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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

State Supremes Dismiss Otter Claim For Att'y Fees in Gracedale Saga

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has refused to hear Doylestown lawyer Larry Otter's continuing attempt to grab attorney fees from Ron Angle and yours truly in the never-ending Gracedale saga. This follows a Commonwealth Court opinion that quashed his appeal.

This claim for attorney fees arises from the ashes of a lawsuit that Angle and I filed, challenging the Gracedale referendum. We claimed there were not enough valid signatures. We came close, but in the end, we lost.

Otter, who claims he's an election law expert worth $450 an hour, claimed that Angle and I acted in bad faith. He claimed our lawsuit was funded by taxpayer dollars paid to a law firm hired by the County to expedite Gracedale's sale.

Then he proceeded to try his case in the press. Here's just some of the publicity, some of which were lead stories:

3/14/11: Morning Call - "Did taxpayers fund Gracedale petition fight?"

3/16/11: WFMZ - "Attorney: Taxpayer Dollars Used To Challenge Gracedale Petition" (In this one, Otter was demanding a criminal investigation and had us all in jail).

4/20/11: Morning Call - "Did taxpayers help fund a private Gracedale lawsuit?"

4/28/11: Express Times - "Attorney claims Bernie O'Hare, Ron Angle illegally used taxpayer money for Gracedale ballot fight"

But cases are tried in courtrooms, not newspapers. When Otter had to argue in front of a judge, instead of Channel 69 reporter Bo Koldcrow, he lost repeatedly.

Judge Baratta concluded that, even if the County acted improperly, that has nothing to do with Angle or me. "[W]e found that such evidence is irrelevant to the issue before the Court related to proving vexatious, obdurate, dilatory or bad faith actions or motive on the part of the pro se litigants. We have already ruled that Mr. O'Hare and Mr. Angle raised legitimate and justiciable issues and further presented competent and compelling evidence challenging the legality of thousand signatures. In fact, Mr. O'Hare and Mr. Angle successfully established that thousands of signatures were invalid ... ."

Otter, who incidentally has no malpractice insurance, claimed that I had perjured myself. He never bothered to state how. He also accused Angle, County Executive John Stoffa and I of being dishonest with the Court. Once again, he was a little short on details.

In addition to calling me a thief, Otter also happens to be the attorney who filed a malicious prosecution accusing me of sexual assault, stalking, burglary (twice) and even attempted pig poisoning (twice).

That was played up in the press, too.

That case was dismissed the day after it was filed.

Now it's my turn.


Anonymous said...


Give 'em hell!

Anonymous said...

And you will be handled the same way by the courts.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that Otter will lose his license to practice as an attorney, too?

Say it ain't so ...

Anonymous said...

No, only one disbarred attorney around here. The courts don't like be used by anyone, and O'Hare is no exception. All his revenge nonsense suits will meet the same fate as Otters.

Anonymous said...

Must of hit a nerve with you ... That didn't take long for you to respond. You are probably one of three/four people, can I guess who? And only a hand-few that follow this story. Besides Bernie, not too many people should really care about this story.

What a miserable life you must lead. This little experiment actually leaves me a little sad for you.

Anonymous said...

Get his ass Bernie!!!

Fire up the Hueys and the F-16's!!

Anonymous said...

Bernie, unfortunately union thugs don't understand the law. They only understand what benefits them. Of course they are on here calling you all sorts of names and calling you a bad disbarred lawyer. Well they are right you were disbarred but your education and smarts can never be taken away from you. Keep up the fight and make the otter look as stupid as he really is. And don't worry about the Morning Call....they will be out of business in 5 years except they will keep the Parkland Press because the MC has such a love fest for Parkland.

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts doesn't it farmer angle. O'Hare is a disbarred attorney and Otter isn't.

You realize the courts don't give a crap about either O'Hare or Otter. Otter is just doing the lawyer thing and trying to get money. O'Hare is known by the court as an angry and vengeful alcoholic. They do not take kindly to people trying to use them to settle scores with ex-girlfriends and people who oppose their views.

There was a time the unholy three, Angle/O'Hare/Stoffa ruled with an iron fis,t shuting people down and running around as though they ruled the world. Now they are just three patheic, angry old men. No powwer, no class and no case.

As said many times in the past;

Bernie: "now it is my turn!"

Judge: "dismissed!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous 3:55,
this has nothing to do with the unions.. so why are you still calling them union thugs??? this lawsuit was with the coaf... knock off the union crap!

Hokie Joe said...

This ridiculous lawsuit proves one thing. Bernie Ohare has more smarts as a disbarred lawyer than most lawyers who are out there taking their clients dollars as licensed attorneys who are practicing law and financially raping their clients. We need more Bernie Ohares in this Country to keep the records straight. Stop knocking Bernie for a mistake made years ago and strart judging him on what he has done since that time. Everyone is given a break. Even persons convicted of more serious offenses than Bernie have been breaks. I.E. pardons etc. Stop being assholes. He paid his dues. He has done more to help benefit the public through this Blog than most of you will ever do during your life time. Stop being Jerks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hokie Joe Angle.

You are right we should judge Bernie on what he does now. He is an angry alcholic that distorts the turth to support whatever position he or his mancrushes take.

Case in pint, rwo years ago he warned us that Mayor Callahan was terrible and an awful politcal leader. Today after being convinced(wink!), he feels Mayor Callahan is a great man. O'Hare endorses for Coutny Executive as his thrid choice over two guys not running. No hypocrisy there, rigth Joe?.

Yes, we can judge O'Hare for what he has said and done lately. Still, as for the judge.


Anonymous said...

