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Friday, October 05, 2012

ABC: State Dep't Denied Embassy Security Request in Libya

From ABC: A security support team (SST) of about 16 Special Forces troops asked the State Department to retain an airplane on hand so they could move more easily throughout the country as needed, especially with their weapons. That request was denied  in May, before the 9/11 attack that resulted in the murder of U.S. Ambassador.

This is reportedly just one of several requests for security that were denied prior to the attack.  


Anonymous said...

Can't wait till the foreign policy debate.

I hope Romney hammers the ineptitude of the Obama administration.

Average Joe said...

Who cares? My life really won't change no matter who is in office.

I hope Parkland wins over Nazareth and Easton beats the crap out of Freedom.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe Obama referred to Chris Stevens' murder by terrorists as "a bump in the road" and then flew off to Vegas.

WTF is wrong with him and his handlers?

Bernie O'Hare said...

12:20, Easton over Freedom. Nazareth over Parkland. We agree on one pick out of two.

Anonymous said...

Imagine placing Bangor Council in Charge of the White House and State Department...This is what we presently have in Washington D.C.

Anonymous said...

Airplanes for everyone!

Anonymous said...

I am with you Bernie, Nazareth over Parkland. That post must have been doen by Groller of the Morning Call. His love affair with Parkland is sickening. Does the Morning Call know there are other schools out there besides Parkland? (before all you parkland people start to cal lme names, this was a shot at the MC not the great athletes at Parkland)

Anonymous said...

Poor Chris Stevens, he just happen to be doing his job in Libya and needed help, but the president had a tough schedule that day. Obama couldn't be bothered, he had to be on the View and Letterman. What comes first, protecting our people or being in the spotlight. Guess the president picked the spotlight

Anonymous said...

It's time to reject President Jimmy Carter. He has not earned re-election. He is responsible for the death of those killed at the embassy. And the cover-up is beginning to stink out loud. Carter has got to go.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Obama.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You know, we should start a Friday football picks. I follow HS football and frankly, like HS and college football more than the pros.

Here are my pics:

Pocono Mtn W over Allen;

Bangor over Catty (going out on a limb here);

E Stroudsburg S over Dieruff;

Easton over Freedom;

Nazareth over Parkland;

Emmaus over Northampton;

Pen Argyl over N. Lehigh;

Saucon Valley over Salisbury;

Notre Dame over Southern Lehigh (in an upset);

Wilson over Palisdes;

Liberty over Central Catholic (upset);

Whitehall over Becahi

Anonymous said...

George W. Bush had such a wonderful foreign policy record. I sure wish we had W and his team of wizzerds back in the saddle.

Yes sir re baby. THOSE were the days.

Shit, those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, nice job in turning this Stoffa blog into Teabagger Central.

Problem is, it still won't save Charlies butt in 2014 if he keeps going right whacko.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Um, this post concerns the possibility that the state department failed to provide proper security for an American ambassador overseas. I fail to see how this is either right wing or left wing. Is ABC news "Teabagger Central?" It seems that you don't want anyone to ask questions or point things out that just might reveal that we have a problem, because it might incidentally make your preferred Presidential candidate look bad. Time to drop that horseshit. When it comes to our personnel overseas, we should ALL have an expectation that all reasonable measures are taken to ensure their personal safety. If there was a failure, that needs to be fixed. Drop the bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Re: "teabagger"

The reason that even those libertarians among us who support gay rights still consider homosexuals to be disgusting, nihilistic, and somewhat mentally disturbed is their obsession with sexuality as a single point of individual identification. The inbility to engage in regular discourse without reference to a favorite sexual activity is the stuff Sanduskys are made of. Homosexual fleabagger types have no idea, apparently, how they are truly viewed by even those who politically support their predilection. Weird.

Mark Baker said...

the shame of this blog is it was about security in libya and you allowed it to turn into a football blog. shows us where you and your adolescent readers real priorities are.

try to remember when the radical muslims take over you won't get to watch football.

Anonymous said...

Love how the teabaggers have to pretend to be rational, caring non-right wing Republcans.

Most libertarians and Indepsnmdents find that crwod repulisve. May be a reason Romney changed, yet again, the facts about his proposed policies.

As a former CEO, he proves he is adept at lying without a hint of concern. If tha is the case and he launches another Bush war against Iran, Pakistan will no doubt launch their "real" missles and with a new "corporate" World
War III, the jobs will be humming again.

Read soime history, other than the tripe written by Coulter and O'Reily.

Anonymous said...

Re: Bernie @1:26 AM -- is it at all possible that the Libyan embassy was deliberately not protected, that somebody was rummaging around looking for a false flag? Remember the Liberty!

Anonymous said...

Obama is a fine President, if he was President of HAITI!