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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mezzacappa Claims Otter Promised to "Thow" RTK Appeal

Tricia Mezzacappa, the very same person who's accused me of kicking and poisoning her pet pig, is now making even more bizarre claims. In a pleading in Northampton County Court, she complains that the state Office of Open Records failed to "throw" an appeal in her favor. Of course, the Otter is involved.

Last time I checked, case-fixing is a crime. But Mezzacappa, in court pleadings, is fine with it so long as it's in her favor.

Here's how it went down, according to Mezzacappa. Larry Otter called her on the morning of April 4 to tell her that the Office of Open Records (OOR) would "very likely throw" a pending case in her favor. This is because he had a little chat (wink, wink) with a powerful state House member whose office just happens to oversee the OOR's budget. So that very afternoon, when an attorney with the state agency asked her for an extension to respond to her appeal, she magnanimously agreed.

But it didn't turn out that way. When the OOR came down with its decision, it denied her appeal.

I've asked this powerful House member, who I decline to identify, whether there is any truth to Mezzacappa's accusation. He didn't know what the Hell I am talking about, and has never even heard of Mezzacappa.

I've asked the state Office of Open Records whether they have any knowledge of this case-fixing scheme. I have not heard back from them and doubt I will. I'll bet they'd make me fill out a RTK request. They're funny that way.

Finally, I asked Larry Otter to fill me in on the case-fixing, and received a reply as bizarre as the allegations:
"Dear Mr. O'Hare

"I think you will find that the allegations are unfounded. Any conversation I may or may not have had with the [redacted] dealt with more interesting matters which are beyond your comprehension and are none of your business. I would also appreciate you keeping away from my Harrisburg clients.

"SINCE YOU ARE DISBARRED, I guess you are not an attorney of record in this RTK matter. As usual, you seem to take a perverse interest in all affairs Mezzacappa after she dumped you. I need not go into those sordid details here

"I also suppose you are still smarting from the Gracedale referendum and Mr. Angle's defeat at the polls last year. YOU ARE AT YOUR USUAL TROUBLE MAKING BEST WITH THIS UNFOUNDED CHARGE.

"By the way, are you afraid you might be on the receving [sic] end of a subpoena in a new matter? Questioning you under oath will be an adventure with the paper and blog trail of lies you leave behind.

"In the meantime, please go directly to HELL where you belong you creepy loser."

I have one word for Larry Otter - valium. I have two words for Tricia Mezzacappa - Fifth Amendment. She's either outright lying or implicating herself, along with Otter, in an aborted case-fixing scheme that apparently back-fired.

Source: West Easton v. Mezzacappa, 2012-C-7973, Answer of Tricia Mezzacappa, Paragraph 21, filed 9/17/12.


Anonymous said...

You know, I've had business and personal legal counsel from several attorneys in the LV, from west Allentown to the Slate Belt. None of them would ever pen such a missive, even to their most despised adversary.

The Otter, at least from what we've seen here, is the Orly Taitz of the LV.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Not exactly professional. Or very smart. I thought I should publish it and let others see what a swell guy he is ... not.

Anonymous said...


Have you forwarded the pleading to the District Attorney and the President Judge? This needs to be investigated.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Not yet. What kills me is that Mezzacappa was fine with having the case thrown, apparently, so long as it was thrown in her favor.

Anonymous said...

Is that TM's latest pet? Looks like a rabid otter.

Anonymous said...

do otters and pigs breed?

Anonymous said...


Don't worry. If he loses any of these cases mentioned in this post, he will sue you for attorney fees.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"do otters and pigs breed?"

Don't ask Otter or Mezzacrappa. I would not believe either one of them.

Anonymous said...

OMG, her family must be terribly embarassed.

Bernie O'Hare said...

For pointing out her own false statements? For publishing Otter's
bizarre reply, in which he himself refutes her?