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Friday, October 05, 2012

Politifact: Obama & Romney BOTH Inaccurate

According to Politifact, in Wednesday's Presidential debate, BOTH candidates made inaccurate statements. In the mainstream media, I've been reading mostly about Romney's "lies." But according to this unbiased source, they both have growing noses.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but I KNEW Obama was lying - his lips were moving

Anonymous said...

You can like Romney, dislike Obama, or vice versa...but one fact is indisputable - no modern Presidential candidate has ever lied with the frequency and consistency of Willard Romney.

Anonymous said...


Politicians lie to curry favor with voters!!! Partisan hacks defend their clown and attack the other clown. Both claim media skews story to advance the opposition's agenda. Fearmongering and pants wetting abound!!!! Film at 11:00!

Anonymous said...

1:28 -

I'm willing to bet that 90% of what you term lies by Romney are in fact manufactured falsehoods coming from the Obama campaign to misrepresent Romney and his positions.

Anonymous said...

Mormons don't lie .
Mormons are good Christians.
Well they are sorta Christian.
Aren't they?
Ok, so they are not really Christirans as we interperert it.
Well Joseph Smith was a good Christian.
Wasn't he?
I mean ....... ..........

Bernie O'Hare said...

I see. When someone slurs Obama because of his roots, it is bias. But it's perfectly OK to pick on a Mormon.

Anonymous said...

all religions are kinda whacky, but finding the last long lost book of the "bible" in New York state?