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Monday, April 16, 2018

LWV to Nothstein - We Are Nonpartisan

Last week I told you that Lehigh Valley Congressional candidate Marty Nothstein, a Republican, refuses to participate in a primary debate with opponent Dean Browning. He's blowin' oil because the League of Women Voters is a "partisan, liberal organization allied with the interests of the Democratic party." He's particularly irritated at the stance this good government group has taken against the gerrymander. Up until that moment, I thought Nothstein was running a pretty good campaign in which he cast himself as an outsider. But we know now that he's really one of the good ol' boys.

Last week, State Rep. Daryl Committee convened a half-hour hearing on the gerrymander bill with virtually no notice and gutted it. He refused to allow the meeting to be livestreamed and threatened to clear the room when his transparency was challenged.

This divisive and polarizing behavior, we now know, is what to expect from Nothstein.

Beverly Hernandez, Vice President of the Northampton County League of Women Voters, said there is "no partisan agenda. Our purpose is to educate and inform the voter. There ARE Republicans in the League. ... The debates must include both ( or all) parties or we won't hold the debate. Nonpartisan."

In addition to Beverly Hernandez, I'd like to share a comment from Irish Mare:

I am shocked that a campaign manager for Marty Nothstein would allow him to go after an institution like the League of Women Voters. Not only is he hugely misinformed and completely wrong; but he has insulted people who work tirelessly year round to educate, inform and protect the voting rights of all citizens from all parties. And these people (men and women ) have been doing this for years for us, the voting population of the Lehigh Valley from all parties!

Perhaps he should: join the League, attend some meetings, help interview legislators from both parties, organize the Voter's Guides, voter registration efforts, hold candidates forums and debates, research voter reforms and redistricting reforms and help organize the yearly Government Directory that I am sure he has used often. Then I challenge him to make those same claims...

If he wants to go after someone, perhaps he should go after those who were originally responsible for drawing an unconstitutional, partisan gerrymandered map in the first place, in 2011. Who might that be, Mr. Nothstein? I can guarantee it was not the League of Women Voters. This will hurt his campaign going after such a well-respected institution with facts that are erroneous and false. Maybe have a nice long talk with his campaign manager about acting like a grownup and having your facts straight! And maybe he will join the League. He has divulged a side of himself that is very spiteful and nasty and boy oh boy, I believe everyone would agree we don't need anymore of that in Washington, DC! And maybe, just maybe he will be man enough to apologize!
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