Monday, April 30, 2007

Campaign Endorsements: An Offer You Can't Refuse

Do you love Lamont McClure? How about Mike Fleck? Now's your chance to spread a little of that love.

The Morning Call has announced its letters policy for the upcoming primary. "Letters about candidates and issues in the May 15 primary election must be received at the Allentown office of The Morning Call by 5 p.m. Thursday, May 10, to be considered for publication." The Express Times has a more liberal policy, but can only publish so many letters.

If you have something to say about local candidates and issues, and can't get your letters published in the mainstream media, I'll be happy to do so here. I will edit only for spelling. I will also post anonymous letters unless they contain defamatory comments. These letters will be separate blog entries, and will go up within one day of receiving them.

This blog reaches around 400-450 readers on a weekday. That's a much smaller number than you can expect from the mainstream. But an interest in local issues and candidates is why most of my readers are here. Your voice will be heard, and won't be limited to 250 words.

You can post your letters here, as a comment, and I'll transfer them to a separate post. Or just send them to me at


Anonymous said...

To me it looks like the people in Easton have a choice. Vote for ABF (Anyone But Fleck) and be the gateway to Pennsylvania. Vote in Fleck and I guess that makes the city Pennsylvania's asshole!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, we haven't heard from "Flakes for Fleck" yet!