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Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Battle of The Wonks

President Obama is downright inspirational when he delivers a fiery sermon before a huge, adoring crowd. But in a substantive debate against a surprisingly well-prepared Mitt Romney, he faltered just a wee bit in last night's presidential debate. In a gaffe-free battle of the wonks, I'd give Romney a slight edge, if only because he more than held his own against someone who's had the job the last four years. Unfortunately, with the exception of the discussion of Obamacare, most of their discussion was fairly esoteric.

When it came to Obamacare, Romney hit hard. He noted the differences between the federal law and his own plan, called Romneycare, which was adopted in Massachusetts when he was Governor. Instead of shoving it down people's throat, he noted that Romneycare is a product of both major parties. "Something this big, this important, has to be done on a bi-partisan basis," he said.

His plan does not raise taxes. It imposes no cuts to medicare. No unelected board will decide what treatment you ought to have. People who have insurance are in no risk of losing it.

Obama, somewhat disingenuously, insisted that a law opposed by every single Republican is somehow bi-partisan. He argued that Romneycare “leaves people uninsured” and in a position “to fend for themselves,” while his own tries to make the cost of care more effective.

It was a tad wonkish by my standards, especially for the first forty or so minutes. For that reason, a lot of people might have tuned out.

Romney's debate performance will certainly help his campaign, but there are two debates to go.I'm interested in what you think. When you do, please let me know if you support Obama, Romney or are undecided. I was leaning heavily towards Obama, but am less so now.

Best Smile: Obama.

Best Haircut: Obama

Most Presidential: Tie

Most Arrogant: Obama scolds moderator Jim Lehrer for interrupting him.

Most Whiny: Romney keeps complaining about the debate rules.

Funniest one-liner: Romney. When Obama complained that he was spending his 20th wedding anniversary in a debate, Romney wisecracked, "I'm sure it’s the most romantic place you can imagine, here with me."

Worst visual: Obama looks down too much when Romney is speaking. (Obama was probably writing notes to himself).

Best Argument: Romney, discussing soaring food and gas prices, claimed it has amounted to an "economy tax" under Obama.


Anonymous said...

A slight edge to Romney? It was so lopsided it was almost painful to watch.

Romney clearly had a better handle on the facts than the guy who's been in office for the last four years. But hey, all that golfing catches up to you after a while.

Mark Baker said...

Romney wins. Obama demands tele-prompter for next debate.

Bernie O'Hare said...

OK, and who did you support before the debate? I'm interested to seeif there are any Obama supporters out there who are willing to concede he lost. And I agree he dd, but would not call it a blow out. Both looked pretty good, for the most part.

Bill Coker said...


Have to agree with you giving Romney the edge. I must admit I was somewhat shocked as I had thought Obama was much better on his feet, but was pleasantly surprised by Romney's performance. Obama looked defensive and Romney seemed to keep the upper hand.

Will be interesting to hear the media's "unbiased" discourse and see the new polls.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It was a bit of a surprise to me as well. Romney actually came across as likable.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess. You were a special guest at the Copperhead in Allentown. Teabagger central for the Republicans tonight.

Bernie O'Hare said...

No I was not, and I have been undecided in this race and voted for Obama last time around. Instead of attacking me, why not offer your take on who won or lost, or why. It is obvious you are a hater, and support from assholes like you is the last thing Obama needs.

Anonymous said...

Romney did a great job. He once again changed his position on every thing he once said. The President looked like most of us, confused that a guy with no core beliefs like Romney can get away with just out and out lying. Odf cours wwhen your core conssitiency like rothe Republicans are only motivate dby hatredof the President, you can say anything and get a cheer.

Romney promised to do everthing he compalined the President is doing. However, Romney will do it at half the cost. Critical thinking is not a tabagger strong suit.

Don't ask for specifics, you will ave to wait for that.

Anyone rmemeber, Richard Nixon's secret plan to end the Vietnam war. He wouldn't tell us until after we elected him. By then it was to late. Romney found his role model. Just make shit up and defend it to the hilt.

