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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tony Rybak: How To Avoid Tickets

Tony Rybak is a Northampton County Public Defender and claims to have a surefire way to avoid speeding tickets. He says it works for him.

Of course the best way to avoid a speeding ticket is by driving at a safe speed, and one that is below the speed limit. But if you do get pulled over, and the police officer asks you for your driver's license, Tony said it's important to have the right kind of picture.

What you see on your right is the license he's currently using.

He looks like he just got out of Jennifer Sletvold's courtroom.

You should see his passport picture.

Only in Northampton County.

It was Tony's birthday yesterday.

You know what I got him?



Anonymous said...

He looks more like he just got out of prison, not a court room.

Anonymous said...

if you ever been in Sletvold's court, you'll wish you were in prison instead. She'd give Roland Freisler a run for his money....