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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Your Kids Should Brush Their Teeth

John Morganelli announces no criminal charges in LSD case
Two young men from Bangor, aged 7 and 10, were a little late getting ready for school one fine morning this September. As their mom reminded them to brush their teeth, the boys decided on a short cut. Instead of the toothbrush, they grabbed a bottle of breath mint, and took a few drops each. Problem solved, right?

Wrong, their problem was just beginning. It was one that would send both of these boys to the hospital. It would involve police and Children and Youth. Their parents would themselves have to undergo drug screening for five weeks.

You see, instead of breath mints, these boys had just ingested LSD, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

At a November 28 news conference, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli explained how it happened.

Just a few days before, these boys found the breath mint bottle on the porch outside their apartment building. They brought it in and put it in the medicine cabinet. Mom thought Dad bought it. Dad thought Mon bought it.

Running late for school, these boys finally had the excuse they needed to squeeze a few drops. After an overnight stay at Lehigh Valley Hospital, they'll probably think twice before drinking from something they find outside.

Their parents came under suspicion, too. In addition to several interviews with local police, they were subjected to a five-week investigation by Children and Youth. This included a review of the boys' medical histories and home visits, both announced and unannounced. These parents even had to undergo weekly drug and alcohol screening.

According to Morganelli, two residents in that apartment building were known drug users. But they are gone. Attempts to locate them were unsuccessful, and police were unable to lift prints from the bottle.

The good news is that both boys are fine. "Luckily, it appears there will be no long term effects," announced Morganelli. In fact, neither of them remembers what happened after taking the drops.

But their parents will remember for the rest of their lives.
DA Morganelli: No Charges in Kids' Poisoning


Tommy Chong said...

Far out, man!

monkey momma said...

Glad to hear children and youth investigated the parents thoroughly. I have a hard time believing that LSD was just left laying around on a random porch. I suppose it's possible, but it's far more likely that the kids got into the parents' stash. Especially if the drugs were kept in the bottle of a product normally used by that family. Sorry to break it to this family, but there's going to be a whole lot of folks who never believe the parents are innocent here.

Anonymous said...

Read before you post scurrilous accusations at the parent/guardian. They tested clean for drugs and alcohol. The kids said they found the container outside the house. The downstairs neighbors were druggies.

If anything, the parent/guardian are guilty of not having enough money to live in a better place with no druggies nearby.

Bernie O'Hare said...

9:53 is correct. The kids found it on the porch, and the area had some known drug users. The mom and dad went thru the ringer, but

monkey momma said...

Sorry...I just don't believe that it was all a weird coincidence. People don't just leave drugs laying around. But, I'm glad the kids are OK.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Although I understand the suspicion, which was shared by police and Children and Youth, it appears a number of things are n the parents' favor:

1) When the mom gets a call, she rushes to the ER.

2) She tells police about the bottle, thinking the father purchased it.

3) The father acknowledges the bottle and one of them brings it to police. He thought the mom bought it.

4) The home was found to be clean and orderly.

5) The kids' medical records showed no signs of neglect.

6) The parents went thru announced and unannounced home visits.

7) The parents went thru drug screening for 5 weeks.

8) There were a few druggies in that apartment building.

9) I imagine someone on LSD might not be too careful about where he puts things.

Tate said...

Should of just brushed their teeth, bad things happen when they don't listen to mom.