Shows what racist hatred will do to people and their ability to think rationally.

Romney will be like a cheap vibrator a nd stimualte the economy whjile using voodoo economics. Oh, that was once used bewfore as well.

"Forward to the past with Mitt." Alternative title, "No more Mr. black guy."

Bernie O'Hare said...

So I take it that you are an Obama supporter eho concedes Romney won.

Anonymous said...

Romney won in the sense that he promised everytihg to everyone and said he would do it woithout the need for extra maoney and in fact would make sure taxes were cut even more.

Hell O'Hare, Romney made Santa Claus look like Scrooge.
So in that sense, yes he won.

Bernie O'Hare said...

So I take it that you are an Obama supporter who concedes Romney won.

Anonymous said...

I was not sure about Romney before the debate, but finally putting the two side by side it became a no brainer that he is more business savvy and has been in a leadership role a lot more of his life than Obama.

Most will admit, Obama seems like a likable guy however most CEO's, leaders, and people in charge aren't suppose to be your best friends. They are the one's who need to make the calls like "go over that hill" knowing you could die (military), letting a program go (his remark about not giving money to PBS) and so on...

I am glad to vote Romney!


Anonymous said...

Barry, the Manchurian Candidate is lost without his tele-promter.

Anonymous said...


Barry was reciting lines all night while Mitt was creating responses drawn a lifetime spent in business and government. The president seemed bored and annoyed, Romney was energized.
I had no doubt Romney would do well, I was surprised how poorly the president performed.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Mitt clearly won that debate. Now I understand why we are in a mess a broad with our current president. Now I understand why we are in a mess here with $4.00 gasoline and +8% unemployment. Obama simply does not know or understand how to Administer or for that matter run anything that resembles a business. He showed that last night. He could not even make an argument showcasing how any federal program actually works for "the people". All he could do is spew political jargon and blame Bush. Romney is by far the better choice and what this country needs. PS: I am an Independent and NOT registered to any party!

Anonymous said...

The scary part of last night is that it was clear that Mr.Obama does not understand basic economics. I think Romney genuinely attempted to explain it to him, but Obama just couldn't grasp the effect of his own economic policies, particularly as they effect jobs.

It certainly does explain why we are where we are economically, and it's apparent that no one's to blame beside Obama.

Anonymous said...

What a slaughter. Obama has avoided pressers and tough interviews for four years. Perhaps he should have accepted tougher questioning than the kind he routinely lined up from People and Parade and Boys Life. It's the first time in four years he had to answer for his abysmal record.

Anonymous said...

"Forward to the past with Mitt." Alternative title, "No more Mr. black guy."

3:01 AM

That is all you have to hang your hat on.

Race whore.

Your guy is a dumbass. Had no command of his facts or his lies. Even girlymen sycophants Bill Maher and Ed Schultz have their panties in a bunch over Romney's thrashing of teh messiah.

What I saw was two Ivy Leaguers, neither the answer for this country, but one head and shoulders above the other.

Obviously, Romney did the work while he was in school and afterward, Obama exposed as one who coasted through without ever doing or learning anything other than the Alinksy rules. Exposed, not by your hated "Faux Noise" or some other partisan effort, but by his own ineptitude on display in front of 60 million.

Fret not. The media, having seen the carnage, will have an even leftier lefties than Lehrer ready for the coming debates. They know the fakir can't stand on his own and they must come to his rescue.


Anonymous said...

"Blow out"? It was a presidential smack-down! By all accounts including the left-leaning NBC news staff Romney won the debate hands down. Obama was listless and disengaged. He acted like he would rather be on a golf course for the 100th time in his presidency. He loves the glamour, prestige, and perks of the job but not the job itself. How can you defend the lackluster job he has done with the economy? He is so arrogant he readily accepted the term "Obamacare" which will either be his legacy or downfall. And Romney scored big time with his attacks on Obama's failure to reach across the aisle to get things done. It's a "my way or the highway" philosophy for this president. In times of crisis you must find common ground. Romney was the clear winner of the debate and the polls should reflect this in the days ahead.