$450 an hour???? REALLY??? Otter is not worth $4.50 an hour. Countersue for a frivelous, malicious lawsuit and you will win BIG time, BO! More than enough to buy the best tour bike on the market!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hokie Joe, Thanks very much for the nice words. This group, with the help of Larry Otter, engaged in a concerted effort to shout me down. There are numerous libels on the blogs penned by Mario Martinez, Mary Ann Schmoyer and Jack & Peggy D'Alessandro. They are directed at both Angle and me. They lowered the level of discourse in the LV. And they damaged us. People actually believed some of the things they were saying. Their claim for attorney fees was a malicious prosecution, brought without any probably cause. Now that the case has finally been dismissed, we can sue for the libel and malicious prosecution.

Another malicious prosecution was that ridiculous pig poisoning suit Otter filed on behalf of Mezzacappa. In that matter, my name was plastered all over the papers, being accused of stalking and other ridiculous lies. In that matter, Otter tried to get an ex parte order even though he walked right by me and could have served me.. He acted both maliciously and unethically. We can sue for that, too.

Then there's people behind the scenes, who were egging these haters to be haters. Their day is fast coming.

Angle and I will be meeting with lawyers in the next few days to get the ball rolling.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"this has nothing to do with the unions"

I'm no fan of AFSCME, but this commenter is correct. The really vicious stuff comes from a malicious group who somehow have deluded themselves into believing they speak both for the people and Jesus Christ. And like the phonies they are, they are now savaging a county employed social worker, as well as the Director of Human Services, Ross Marcus.

Jesus would be so proud of them.

Uncle Remus said...

anon coward 4:43,

I believe that 3:55 was merely trying to explain just how stupid greedy, uncaring, selfish, over paid and under worked,non-thinking, cry baby union thug pukes are.

I must say that I agree with this person. Greedy, uncaring, selfish, over paid and under worked, non-thinking, cry baby, union thug pukes are stupid.

Now in their defense - greedy, uncaring, selfish, over paid and under worked, non thinking, crybaby, union thug pukes have an excuse, but not a reason to be stupid.

Let me explain this for you. (I will try to use as many one syllables words as possible so as not to tax your pea brain).

You see these greedy, uncaring, selfish, over paid and under worked, non-thinking, cry baby, union thug pukes are manipulated by minutely less semi stupid greedy, uncaring, selfish, over paid and under worked, non-thinking, cry baby, union thug pukes who can color by the numbers on poster board and memorize single sentences.

These simple minded people are called very greedy, even less uncaring, more selfish, grossly over paid, non working,blindly non thinking, tear jerking cry baby union thug puke reps.

The one thing these very greedy, even less caring, more selfish grossly over paid, non working, blindly non- thinking tear jerking cry baby union thug puke reps are capable of is taking union dues from the greedy, uncaring, selfish, over paid and under worked, non-thinking cry baby union thug puke masses.

Which by the way, the above is the perfect example of why greedy, uncaring, selfish, over paid and under worked, non-thinking, cry baby union thug pukes are stupid.

It should be noted, however that after several attempts a handful of these greedy, uncaring, selfish, over paid and under worked, non- thinking,cry baby, union thug pukes can be trained by mere rote to blow up a rat. However you must not allow them to go to lunch as then they will have to be retrained.

I hope in some small way you now understand - but I sincerely doubt it.

Bill Coker said...

comment at 4:58

Great point! As the saying goes, "ain't over 'till the fat lady sings." I'll bet you a dollar to a donut that Bernie wins the whole ball of wax.

Facts somehow have a way of coming to the forfront.

Bill Coker said...


Anonymous said...

Bernie defends drunken wife beaters who still collect paychecks and reposts a snarky tidbit that lumps Mensch in with Bernie's band of fuck ups.

Bernie has never traveked the high road. Ask the clients he defrauded on his way to disgrace.

He's Otter with slightly better teeth. Lawyers are really the lowest form of life. Bernie has done his part to prove this over a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

You and Angle meet there Bernardo. You can even neck if you want. Problem is, all folks have freedom of speech and you have not been shy about dispariging many people over the years.

Your "threats" agaisnt raging lawsuits is an old Angle scare tactict that mo one fears any longer. Be careful who you try to harrasss. An ex-girlfreind with emotional problems may be an easy target for a slimeball like you but not all will fall so easily.

Your mentor Roinnie boy Angle learned that when he went after Elmer Gates, and had his ass handed to him as well as a hefty settlement.

You go girl!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Freedom of speech does not give you the right to post vicious lies that you know are untrue. It gives you no right to pursue baseless litigation founded upon still more lies. You will find out soon enough.

Anonymous said...

You claimed a guy you hate, Ron Heckman would not run for County Executive in exchange for a job with Callahan. If that does not happen, I guess he can sue you, since you maliciously attacked his character.

You and Angle have an electronic paper trail of defemation of people, and you reap what you sow, so go for it sucker!

Bernie O'Hare said...

This is where you demonstrate that you are an idiot. Let's assume that callahan has made no such offer. That would make my claim, which was really only reported as a possibility, untru. But that's not defamation. Defamation consists of false statements about another person designed to draw that person into disrepute. If you'd like examples, look at the filth posted on Mario Martinez' so-called blog.

Anonymous said...

Backpeddling, you accused a man of being bought off with a job. You also accused another of willing to do the buying off.

And that was an easy example. You and Angle will inconvenience some folks who hopefully will countersue. You have nothing of value but Angle will end up paying out, again.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

8:37 pm


Anonymous said...

at least Mr. Angle has money to cover any judgements

Anonymous said...

at least Mr. Angle has money to cover any judgements

Anonymous said...

The court swill handle Mr. O'Hare with all the seriousness his "lawsuits" deserve.