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Monday, April 16, 2018

A Tannerite Ban in Upper Mount Bethel?

Mr. Counterman with another friend, Mr. Bob Cartwright
I've told you recently about the uproar in Upper Mount Bethel Township over exploding targets. A Pa. State trooper decided to blow up, not one, not two, but 30 pounds of tannerite at his Upper Mount Bethel Tp property. If you or I did something like that, we'd be sentenced to the electric chair for 20 years. But the grey gods are above the law. Some people were furious about a series of three explosions on March 18, and packed into a Supervisors' meeting. Though town fathers knew exactly what had happened, they claimed the matter was "under investigation." They also discussed the possibility of banning the use of binary explosives (the kind you have to mix together) in the Township. But resident Rufus T. Counterman, a slate belt resident whose family has lived there for generations, is adamantly exposed to any restriction on his personal freedom.

"It's Mister Rufus T. Counterman to you," he told me when he and his buddy, Leroy Sigafoos, recently met me at Mount Bethel Diner. "We are learned gentlemen, you know. Double wides."

Counterman was referring to the double wide trucks he drives for a living.

He told me he is unalterably opposed to any kind of regulation of tannerite. "It gives us something to do, and keeps us away from our cousins and farm animals."
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