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Monday, October 16, 2006

Media Endorsements for Dent

The Express Times and Morning Call both endorsed Charlie Dent on Sunday for re-election as Lehigh Valley Congressman. Even Esquire magazine has jumped on the bandwagon.

Commending Dent, the Express Times notes he is showing signs of an independent streak. "Among those are supporting embryonic stem cell research, backing a ban on the use of torture on prisoners and refusing to join House leaders' attempt to intervene in the Terry Schiavo case." It actually suggests Green Party candidate Browne is preferable to Dertinger for those who oppose our military misadventure in Iraq. That won't please the Dertinger camp.

Personally, I'm waiting to see how Mad Magazine comes down.

Update: Esquire's endorsement - "Largely forgotten amid the right-wing revolution of the past six years is the fact that the majority of Republicans - both voters and politicians - are social and fiscal moderates. Freshman Charlie Dent is one of their best."


Bernie OHare 4 said...

Why do you continually support GW by putting his photos on your blog! Enough is enough.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Alfred E Newman is much more attractive.

Bernie OHare 4 said...

They do look a bit alike, but that's more of an insult to Alfred.

r.moshki said...

"Don't worry, be unhappy."


I like how the excuse of a Paper here, in Easton credits the Terri Schiavo case. Rember that the FLORIDA case that had no reall effect on Americans in 49 states other than to let brainless swine exploit and use her to pimp their own names, agendas, and careers.

This includes among other Re-piglican pimps of "High Morals" Nancy Grace (The Liar who never had a fiance killed, other than perhaps sucide from sleeping with that animal face).

Sean Hannity (How did this Long Island bucket head come to fame?).

Rick (Man on Dog love) Santorum.

Osama Bin Robertson (Founder of the 700 club where gulliable old folks are swindled out of their money with schemes like pay-per-prayers to fund his diamond mine bussiness), and ofcourse Jerry (I blame, Gays, Jews, and WOMEN for 9-11) Falwell.

Also it was a great ploy by the NEo-Clowns to DISTRACT America from the debacle we affectionatly refer to as Iraq!

And it seems the Editors at the Express Times and the Morning Call (SHAME ON THE BETTER VALLEY PAPER FOR BEING SUCH HALF WITS, I excpect it from the Jokers in easton, but NOT the call!) for allowing themselves to get caught in the Orgiastic frenzy.

I mean it was bufoons like Dent who got us in the messes we are in to have to "Create" news like Schivo to "Distract" Americans from wthe Dent sponsored deficit, the Dent backed War in Iraq (An occupation that becomes more like the British Occupation of Ireland every day!), and the Dent backed wasting of energy resorces in a quest to find alternatives.

Imagine If we spent every year what we spend in a week in Iraq, on alternative fuels?

Hybrids would be old news!