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Monday, July 24, 2017

Frank Danyi, RIP

Last Monday, Bethlehem Township's Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to honor Frank Danyi for his 44 years of service as Solicitor to the Township Municipal Authority. Frank also represented the Board at one point in a long and distinguished legal career. President Mike Hudak expressed some regret that Frank was unavailable to be recognized personally, and I assumed he was enjoying himself on the beach, as many do at this time of year. Unfortunately and unknown to me, Frank was dying, and passed away on Saturday.

I remember Frank, both from my days of practicing law and later, as a title searcher. He sent his son Kevin to search titles, but Frank had an active real estate practice and was in the Recorder's office often. He was always a fastidious dresser but was known mostly for his easy humor. He was always full of jokes, and for some reason, liked to hand out stickers to the searchers. He always looked on the bright side of things.

He was always classy, always gentlemanly, and I will miss this happy litigator.  

You can read Frank's obituary here.


Anonymous said...

I will always remember Frank as a dedicated servant of the people. I had the privilege to work with him while on County Council and he was serving as Chairman of the Northampton County Prison Commission. He was loved by his peers and will be truly missed by all who knew him. A true gentleman and professional in every sense of the word.
Gerald Seyfried

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks so much Jerry.

Anonymous said...

Frank was very humble and gracious. I had the honor to work with him for the past 18 years. He was genuine in all aspects, and highly regarded in our group. Even during
his sickness he handled himself with such courage. RIP Frank, you will be missed!
Bernie, thank you for taking the time to acknowledge such a good man.

Anonymous said...

I concur with the comments from my colleague Gerry Seyfried. I too had the honor and privilege to serve with Frank as the liaison to the Prison Commission. Thoughtful, honest, humble and articulate are just some adjectives to describe this gentleman. May he rest in eternal peace.

Rich Grucela

Kevin F. Danyi, JD, LLM said...

Thank you, Bernie, Gerry, and Rich for your kind words. My father had an enormous influence on my life and he was the reason I became a lawyer. When I was 16 and could drive to the courthouse, he taught me how to search titles, which beat the heck out of my other job washing dishes. It seemed like everyone in the courthouse knew my dad. He was as Old Guard as it gets and he set a high standard that I can only aspire to. He also practiced a people-focused Christianity that was evident in his dealings with everyone he encountered, from waitresses to bank presidents. I can still hear his voice when I slice a ball into the rough ("Keep your head down!"). I learned a great deal from him and will miss him. His memory is a blessing to me.

Kevin Danyi