Anonymous said...

ROMNEY won by a knock-out!

Barry 0 and 1

Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews admitted Romeny won when he said:
"What was Romney doing? He was winning."

He also basically said that he and MSNBC are going to do everything they can to attack Romeny, so I am going to go out on a limb and say that Romney is going to be debating Obama and the moderator on an MSNBC debate.

If you want to see Chris Matthews break down you can see it here:


Anonymous said...

I must have been watching another debate. I'm not crazy about Prez O, but I don't see R as the solution. 8% unemployment and nearly $4 a gallon gas? I often feel as if I'm cursed for having a memory that spans past a year. When I began my unemployment, soon after the crash of 08', I could have sworn unemployment was about 13 1/2% with the the gas prices about $4.60 cents a gallon (and, go figure, oil companies making the most billions in profit in history). Perhaps having a job and someone in office who says "gee, maybe regulation of Wall St is a good thing, since the deregulation almost deystroyed our country", has me leaning toward Obama. What I heard from R, thru my B.S. filter: "Sure, I've got solutions, Let unbridled greed rule with more money to the rich so we can trickle down on all of you (details later)".

Anonymous said...

The president seemed to lack interest in the debate and was bored. Looking down not writting notes. Look at your opponent and try to understand what he is saying. Obama seemed like he would rather be golfing so aloof.
We need change and change fast.

Anonymous said...

Was shocked at how poor Obama came off, I expected more.

Romney clearly seemed more engaged and better prepared. Which he should have been, since he's only running a campaign and not a country at the moment.

Still frustrated in the lack of details coming from Romney, besides "I'll cut this/recind that/give it back or put it on the states to figure out/I'm not Obama"

As for his bipartisan credentials, saying you worked with and crafted legislation with Democrats is impressive, but when you realize he was working with 90% Dems, he also didn't have too much of a choice either.

Both were horrible in "observing the rules of the debate" showing a total lack of respect to each other, the moderator, and the public.

No matter who wins in November it will most assuredly be more of the same.


Anonymous said...

8:05 -

Your memory is faulty.

Unemployment was still low when Obama was elected. In fact, Obama famously stated that passing his stimulus would keep unemployment from going over 8%, which was then considered a very safe bet even with the ongoing job losses.

Obviously we've been over 8% for a long time, and well over 10% if you include the people looking for work so long that the Administration no longer counts them in the calculation. Minorities fare even worse, with a real unemployment rate of about 20%.

Like the President, you are not entitled to your own facts. But unlike the President, you're not entitled to your own plane.

Anonymous said...

Scott @ 8:28 -

Please don't give me the "President is busy running the country" excuse.

Over the last few weeks he's had time for fundraisers with celebrities, and appearances on Letterman and the View. Plus he's the current President, so theoretically he should know much more than anyone about the way the government works.

That he's actually in charge with so little knowledge is actually frightening.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the media's flags are all at half mast today.

The debate demonstrates to the viewing audience the trouble the Obama Presidency finds itself in.

This clearly put President Obama on his heels, as he's not used to being doggedly pursued and put on the defensive by an aggressive opponent when he can't control the environment and isn't surrounded and protected by his cadre of handlers.

President Obama looked smug in his finest moments and completely defeated in his worst, most of those coming in moments when he had to run away from his record rather than on it, which was frequently.

Anonymous said...

This WAS a major beat down. Obama was exposed as the candidate less capable of leading America back.
Eastwood's empty chair image was strong.

Watch out for a double down of lies, name-calling, ugly attacks by the liberal side. Not even Romney's religion is safe from this point on.

Anonymous said...

Obvious Romney win, both on substance and style points. As a Romney supporter, I expected the win on substance (at least from my perspective), but I didn't expect it to be so one-sided, and for Romney to look so much more Presidential and likable than Obama.

I'm kind of finding it amusing watching Obama's flunkies try to find someone/something to blame besides their hero. They've questioned Lehrer and the fairness of the debate, despite the fact that Obama spoke for 3-4 minutes more than Romney did (according to the CNN debate clock). If anyone has a complaint about unfairness, its Romney.

