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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Venice in Bethlehem Tp

All Bethlehem Township needs are a few gondolas. Sharon Heisner and her neighbor, Scott Horning, have joined a growing list of residents who have attended Township meetings in recent years to complaint about stormwaters. She was at the July 18 Commissioners' meeting, and produced a video of raging stormwaters following a storm on July 8. It transformed Washington and 12th Streets into raging rivers that even gondolas would avoid.

Maybe kayaks would be better.

Heisner reports that her basement walls and floors are cracking because of the outside water pressure. She adds there is no catchment drainage system in her neighborhood. That neighborhood is located downhill from a mobile trailer park demolished in 2006 to make way for condominiums that were never built. She believes that drainage pipes were broken at that time, and contribute to the flooding.

Ironically, a few minutes before, Center Point Properties introduced sketch plans for an expansion at the YCR Freight Facility along Brodhead Road. Plans will increase the amount of impervious coverage beyond what is permitted by zoning. An engineer dismissed that problem as de minimis and something that could be achieved by "best management practices."

Noting that the Township has a stormwater problem, Malissa Davis suggested that Center Point should reconsider seeking a variance.


Anonymous said...

At least the area gets cleaned with a toothbrush after each and every storm as public works director Butch Grube lives right there and has his own personal crew tending the damage. He drives home up to as many as 8 times a day, to check on the roads of course...

Anonymous said...

Is the garbage and human excreasions in this Venice just like the town to the west¿¡ This is and has become a study site for the CDC and a case study on how many humans can be acclimated to drinking tainted waters without becoming sic¿¡
RE:publican redd no party affiliation

Anonymous said...

Redd @8:45,
Not sure of your rant's factual basis, but BT has municipal water in 99.99% of it. Wells went out in the 1960's.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is allowable with the one comment rule, butt this man thinks I might be talking about well water from what I gather, "well well stupid is as stupid does"?! Next time before making a STATEment get up to the speed before sifering?!
Story for using other peoples quotes, butt what and who I am talking about falls under the category of failing infrastructures and the subjects in this statistical subject matter are the very same statistical subjects that fall under the headcount spreadsheet used to manipulate the triboro's statistically of those that really don't even count as being human subjects, is me being one of many?!
RE: publican redd

I am trying to hold a coheriant conversation put to print gagetiZed!

Anonymous said...

If you want your points to be understood, and wish to have an intelligent conversation, please use a version of English that one can comprehend. Your random capitalization, faux intellect, and misspelling (intentional?) are annoying.

The poster @9:18

Anonymous said...

Check your own grammar tough guy.

Anonymous said...

I think this is because the township only discovered the concept of storm sewers and curbing until 75% of the township was built out.