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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Northampton County Campaign Whispers

A local political operative tells me he's been flirting with "the assorted 'usual suspects' of party hacks, moles, bag men, spies, turncoats, fundraisers, consultants, candidates, mugs, pugs, thugs, reporters, elected officials, and nuns at the convent ... ." He gave me two messages before swallowing cyanide and jumping off Bethlehem's Fahy Bridge. In his memory, I'll pass them on.

1) WATCH YOUR MAILBOX for the first nuclear strike by a county council candidate to arrive very, very soon. Lamont McClure, nice guy that he is, is going dark on Will Power. By the time the campaign is over, I expect even Power's kindergarten record will be an issue.

2) Sal Panto and Mike Fleck are duking it out for the democratic nomination in Easton's mayoral contest. This should be a cakewalk for Panto, a popular former mayor. But Jim Hickey, the miserable bastard who tried to murder me several times during his stint as Northampton County's Director of Administration, is rumored to be working for Fleck. If this rumor is true, Panto's in trouble, and so am I.


Anonymous said...

All somebody has to do is ask Mike Fleck how much money he and his wife " as advisers to Arch Follweiler during his statehouse campaign.appropriated"

J. Spike said...

Just rember that The first time Mitman was Mayor, he was replaced by.... Sal panto.

Eastonians regret bring Mitman back, many will not re-peat re-peat history with again replacing one term Mitman with Panto.

In baseball its the "Cubs Factor" in easton is it the "Phil Factor"?

Ofcourse I may be biased.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 4:17,


I just checked Follweiler's filed reports, and Fleck picked up $25,074.12. That's a lot of dough.

But Courtney Robinson, who ran Linda Minger's losing campaign, picked up even more, $27,000.

Joe Brennan, who won his campaign, paid Jose Sostre a grand total of $1,450 for his efforts.

Julie Harhart, who won big, paid her consultant, Tom Severenson, aka Precision Marketing, $16,316.06.

Looks to me like Jose is the best value. I was wondering how Joe Brennan won, and now I know.

Anonymous said...

One thing Bernie--Fleck picked up that amount of money in a much shorter time than Robinson. And, as many who are connected know, Fleck took the money and ran. Literally.

Anonymous said...


1) I love the smell of napalm in the morning! Which is why I use it as an after-shave every day;

2) Politics is a bloodsport. Kill or be killed. There is no silver medal for coming in 2nd;

3) Will Power has no resources, no money, no base, and no chance in hell of beating Lamont (despite the fervent hopes of you and your BFF Ron Angle);

4) Therefore, ergo, as it must be, Lamont will be shooting fish in a barrel. . . with a cruise missile;

5) Fleck is an idiot . . . and I mean no disrepect to all the idiots out there, but this guy really IS your King;

6) "Doc" Severson is by far the best value. Brennan won by the margin, Minger should ask for her money back, and Harhart crushed and sent the message: "Do NOT even think about running against me unless you have a death wish";

7) I genuflect every time I hear the name of Jim Hickey out of complete awe and total reverence; and

7) When you run for public office, your public record (good or bad) DOES matter to voters. Especially when they see evidence of a constant pattern of behavior that disturbs them. Voters are very smart and will not be swayed by the usual, ridiculous, trumped-up accusations. But, if it takes you more than 30 seconds to explain to voters why your oppoent's accusations are false and misleading, you're TOAST.

Bernie Takes No Prisoners

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:26,

I didn't check out the time frame that carefully.

I met Courtney Robinson when he worked Minger's campaign, and he worked his ass off for the money.

So did Orin Leonard, Russ Shade's consultant. He didn't make a dime.

I think $25k or $27k is a lot of dough, but it's probably not enough for a consultant who really puts in the time. I've known a few, included a few Republicans. They are almost all dedicated and hard workers. But I never really thought about their payment intil you mentioned it.

Now if Fleck took the money and ran, as you charge, he's doesn't belong in any office. But I don't think Archie Follweiler will confirm your charge. He's got too much class to do so, even if the charge is true. You are practically accusing Fleck of theft. I'd have to have more than the say so of one anonymous poster before giving that charge any credibility.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I like to disagree with at least some of your points, but I pretty much agree with all of your points tonight except #7. I always know when Hickey is in the building because of all the monkeys that constantly fly out of his ass. Another plus is that 5 minutes with Hickey makes people think I'm nice.

All kidding aside, I grew to respect and admire that miserable bastard.

LVDem said...

Bernie, Joe Brennan won b/c no precinct in his district has a Dem performance under 50%. he paid his consultant what he did b/c he didn't need to spend as much money. It didn't matter who the D was, a D was going to win that district.

Agree about Courtney... he worked his ass off for Linda Minger. And I always wondered what Orin could have done for russ if there was more money to be found.

Anonymous said...


1) I just LOVE when Hickey does that thing where monkeys fly out of his ass! It sure beats the usual lame magic tricks at parties;

2) #7 is 1 of those immutable laws of political physics that applies everywhere in the political universe. You don't have to be Einstein to figure out that equation; and

3) Anyone who paid Fleck ANY amount of money to help them win a campaign is even MORE brain damaged than Fleck is . . . and, believe me, Fleck has no brain.

Yours In Christ,
Bernie Takes No Prisoners

Chris Casey said...

You better look out BTNP, Fleck will sue YOU for Something!
I want to see the Monkeys flying out of the Ass trick, that has got to be Awesome!

eastonpride said...

Hickey supporting Fleck -- that's a fact and all that means is if money can buy an election the City can be sold to special interests like engineering firms, architects, etc. just like the County was under the Hickey years. Can anyone say health benefits? prison expansion? courthouse debacle? wasted taxpayers money?

Anonymous said...

Lesson learned by FLeck from Hickey -- FLeck came out against the Riverwalk project and also said that he wouldn't accept money from special interst companies like engineering firms, architects, construction managers, etc. So why did he accept a large donation from a certain engineering firm that also did the Riverwalk project? Hmm, sounds like HIckey has taught him how to speak out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. Look out for the special interest money coming your way in the next few weeks by way of Fleck

Anonymous said...

what engineering firm would that be? come on, don't be a coward, out with it!

Anonymous said...

campaign financial reports are due next Friday and I can bet that FLeck's won't have the special interests but watch out for the report after the primary ----- that will be the proof in the pudding. $40,000 raised in a primary of three and you come in third -- WOW -- but then again -- the kid needs some life experience, a real job and learn to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

I was fasinated by BTNO seven laws. They all seem to be right on, you obviously know your stuff. I would like to ask BTNO about his rule #7. I agree with you, but if it is true how did Stoffa who screwed up LCHS big time, not get hurt by his record? As an employee in the field everyone knew what happened but in an entire campaign it never came out.