Obama came out looking flat and disinterested, never recovered, and is about to pay the price in the polls. It's going to be interesting to watch the media try to dig up some dirt on Romney (or simply create it, if necessary) to try to rescue Obama!

Anonymous said...

I'm also amazed at the media pundits on MSNBC wondering why Obama didn't bring up Romney's 47% comment, or Bain Capital.

The reality is that it's easy to throw lies and half-truths to a room of your supporters, or to twist your opponents statements into something they are not. Such lies might even be repeated by your willing accomplices in the media.

But it is much harder to make those outrageous comments face-to-face to your opponent, in front of a live audience, where they can easily be explained and refuted. I'm sure Romney was ready for those types of smears last night, and would have easily knocked such comments out of the park.

The President spent the last year avoiding the facts and painting Romney as some Gordon Gecko-like monster. The lies eventually catch up, and they certainly did with Mr. Obama last night.

Anonymous said...

8:39 - wasnt so much of an excuse than an observation. How much "running the country" is certainly up for debate, but sitting Presidents do have a little more on their plate beyond running for reelection.

I remember thinking that Kerry cleaned W's clock in the debates back in 2004.

I'm not crazy about Obama, but Romney still hasn't given anything beyond broad outlines of things that sound great, but the devil as always is in the details.


Hokie Joe said...

I support Obama but have to admit he did not win the debate last night. Romney reinvented hisself at the debate and Obama didn't have a clue he was broadsided by the cameleon antics of a desparate candidate. He had no clue how to handle the situation. He lost out right. Not just by a wee bit. However, on the other hand, Romney didn't offer anything but campaigh rhetoric. Obama can bounce back from this and he wil. He definetly was unprepared for a complete changeover af Romneys political character. Hats off to Romney. This one is is. As a senior citizen I still remember his 47% comment and his attack on Social Security, Medicare and medicade and trying to change your colors this late in the game won't change my opinion. I'm still with Obama. Oh by the way, I'm one of the few Democrats who will tell you I also voted for Republican Presidents in the past.

Anonymous said...

As a moderate Republican keeping an open mind, I found that Obama's responses were subdued and long winded and I felt my interest in the debate waning. Conversely, Romney was a pleasant suprise. His polite but sharp and well infornmed responses kept my interest. I felt that I could trust this guy and I don't need to know all the details. The references to Solyndra were very tough for Obama (picking losers!). I didn't realize the magnitude of money (90 billion!) given out for green energy and that many companies that failed were big campaign donors. That really caught my attention. I think my trust in Obama was eroded a bit.

Anonymous said...

As an Obama supporter, I was disappointed..Mitt however was his usual self basically saying that he'll give everybody everything they want and it wont cost anything..Mitt has so many positions on evrything that Obama didnt know who he was debating, lol..However, can't wait for the foreign policy debate..Mitt still thinks we are fighting the Russians..And then Obama can ask him why he was hiding on the beaches of France playing a morman missionary (four deferrments) while others his age were fighting and dying for their country. Maybe all of you Mitt supporters can explain his cowardice, huh?

Anonymous said...

It's near impossible to debate with an unabashed liar like Mitt Romney.

Anonymous said...

Obama supporter here

Clearly, the overall affect of the debate was a Romney win. A great performance. Obama's effort to remain cool and calm and above the fray backfired. He seemed disinterested.

However, when you actually look at what Romney said, there are a lot of mistruths and inconsistencies. He has continued to flip flop on taxes, teachers, health care. Obama seemed as confused as I was at this new person he was debating.

In June, Romney said we don't need more firefighters, policeman, or teachers. Last night he said, " so I reject the idea that I don't believe in great teachers or more teachers"

So which is it?

Round one to Romney, but before you R's get too excited, remember there are two more rounds to go. And I have faith that the Obama campaign will learn from last nights mistakes and come out swinging next time.

Be careful what you wish for R's


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed in all three individuals - Lehrer allowed Romney to bully him, Romney not only lied, he insisted on continuing to lie even when his lies were pointed out, and Obama seemed unwilling to confront most of Romney's bullcookies.

