Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lehigh County Democrats Increase Their Registration Edge

This is the latest from Rick Daugherty and his pals at The Lehigh County Democratic Committee:

"Allentown, Pa. ­- Democrats in Lehigh County extended their registration edge over Republicans to almost 12,000 during the most recent voter-registration period, as the Lehigh Valley prepares for a potentially pivotal mid-term election on November 7. Between the 2006 primary election in May and the October 10 deadline to register to vote, the Democrats tallied 1,884 new registrants, more than six times the 306 new Republican registrants.

"'Lehigh County is a Democratic county, and we expect some big wins here on November 7,' said LCDC Chair Rick Daugherty. He believes 'that people are fed up with what is happening in our country and are registering as Democrats because our nation needs to change direction.' Daugherty also said that the increase in Democratic voters in the County demonstrates not only the growing strength of the Democratic Party, but also the fact that Republican positions and priorities have moved well out of the mainstream.

"As of the 2006 primary, there were 90,260 registered Democrats, compared to 80,013 registered Republicans. The number of Democratic registrants increased to 92,144 by the voter-registration deadline earlier this month, while the number of Republican registrants increased slightly to 80,319 during the same period.

"The voter-registration advantage enjoyed by Democrats in Lehigh County is not new, but the gap between Republicans and Democrats has more than tripled since the last mid-term election, in 2002. That year, there were 3,391 more voters registered Democrat than Republican in Lehigh County. In 2006, this Democratic edge has increased to 11,825 registrants."
Update: That bastard, LVDem, must have hacked into my damn computer and stole my frickin' post. It's on his blog, too! He's even offered to drive anyone who needs a ride to the polls on election day, especially Republicans. I've volunteered to drive Greens. Blackwater USA is renting me a nice Hummer for the occasion.


Anonymous said...

darn russ with though you were going to help russ drive people out in Slatington rofl

Anonymous said...

ok far too many hours with out sleep darn we thought you were going to help russ drive people out in Slatington rofl

LVDem said...

on target with the bastard term, though you forgot the arrogant and obnoxious... but Bernie, can't we share?

Bernie O'Hare said...

OK LVDEm. I', goingto go out and fill that hummer w/ gas right now.

Bernie O'Hare said...

To Anon 2:47, LVDem and I will both drive anyone in Slatington who wants to vote for Russ Shade.

Anonymous said...

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