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Monday, April 09, 2018

McClure Apologizes to Bushkill Parents

It's probably time that George Treisner resign from the NorCo Elections Commission. There's simply no excuse for his behavior at a meeting last month when about 50 parents, many of whom brought their children, wanted a polling place moved from Butz Elementary in Bushkill Tp. to a nearby fire hall. He lashed out as people began speaking over each other, although he is the person who failed to maintain decorum and allowed a situation to develop. He began getting angry with the crowd and threatened to clear the room. Parents got up and left.

NorCo Executive Lamont McClure apologized for Treisner last week. He was "embarrassed at how that meeting was conducted. All public meetings should be conducted with civility. I apologize to those parents and their kids who were offended." Council also voted 5-4 to support a Matt Dietz-sponsored resolution supporting legislation that will require county elections officials to try to find alternatives to using schools as polling places.

Voting in favor of this resolution were Dietz, John Cusick, Peg Ferraro, Bill McGee and Ron Heckman.

Lori Vargo Heffner had previously offered to meet Bushkill parents and show them how things are done in Saucon Valley. But no one ever called her. "I'm a little offended," she admitted. "It goes both ways and civility goes both ways."

Ken Kraft said he would support legislation requiring schools to close or to conduct in service days. But he said the legislation offered was just "two state representatives pandering for a vote in their area." He said the legislation places an unfair burden on elections officials and will never get out of committee.     

But Ron Heckman said he would support the resolution."You are parents, I am a parent, I get it." But he called it an "an elegant solution to a problem that should never have existed in the first place." He said  the schools should be closed or conduct in-service days.

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Anonymous said...

HAha, I like Heckman's line. Funny and true!