Why do they call these things debates? I mean, I was on debating teams in high school and college and there is little similarity between a formal debate and the buzzword hash slinging we saw last evening. And the concept of winning? That eludes me completely.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"And then Obama can ask him why he was hiding on the beaches of France playing a morman missionary (four deferrments) while others his age were fighting and dying for their country. Maybe all of you Mitt supporters can explain his cowardice, huh?"

I see. Can you tell me whether Obama served in any branch of the military? Maybe that's why he shied away from tagging Romney.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Mitt still thinks we are fighting the Russians.."

If you don't think the Russians present a national security threat, especially as Putin begins to reel back in the Georgias, you are seriously misinformed.

Anonymous said...

My view:

Romney had no where to go but up, and he did. He was prepared and he came across well.

Overall: The president looked like a man who spends most of his time with yes men because that's the truth about all incumbants. He did not seem ready to answer for his decisions.

Body language: The president must look at the opponent, at the moderator, into the camera, but not constantly down at whatever he was referring to.

Facts: Know them cold. You cannot appear to be at a fact disadvantage with any opponent.

Question of the day: Why on earth would the president not bring up the "47%" issue? Not even once.


Bernie O'Hare said...

"Round one to Romney, but before you R's get too excited, remember there are two more rounds to go. And I have faith that the Obama campaign will learn from last nights mistakes and come out swinging next time."

Agreed. I think Obama will improve the next round.

Bernie O'Hare said...

VOR, You're right. He should have mentioned that 47% issue.

Anonymous said...

There is no way Obama can bring up the 47% issue.

It's a trap. They are wise to it. The people watching the debates are part of the 53%.

It only leads into Obama defending his record on the economy, the rise in poverty, rise in food stamps, unemployment and the list goes on. He's had four years to fix things and nothing is fixed.

Frankly, Romney's opinion of the 47% isn't inaccurate. Why would you vote out the hand that feeds you?

These debates are only to convince the real undecided voters, of which there are few. For the majority of us, we've already made up our minds. These debates aren't going to sway our decision.

Romney and Obama's performances reflected the attitude of their parties this year. The Republican Party is hungry, energized and is going out to vote in numbers that the Democrats saw in 2008. They want it more than the Democrats do. The Democratic Party, on the other hand is kind of meh this year.

Anonymous said...


Obama was not of military age during the Vietnam era..No one was called on to fight a war when Obama became an adult...The simple fact is is that Romney was of age during the Vietnam war..He chose to get a missionary deferrment among others and spent the time in France and on the beaches of France
instead of fighting in the war..He was rich and priviledged and used that to avoid the war..I think Obama could easily win that argument if he brought it up..Easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Romney was asked who he thought our most serious geopolitical foe was..he said Russia..If you believe that, you are as dumb as he is...Seriously, I can't wait for the foreign policy debate..

Bernie O'Hare said...

So because there is no war, there is no need for a military? I would argue that Obama could not criticize Romney's failure when he failed to serve himself, war or no war.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Romney was asked who he thought our most serious geopolitical foe was..he said Russia..If you believe that, you are as dumb as he is...Seriously, I can't wait for the foreign policy debate.."

Russia is our most serious geopolitical foe. Under the former KGB agent Putin, its government is becoming more authoritarian. People critical of the government are again being sent to gulags. The country is bringing back some of its spin offs. Georgia just elected a President that some think is a Russian agent. Russian troops are in Tajikistan. The country opposes virtually every FP initiative proposed by the US.

You could argue that China is a more serious threat, but I view the threat of that country as more economic than as an affront to our national security.

Obama has pledged to Russian officials, in one of his "hot mike" moments, that he will ease up on missile defense after the election. "This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”

That statement is a little scary.

Having said that, I believe Obama has been more successful in FP than was Bush.

Anonymous said...


Dead U.S. Ambassador?

Yeah, Obama's foreign policy has been awesome.

Time for another Apology Tour, I believe.

