Thursday, September 20, 2007

Upper Nazareth Township Has a Website!

Upper Nazareth Township Supervisor Joe Emrick has sent me an email about the township's first website, located at It's a noble effort to make local government more transparent and accessible.

It kicked off at 6 PM last night. Emrick publicly thanks web designer Robin Schlegel, and committee members Steve Polles and Jeri Krondstadt for their hard work toward the completion of this project.

Here's part of what the township's press release tells us.

The site has more than fifteen pages of information and contains some of the following important features:

· The agendas and meeting minutes of the past year for both the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission.

· An extensive list of contact information for both emergency & non-emergency agencies.

· Links to a multitude of other municipal, educational and historical institutions, including the Nazareth School District and Nazareth Public Library.

· Several PDF files to download at home such as permit applications for increased convenience.

· A “New Resident” and “Frequently Asked Questions” page along with a page for Township news and upcoming events.

“The primary objective in creating our website is to make our local government as open and accessible to the public as we can. Second, it’s our goal to always attempt to meet the needs of our residents in an even more efficient and responsive manner and this website helps us do both,” Emrick said.

If there are any future questions, please contact the Upper Nazareth Township municipal building at (610) 759-5341 or e-mail us at


Anonymous said...

Looks like a 10 year old designed the site.
My first impression, my opinion.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:07,

These NC municipalities - Bangor Borough, Chapman Borough, East Bangor Borough, Glendon Borough, Lehigh Township, Moore Township, Northampton Borough, Portland Borough, Roseto Borough, Stockertown Borough, Tatamy Borough, and Walnutport Borough - have no web page at all.

On July 25, I rated Northampton County's web pages, using an objective set of criteria. Applying that analysis here, Upper Nazareth Tp's web site gets 4 points. It has all the basics. It needs to get a calendar and newsletter.

But as it stands, this one day old web page is better than anything you'll see in 23 other Northampton County municipalities.

So take that 10 year old and send her to help those folks out. :)

A.J. Cordi said...

I like simple designs like that more, actually. It's easier to find what you're looking for. Not everything has to be flashy and full of different fonts and graphics/pictures.

Good job, Nazareth! If I lived there, I'd be proud!

stilfx said...

"flashy and full of different fonts and graphics/pictures" certainly does not amount to good design.

However, black text running over a dark gray plaque, tiled all to hell, with red hyperlink's everywhere and navigation run amuck.. The site just plain wrong.

Who do I need to contact? I think I may have to donate some time and effort to bring the online appearance of Upper Nazareth back to 2007.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I just checked the site again on my PC and it was fine. But you're the expert.

Upper Nazareth said...

Thank you Bernie for supporting our website.