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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Looks Like I'll Soon Be in Mental Health Court

I have something of a hate-hate relationship with NorCo Finance Director Jim Hunter. He's a frickin' banker, a Republican and works for Executive John Brown. He's ugly, too. When he once told me the camera shooting Council meetings adds ten pounds, I told him he looks like he ate ten cameras. So yesterday, when I saw him at a Council Committee meeting, sitting just a few rows behind me, I slipped my hand around the back of the chair and said Hi in my own special way. I gave him the finger. When I turned around later during the meeting, a stern-looking Judge Dally was sitting there.

Looks like I might soon be in mental health court.

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Anonymous said...

The finger doesn't do justice, mr hidey hoe with a cut paste job of faces now would be a gas!
RE:publican redd