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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Abe Atiyeh: I Am Not An Animal

Abe Atiyeh 
Developer Abe Atiyeh just missed on his 547,839th attempt to persuade Bethlehem's zoners to allow a drug rehab center tonight. Yes, the vote was 5-0 against him, but it took them a half hour. I'll have a story tomorrow with all the details, although The Express Times's Zach Lindsey has already beaten me.

But before I get into my own rendition, I want to share a little kerfuffle between Atiyeh and City Council Solicitor Chris Spadoni. The Bethlehem Barister was peppering Atiyeh, and Abe finally blew up.

"I am not an animal. If you want to talk to me like an animal, I'll talk to you like an animal."

So nobody talked like an animal.
Chris Spadoni


Anonymous said...

Dr. Doolittle should have intervened in this dispute.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I like that. Wish I had thought of it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe local politics against this man are colaborating with allentowns king and all his court jesters¿ Allentowns people in official seats have a show better than any circus act in the world. They are all pigs wollowing in the Big Brown Hole, that call and treat the public as they called them a CANCER!

Anonymous said...

Rosary. :)

Anonymous said...

what does spadoni do for his pay?

Anonymous said...

Go Abe, go!