Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lou Hershman: The Allentown Watchdog Reports

Beaten, but unbowed, Allentown Watchdog Lou Hershman has been attending every city council budget hearing. For that alone, he deserves a People's Purple Cross. Here's his latest report.

* Mayor Ed Pawlowski has submitted three names for the Ethics Commission. Naturally, they are all his supporters.

* Hizzoner has yet to show at a budget hearing, but will make an appearance on December 1st, when his new throne will be carted into Council chambers.

* Joyce Marin (DCED Director) told Council Wednesday that she's recruited 139 businesses to Allentown. But when Council member Jeanette Eichenwald asked how many actually came, marin claimed she's still working on that figure.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for having the stomach to stay on top of this. It is sickening to behold this city’s government.

Scott Armstrong

LVCI said...

Just for his near perfect attendance, the city ought to give him a 2009 season pass for the "Lights In The Parkway" and a $10 voucher at the "Brew Works on the Green".

Course that would have put him on the city Santa's good boy list. Too bad he doesn't have a coal stove. I think given the current government's wish list he could have heated his home all winter!