Good thing the smartest and greatest President in the history of the United States (having earned that distinction BEFORE even being elected, of course) will have four more years to promote Democracy in the Middle East.

Back to pre-1967 borders for you, Israel.

Maybe, in his second term, Obama can win a 2ND NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!!!

Anonymous said...

Bring on that 47% garbage.


Socialism has failed EVERYWHERE it has been tried.

Looks like the Greeks have been caught lying about their true debt picture --- AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

He is for educating future generations...just not Sesame Street. Big bird must be a 47 percenter.

Anonymous said...

Medicare aka Socialism.

Anonymous said...

That number was proven to be misleading. Why does energy independence translate to exporting gas, oil, and coal? Why no commitments to keeping a high percentage of product from a keystone pipeline and future drilling in anwar in US interest? It is not energy independence. It is for the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

Romney had numerous primary debates and it showed. The presdient was flat and forgot that a debate is not about logic or facts but about the gut and emotion. It is more about how you say things, rather than the things you say.

Romney knew that, and came out swinging. It is unimportant that once again he changed his already stated policices on the fly, he has done that for years. Hell, even his Republican rivals siad it is hard to debate a guy who has so many psotions on every topic.

It doesn't matter, the Presidents debate team really let him down. He came for a serious converstaion and forgot iot was a street fight.

It was easy to see that Romney in true CEO fashion has thin skin and his sttrained smile hid impatience and disdain. The President needs to learn from that and get under his skin. CEO's do not like to be told they are wrong. They are use to people agreeing with them. They traditionally confuse fear for respect. This is not a gentlemans sport but a "blood Sport".

The President should ask Gingrich or one of the other Republicans who have experinced the Romney flip-flops to prep him.

No question that Romney drew first blood. If the President doesn't learn from this, he is doomed.
Romney's patrician attitude is still there and his "never never land" approach to giving people all they like but not having to pay for it is easy pickings. Yet the President fumbled the ball.

Romney is still long on promises and short on specifics. As Ryan would say, "You wouldn't understand". The Dem's need to bring in some new battle tested coaches for the next debate.

Clinton would be a good tester. He could also instruct the Presdient on how to connect with the people. Romney did no better at that. Both came off as distant and above the fray. Both straining to claim they knoew how people suffer, yet neither showing they really do.

The next debate should be interesting. If the Presdent brings a knife to a gunfight, he will be in serious trouble in Novemeber.

It is funny to read how all the teabaggers are complaining about the very media that unanimously chided the President and gave points to Romney. Must all be part of the vast left wing media conspiracy. How can you manage to have so much hate and still go on living?

Anonymous said...

Great point 1:57,

If the media is all left leaning and support Obama no matter what, then why are they saying romney won? The teabaggers make me laugh..This all doesnt matter in Pa. None of the Romney supporters commenting on this blog will make one difference on election day in pa. Obama and casey will both win Pa. handily, so that's why their votes wont matter..Maybe that's why they're always angry, lol

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:57, You were doing OK until you took a shot at Romney supporters. Instead of insulting them, why not persuade them? Have things become this partisan?

Anonymous said...

2:05 -BO - Have things become this partisan?

LOL - Its been winner take all warfare since the end of the Reagan Administration.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, there is no "persuading" zealots and fanatics. I do not attack genuine Romney supporters, I call it like it is on fringe groups be they left or right.

In many ways I think the real Mitt Romney, stripped of the Republican Right wing nuts, is probably a pretty sensible guy forced to mouth some silly old trickle down the leg lines about government and business. I am sure he knows full well that his plan to give all the beneitfs of the ACA but none of the cost is as plausuible as Nwet's moonbase. yet that is the nature of politcs.

The "tea party", has had their own goofy moniker turned on them in a satire of their own hate inspired cause.

Most of the teabaggers did not support Romney early on and I doubt if many do today. This group is driven by an almost irrational hatred of the presidet and in many ways the Democratic Party.

If you want to attack those who point out the obivous, go for it, it is your blog.

