too. I have asked you to explain why, if things are so top heavy as you suggest, that the business community tolerates these lazy people who are getting paid to do nothing.

If you are unable to substantiate this opinion, how valid can it be?

Blogs are a two-way street. Ideally, theay are interactive. You are welcome to say what you think, to question me, etc. But I am welcome to do the same thing with you. As long as we can keep from getting nasty or personal, everyone benefits.

I am no businessman. I am gernerally impressed by what I've seen from the Chamber. It is precisely bc of the dedication I see in the people you describe. I know some of them.

Anonymous said...

Is this Tonight? Monday 30 Nov?

Bernie O'Hare said...


LVCI said...

you certainly were complaining, even to the point of suggesting that the staff is too large
I never said that!

What I did say was, "Lots of due$'s that go just to pay them." Am I to conclude that 24 people don't get paid?

that the business community tolerates these lazy people who are getting paid to do nothing
Your words.. I never said that either! Can you "substantiate" that I did? Don't put words in my comments that were never there.

my question is why are you complaining?
My answer was I am not complaining. Because that was your interpretation doesn't make it necessarily so. I'll leave that to the readers to decide for themselves.

Are you a dues paying member?
No more then you, but you sure expressed your opinion w/o being a member.. so why can't I?

This whole thing's childish bickering (not you- the arguing back & forth) and doesn't make one bit of difference whatsoever in the scheme of things. So I'm done.

Have your final say.

Bernie O'Hare said...

OK, I will.

First, you snark Tony Iannelli by questioning why anyone would give him any credence and asserting that he is no exceptional businessman, just the CEO of a public relations firm.

Second, you then attack the training programs they put on, noting that some businesses hacve refused to join.

Third, you go on to say that Iannelli is only good for asking questions, not actually saying anything.

Fourth, you slam the top heavy staff of 24, implying they are overpaid and don't do much. "Good work if you can get it."

Fifth, when questioned, you state you are just expressing your opinion and deny you are complaining. I agree that readers can decide for themselves that you certainly were complaining and snarking this group.

Sixth, when asked to substantiate your opinion, you decide that this is all just childish bickering and depart. I asked you to substantiate what you said. I asked ou to explain whether you had some special insight, whether as a dues paying member or not. I explained my own insight.

All opinions here, including my own, are subject to scrutiny.

BooYah said...

Honestly, people who hide behind the veil of anonymity are hard to really give any credence to. At least be on the record if you're going to take a stand.
Interesting take on the show Bernie, I'll have to look at it tonight to get a better sense of who the varsity team was -- actually during the taping it seemed more and more like it was you, me and Donovan against Angle. Go figure! :)
Jude Denis

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hey Jude,

Sounds like a Beatles song, doesn't it? Actually, the most interesting person in that little exchange was you. Even Ron ended up loving you. You were a great spokesperson for Obama.

I tried to play on Ron's team, but kept getting mixed up. When we finally got out in the parking lot, he beat me up.

BooYah said...

@ Bernie. LOL! Good to know we can disagree on the issues but still like each other as people. Maybe we can pass that insight on to the rest of the country :)

Anonymous said...

Iannellii is a waiter that got lucky. He is a egocentric showman but he has built the Chamber. Now more and more members are questioning what they get for the dues they pay. The smaller members have the most concerns.

The fact that the staff is so large compared to other organizations is an issue that has been discussed. Some are really just hanging on.

What is your problem Ohare, please don't tell me Iannellii is now on your mancrush list. Well I guess it figures, as one member said, Who the Hell is Bernie Ohare and why is he on a business show.

I think some in the Chamber queston what the show does for them as opposed to just an ego platform for Tony.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Iannellii is a waiter that got lucky. He is a egocentric showman"

And you are an anonymous coward who will attack someone so long as you don't have to identify yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Denis my sincere condolences. You probably thought you would go and have a substantive exchange. Then you ran into Ohare and Angle.

Hey Ohare glad to see you wore you formal t-shirt. Was that shirt yellow when you got it?

I loved Angle yelling about racists and anti-semite's, the same guy that has been tossed from every radio station in the area for being all of the above.

That was obviously Iannellii having some fun since nothing constructive came out of it. As always Angle showed himself to be the loud, obnoxious ignorant jackass he has always been.

Ohare you make Budda look petite!

Again, Ms. Denis, I think Tony owes you either a dinner or an apology for getting you into that mental ward.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Funny. We know all about Angle, Donovan, Jude and yours truly. But you are an anonymous coward.

Anonymous said...

That show was awful.

Ianelli was like a crazed raccoon.

Denis was an elitest suck up.

Donovan looked like a gnome perched on a mushroom.

Angle was cartoonish.

And BO nearly took someone's eye out with a shirt button.

Overall, not worth the hype.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Don't hold back. Tell me what you really thought.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one other thing. The "let's make it real" segment with real time blogger input was lame. It was like a PBS telethon spot in someone's basement.

Other than all of the above it was riveting television.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Glad you liked it. I don't watch TV myself, but was told I was very handsome.

Resident of Allentown said...

I liked it. I wish it would have lasted longer. The interaction between the different personalities and getting just a little insight on how some of ourlocals think made it worth the watch.

Anonymous said...

Donovan and Jude were intelligent and coherent. You and Angle came off as two vagrant teabaggers they dragged in out of the cold.

It is lucky Angle runs in the slate belt, that crazy behavior would get him no where, anywhere else in the County. What a nut!

Anonymous said...

Watched the show only because you wrote about it here. The station should not have put Cedar Crest College name under City Councilman Donovan unless he was there to speak on behalf of the college and not as a politican.
Was he?
We agree that Iannelli speaks so fast, it is uncomfortable to listen to him. And what about those chairs. Looked like everyone was about to fall off.
Thought the guests did a good job stating their positions. Very entertaining. Let us know if you're on again.

usa1 said...


Anonymous said...

Angle was out of control as usual. Does he realize he is not taken serious, he is just one big caricature.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anybody who draws all the hateful remarks posted here is obviously doing something right.

Anonymous said...

That must mean Glenn Reibman was the greatest elected official of all time.

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to attack individuals on this blog that do a lot for the Valley. The fact that Tony has been able to regionalize the Chamber should be recognized as a phenominal accomplishment given the parochialism of the valley. I belong top the chamber and feel that I get more than my return on my investment and I have been able to increase my business through the networking that takes place atr events.

As for the show, Tony is the one that makes it move and makes it worth watching. Would you rather watch a couple of talking heads that are boring or do you want to see a lively debate on the subject?

Keep up the good work Tony!

Anonymous said...

Missed the airing..can it still be viewed anywhere? Looked on the TV channels site but got nowhere. Help.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You can see it on the web here.

Dave said...

Thanks..saw what did it have to do with business? It was a political free for all! Valid stuff but he should rename the show. Say hi to the President tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It was a travasty. Shameful display of bigoted anti-semetic behavior by Angle and rudeness by Ohare. Just shameful.

Bernie O'Hare said...