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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

July 4 and Boilo

For the past few years, NorCo GOP Chair Lee Snover has invited me to her July 4 picnic. I always go. I consider myself a missionary spreading the light in the darkness of the Lehigh Valley's Trump Central. So far, I've gained no converts, but the food is always good and the company is better. There is only one person there who scares me, and you can see her on the left. Sally Pritchard. She is Lee's mom. The second she saw me yesterday, she pointed and declared "Fake News!"

Over the course of a few hours, we discussed Trump, North Korea, solar panels, nuclear fusion (not to be confused with nuclear fission), sludge (Ron Angle was there), term limits and boilo.

George Halcovage, Chairman of Schuylkill County's Board of Commissioners, was the one talking about boilo, the champagne of the coal regions. He once provided some to the Lithuanian ambassador to the United States. The ambassador was warned to drink it slowly and not too much.  He chugged 16 ounces to start.

The next day, Halcovage called the ambassador, who told him he remembered nothing that happened after he started drinking boilo. ... And then he asked for the recipe.


Anonymous said...

You were the Wolf among the sheep Bernie, LOL!!! Lone Ranger rides again!

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumor is that George Halcovage will run for Congress in the 17th CD next year?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I was wondering about that when I saw him at Lee's picnic. I imagine he's feeling everyone out.

Anonymous said...

He will have as much success as Geissinger.