Facts are facts. Opinions are opinions. I am not here to "persuade" anyone, just give my opnion.

My opinion is that the teabaggers would vote for a Chritian Religion Satan before they would vote for President Obama. In your heart you know I am right, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I just read on the news and heard on the radio that Obama is ripping Romney and making fun of some comments Romney made last night (i.e. Big Bird). That's who Obama is in a nutshell. Give him a teleprompter and put him in front of an adoring national media and an audience of partisan worshipers and suddenly he's a great candidate again!

Anonymous said...

I think Obama was out of it because he smoked a little weed beforehand. He looked tired and like he needed some Doritos.

Clinton called him Obama an amateur. Last time, Obama vied with John McCain, a true war hero, but a guy who barely graduated from Annapolis (894th of 899) and looked like he couldn't fog a mirror in between angry outbursts in the debates.

Romney is bit more of a challenge than McCain. Barack should put down the blunts and take the next one more seriously. It's likely too late, though.

Anonymous said...

"Energized Obama Tries to Rebound After Wednesday's Debate"

headline, www.nbcnews.com

The press corps in action, campaigning in their own subtle way.

Anonymous said...

Obama the muslim socialist has already told the Russians that he would give in after he was reelected...."I'll have more flexibility"

He must lose to preserve America!

Anonymous said...

Romoney looked high on methamphetamines with all the sweating, twitching mouth, extreme hand gestures, blinking red eyes, and continual outbursts.
that stuff must help with the myriad of flip-flopping and lies.

Anonymous said...

Who cares who "won" the debate! The point should be the content and the plans to deal w issues and have the nation progress! I am concerned with substance not who the best orator or debator was last night.

Wake up people and get educated!

Anonymous said...

Obama is an arrogant dunce and it showed tonight. He is a paper mache president with no substance who has been propped up by his adoring media and Hollywood "groupies" for years. He has bamboozled the public with his charm and "hip" jive talk. But he has been an utter failure as our country's chief executive and Romney will kick him out of the board room in November.

Bill Coker said...

Anonymous said...
Romoney looked high on methamphetamines with all the sweating, twitching mouth, extreme hand gestures, blinking red eyes, and continual outbursts.
that stuff must help with the myriad of flip-flopping and lies.

Who's high? Did you watch the same debate I did?

Anonymous said...

Bernie. 11:20
Romney demonstrated in favor of the war in Vietnam nd then sought his deferment. That is the hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

"Have things become this partisan"

Christ on Crack, O'Hare. Read all the teabagger comments and you can answer your own question.

Obama looked tired and at times bored. Romney looked like a guy on Redbull and meth. Neither one said anything of substance.

Pick your poison.

Anonymous said...

After the November election, Obama can get a Job on Saturday Night Live as a Comedian!

Anonymous said...

While not relativly important, the Big Bird story goes on. That show could be on any number of channels. It is a popular attraction and doesn't need government support.

The issue is with the other PBS stuff. It's terible biased in favor of activist causes. No reason in todays tectnological world it needs money borrowed from China.

Anonymous said...

It is funny to read all these posts. I watched the debate and didn't see it the way most of these posts say. Of course the Obama supports revert right to name calling (teabaggers) and what not because they have no real facts to counter that their guy looked scared on natiional tv. At least Bernie admits the presdient lost even though he supports Obama. Maybe Obama can have George Clooney give him some acting lessons. Clooney is a good American. He has military backround....oops...sorry that was only a make believe movie.

Anonymous said...

Obama got clobbered. Fire Obama!

Anonymous said...

Yet the nastiest posts are still by the teabaggers that O'Hare protects.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The nastiest posts come from weekend trolls like you.

Anonymous said...

Really Bernie, blind to the constant attacks and vile meferences to the Presdient, the First lady, Democrats, union employees, etc. by tyhe tea party extremeists. I guess that since you are now Comrade Teabagger, they aren't false, they are witty.

Read your own blog. Better yet, get someone who has not been totally co-opted to resd it to you sometimes.

As ever, your judgement is suspect.

Anonymous said...

Big dummy....Barry Obama