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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Callahan Discussing Proposed Budget With Express Times Live Blog

Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan is in the bunker with Express Times editors, defending his proposed 2013 budget. The sitdown is being liveblogged.


Anonymous said...

Is Callahan going to open a campaighn office, or will he just use this blog?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Um, there are few anonymous blogs out there that are being pushed by Reibman and McClure. For all I know, they are the authors. I don't hide who I support and who I don't. This blog is NOT anonymous and is doing its best to tell the truth.

With respect to Callahan's proposed budget, I have seen some vicious disinformation by the anonymous assholes. I've even seen an idiotic defense of a billion dollar-endowed exempt organization that is sticking it to us all. I decided a response with facts was in order. That always helps and I am gratified by the many good responses I've received.

Must bother the hell out of you.